Geet stood out anxiously waiting for his call like past few days, after his treatment gets over.
Maan was inside the ward, lying on the hospital bed with few machines attached to his head, he was in unconscious state, still could see vague memories, then it is getting clear..he twist on the bed, his brows arched together, seeing the scene..
Geet.. careful..
She was struggling in the arm of that man who was ready to throw her down into the roaring ocean..
And she falls down, …
He jumped into to saved his beloved..
He was drowning deep, could hear her soft voice calling him..
Maan got up with jerk sweating profusely, doctor was at his side, Mr.Khurana, you are awake!?! Do you recall anything!??


Yes..lot more, he was serious, his face stern , somewhat angry to recall what just he seen in his sleep. As he removed those words from his head.
I will call mrs.Khuaran ..saying so doctor open the door to find worried Geet stood out awaiting for his call.
As soon as doctor asked her inside, she rushed inside towards Maan, and doctor went out giving both privacy. are you feeling..
his face full of sweat, he was breathing heavily, she instantly got concerned and wiped his face with her sari pallu, making him sighed, he was mesmerize yet again with her care and love.
I am fine, Jaan.
Chapter 20 : Bandhan Saath Janamon Ka
He pulled her in hug, trying to calm his heartbeat, and the anger melted instantly in her arms, I just remembered what all Sam did with you, she almost got you killed..he engulf her more tightly in fear to lose her.
Maan, it’s okay.its over she patted his back, brushing his hairs trying to make him relax, and look, I am perfectly fine now, in your arms.
Umm..he buried his face in her neck, inhaling her sweet aroma, you should be …he smooched her soft skin making her press his face more into her bosom, always my arms . He finished pulling back, looking at her beautiful face closely.
There was burning passion and blooming love in his eyes which held her captivated.. she shuddered with the intensity and tried to pulled back, blushing heavily as his hands teased her tummy peeking through her sari.
Maan jerked her back almost crashing her soft lips on his jaw, not liking her distancing herself..
Maan..she moaned out, rest her words died in her throat, with his aggressive and passionate kiss.
Just recalling the memories of her near death makes him go wild and possessive for her. He kissed her carnally leaving her lips bleeding and her breathless.
Both returned back to Handa house, only to receive angry Mr.Handa at the door. Madhu gives her a look, then their clasp hands, and went back to her room.
Mr.khurana, how dare you to show up at our house!?? Arvind blasted on him,  the insult he had faced with his daughter, he couldn’t forgot he had pushed his own wife and child out of his own house and even dare to raise his hand to stop him from slapping Sam.
Dad!?? Maan tried to explain, but Arvind couldn’t give him chance.
Don’t call me that, he was definitely furious, not after the way you treated Geet..his furious eyes glared at him.
This time Geet come forward, couldn’t bear to see her uncle lashing out on Maan, dad, he was sick, suffering from memory loss, how he supposed to remember me!?? At the end her voice chocked, Maan put his hand on her shoulder pressing it, giving her assurance, I am with you now..and forever.
Geet tilted her neck, giving him small smile, saying she is okay, then she look at Arvind again who seem still not convince..instead he snorted, he is sick now, who knows, what excuse he will have next time..
Dad please..Geet tried to convince her uncle but in vain.
Maan tried to calm his rage, which was burning inside, just because he knew Arvind was tight this time but he didn’t forgot the words written in Geet’s diary..she had suffered enough but not more.
Dad, I am here to take Geet and ammy back home, he declared putting one hand behind feets back, holding her by her waist as he looked at her lovingly..Geet looked back at him surprised , their lovely stare was broken with mr.handa’s raging voice,
No way.. you first kicked them out and now what them back.. it’s ridiculous..
I am not gonna leave them again..he backfired, his hold tighten on geets waist possessively.
Geet looked at both men, she sense about the situation going worse, she can’t hurt any of them, she need to think on it calmly, maan.she called him softly taking his attention, plz not now, any other time..take it easy..we will discuss it another time.. she whispered, pleading him silently through her eyes, which he couldn’t take, he looked away grumpily..
Maan..she hold his hand, trying to sooth him which work,
Okay, he turned to face her holding her shoulders
will see you tomorrow at office..we..but before he could speak further, mr.handa almost pulled Geet at his side, that’s enough.. you may leave!!
Dad!!! Geet looked at him painfully, accusing him for his behavior. Arvind look away from his daughter and then at fuming Maan, who just rushed out angrily before giving one dreadful glare to him.
Next Day,
Geet was in her cabin, working on some files, her PA walked in narrating the schedule of the day to her, giving signs of some imp file she sent her out and left a breath out thinking it’s hard than she had imagine to run the co. Her hubby definitely do lot of hard work, she smiled sweetly getting lost in the thoughts of her hubby .
Just as Geet was so indulge in some files, there was a click of the door knob..what’s it, now!? Did you forget something? Geet asked still her face buried inside files, thinking it’s her secretary.
Do I have a honor to have lunch with my beautiful wife!? His husky baritone almost left her started, she looked up..
Maan..she got up at once..pleasantly surprised to find him there before her eyes.
Happy to see me!?? He asked with a charming smile , seeing her face brightening up with the beautiful smile.
Yes..offcourse. you brought me lunch? She excited like a little girl.
Yeah..since you are busy woman, so I come here for you. Maan said huskily pulling her in his arms, he tuck her soft tendrils behind her ear, she was wearing beautiful red sari, having her hairs beautifully plaited, her face widen in smile  hearing his lovely words, her palms rested on his chest, heart beating in happiness for having him close again.
You are here for me!?? She asked like a teenage girl , getting lost in his magnificent eyes..wanted to hear his sweet words again.
Offcourse Jaan.. for you!! He cupped her face delicately repeating his words, I am worried that you are not eating well.
Sorry..I was just busy, she apologized for making him worried for her.
Remember, you have just recovered, don’t get yourself so exhausted!! He voice out his concern pecking her head.
Geet sighed putting her head on his chest hearing his heartbeats, her arms engulf him in a warm hug while he let himself immerse in the beautiful arms of his wife.

