That night maan dropped her at Handa mansion, he wasn’t willing to to leave her but circumstances couldn’t allow them.
geet looked at his back as he turn to walked away, she was expecting for something which she knew never gonna come soon, so she too turned to walked inside, carrying sleeping ammy in her arms.. disappointment was written all over her face.
maan as if hearing her heart voice, turned around calling her, Geet.
Geet stood for a while, then turned around anxiously as maan walked up to her slowly raising her heartbeats, reaching her, he cupped her face dearly, take care.. looking into her eyes, he pecked her forehead, closing his eyes to absorb this new yet known feeling.. his heart did flip flop, with her soft touch.
Chapter 28 : Kathputli 2
geet inhaled sharply.. opening her close eyes she looked at him and gives him shy smile. maan reciprocated it with little pat on ammy’s head and spoke softly, i am going for my treatment tomorrow .. which is going to be in private. no one will know anything. maan explained her further more details.
geet looked on worried, do i accompany you there, please.. she pleaded that maan had to agree since he to wants her beside him in this stage. his heart felt peace with her togetherness..
he shook his head in yes, making her smile big, thank you. saying so she tip toe and pecked his cheek
and before he knows she rushed inside likeΒ  a small girl.
coming from sweet shock maan shouted, geet.. dheere.. but she was long gone.
she is mother herself, but still a child at heart! he thought smiling, then reminding about their night together. he felt his lost happiness and peace coming back..
next day, both maan geet walked into the hospital, where maan had specifically arranged his treatment, doctor asked maan to followed inside while he stopped geet, mrs. khurana please wait outside.
but i want to be with him, can’t i go inside? asked anxious geet. maan walked near her, it’s okay geet, you wait for me here, he patted her cheek giving her assuring nod, okay then! she gives him small smileΒ and he went inside.
Geet sat outside alone, having no clue what is going inside or how they are treating him , she is getting hell worried for him,but maan had assured her although.. it’s taking too long.. she thought restlessly.. getting up from the chair, just then doctor walked out, giving her small smile he informed her, Mrs. Khurana, you can go inside now, Mr. Khurana is waiting for you.
Chapter 21 : Sacred Bound
next moment, geet ran inside his ward, maan. how are you feeling, she rushed into his arms, hugging him tight, she was damn scare for him,
Which could feel by her Shivering, Maan engulf her closer, more tightly than her, he close his eyes feeling solace in her arms, is everything okay.. !?? She asked with trembling voice.
I love you, he only could able to mutter those words taking her by sweet surprise, she pulled out and looked at him, still couldn’t believe he just utter those words to her,
Maan asking Geet why she is upset. If this is how guys asks a girl ...
Maan , have you recovered your memory, she asked dearly cupping his one cheek.
Maan hold her hand on his cheek, not fully..but some of them..
It’s good start will remember everything step by step, her face light up with bright smile, with tears in her eyes.
Maan cupped her nape pulling her closed, I am sure..I will.. he huskily muttered on her Shivering lips, she blushed furiously pressing his shoulder anticipating his next move.
Come, lay down with me.. he urged her which she couldn’t denied and lay beside him, getting pulled by him, willingly she went into his arms, her lips accidentally brushed with his, igniting the fire withing both.
Both looked at each for a while, and soon their lips links together for most cherishing kiss.
Maan devour her mouth like there was no tomorrow leaving her red and breathless.
Rubbing his thumb on her swollen lips, he muttered huskily giving her bedroom eyes, I would have like to cherish them again but you seem too much fragile..
And next moment she hides her face in the crook of his neck, moaning his name.
Maan smiled at her antics and wrapped his arms around her back, drifting into peaceful sleep ever.
Maan went back at Sam’s apartment, knowing she must be waiting for him, she already we, he knew from her miscalls, not wanted to make her suspicious he decided to visit her.
As expected, as soon as he walked inside Sam bomber him with questions, Maan, where are you? You didn’t pick up my calls.
She was definitely annoyed, already her plans flopping.. kidnapping Geet..then her assistant to whom she had given that work got disappeared suddenly. But still she has some big plan in her mind.
I was busy with some meetings outside city,Maan lied, what happened to you??
What happened to me?? She clings onto his arm, I am missing you, and thee dinner party tonight, and want to go with you.
Sure, maan said to her removing her arm, he walked up to the sofa,
I will take shower and then we can go.. saying so Sam rushed inside washroom.