Geet tells Maan she's pregnant with his baby! This was way too sweet! >>>  Drashti Dhami & Gurmeet Choudhary as Geet and Ma… | Cheesy jokes, Funny  clips, Movie songs

I want to finished my imp work here soon till next week, so that I can accompany you for your next treatment. She confessed innocently looking into his eyes,
Oh.. Maan falls for her yet again , seeing her so thoughtful and concern for him, his heart overjoyed and he slam his mouth on her, kissing her furiously powering out his all emotions through one kiss.
Maan..Geet tried to resist but she knew it’s impossible to stop him. She the kiss seeing his lovely gaze on her. ..Maan lift her in his arms walking towards sofa in the corner.
Where is ammy.. breaking apart Maan asked looking around, he didn’t find him nor his voice.
He is at home today, with his grandfather.
Urgh.. Maan groaned reminding about yesterday argument.
Why he is not willing to send you now!??
Photo Gallery : Mesmerizing Moments Of Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi. | Drashti  Dhami Wishers
Maan let out his frustration although still not reminding about their past fully, the words from her diary kept haunting him.
Maan, he is angry right now, give him some time, he will be calm down then we can talk.
Some time..!?? He jerked her in his arms, almost she landed on his lap, startle by his sudden pull, she glance at his face to see it burning with anger.
I don’t want to live away from you and ammy for a minute more ,and you are saying some time!??

Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 6)

Maan breathed out angrily looking away.
Maan, just few more days, she turned his face, cupping his jaw. I don’t want to hurt anyone..plz..she pleaded , making him agree.
Fine!! Maan breathed out looking at her gorgeous face so close to him, and his hands went on her back opening the hooks of her blouse,
Maan..Geet gasped, her eyes widen seeing his naughtiness.
We are in office..she moaned his mouth work on her delicate shoulders, decorating it with his wet and hungry kisses.
So what.. he mumbled lost in her, he removed her blouse completely , his hands feeling her smooth skin of bare waist leaving her breathless.
We need to have lunch..she tried again, pushing on his chest but Maan was in no mood to leave her today. He jerked her closer in his arms angrily stopping her all attempts just with his one glare.
I have listened to you, agree with you to stop for few days..Maan started closing all binds and locking the door with remote at his hand, he threw that angrily aside looking back at her,
Geet just nodded innocently gulping her saliva for what coming next,
Now you have to listen to me, you won’t stop me…
Maan and Geet - HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SAME PERSON IN  ONE LIFE TIME | Indian drama, Best couple, Indian movies
he let out the last word very huskily just eyeing her shivering lips then her half open chest. Geet blushed and next moment found him hovering on her as he pushed her back on the sofa, his one hand started playing on her soft skin of waist and bare tummy..she at her it inside, making him mad with her response. His mouth did started assaulting her upper bare beauty.
Geet just held him close, pressing his face into her bosom, losing herself in her hubby’s love.
to be continued…
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