Maan looked at the close door then thought something, he knew he will find some evidence here in her room, so he started looking around.. he knew where does she keep important items of hers, thinking so…he lifts the covers of bed, lifting the material as well, and there it was..
He got those documents in hands, checking into it.. that venomous woman is trying to frame Handa Family, !! And that includes Geet’s name.
He greeted his teeth, anger building up inside, if before he wasn’t feeling that angry on the woman, today, he concluded he hated her to extent, he was damn furious..wanted to kill her on the spot.
Just then Sam walked out, as she had forgot to take her cloths, she looked on surprised..what are you doing in my room, Maan!?
Her eyes widen in horror, looking at the papers in his hand, where did you find that!?? She gasped
You tell me!?? He threw those papers on her face, the file hits her hard before falling down on her feet, do you have to say anything!??
Sam still tried to put on, it’s not like what you see..I can explain.she holds his hands in hers but Maan pushed her away angrily, that she falls on the ground, with brimming tears in her eyes., It’s not.. then something struck her, she looked at him, have you recovered your memory!? She asked with trembling voice.
Maan smirked angrily, so that disappointed you!?? Were you planning to lie to me forever, asked Maan walking closed to her , where she was lying on the floor.
You forged this info..he pointed on the lying documents on the floor, you frame Geet trying murder her uncle for the property, which obviously her own. What do you want?? Maan blasted at the end…making Sam flinch back, however she managed to speak, I..I..just want to take back, what’s mine.. she stood up, dad refused to give me my shares in property..
Didn’t you get the your shares of property!? Asked Maan facing her,
That’s so less ..I deserve more..she suddenly approach him, holding his hand, playing damsel in distress, Maan, you have to trust me, I..
But before she could proceeds further, Maan withdraw his hand from her hold, I don’t want to hear anything, first you played with me, my condition, set me up, I was almost going to divorce Geet, and now you wanted to do this!?? Maan was getting mad with fury, he gives her disgusting look, before clutching neck, he almost raise her up in the air making Sam scream, but that was also muffled in the harsh clutch of his fist around her delicate neck…I can’t let you live.. he muttered angry..
What are you doing!?? Sam quivered in his hold trying to wriggle out which was impossible.
Suddenly he left her to fall hard on the floor,
I will call the police, and this time the case will be so strong, you won’t able to get out your whole life.
You will suffer in jail rest of your life.,
Jennifer Winget on Beyhadh 2: The show and character are both ...
Sam managed to get back her breath, and holds his arm, no..I don’t want to go prison again..plz..
Get off your dirty hands from me..he blasted pushing her back to stumble again..
Just then there was loud bang on the door, Maan opened it to find his guards on the door, they inform him about the police force rushing inside here, as per his previous order.
Maan had already ordered them, about emergency , if he didn’t make out of her apartment in 20 they are here with police force following them.
Sam looked petrified, as she looked around trying to find any exit to run away but there was none and she knew it was her exit today..looking at Maan’s face which had devilish smirk plastered on as he looked at her scared self.
[at restaurant, next day]
I can’t believe yet, she did this all.
My Wife. Pt. 30 & 31. – My Work
geet muttered sadly, looking really upset, her soft heart couldn’t take all that, making her eyes teary ..
as maan told her the whole incident about all happened previous day, and how he handed sam to police.
Geet..Maan holds her hands on the table, surprised to find her so sensitive, when that evil woman had tried everything to snatch everything from her, even never hesitate to kill her once and all that happens.
But today he is getting to discover new shades of his beloved wife whom he had once forgotten about.
Do you blame me for putting her in jail!?? Maan asked not liking her sad face, it pinch his heart
No..she looked up wiping her tears, I am really overreacting but you did the right thing, you gave before also did that, she somehow managed to get out.
But this time she won’t, I have make sure, Maan said pressing her hands,
Geet smiled back, giving him assuring nod, she said, you are my husband, I really respect your decision, Maan.
Overwhelmed hearing her, he pulled her hand to his lips, pecking her back of palm, you are too kind Geet, and I think I have done so much wrong to you..said Maan regretting, reminding about the content in diary..
Maan, at the end everything is fine, that’s what matters most, now we are together and happy..aren’t we!??
Maan only shook his head, hearing her words which make him fall for her again, guess..he is falling all over for his wife, each and every day..
You are an angel, are kind enough, or else I wouldn’t be able to get back with you so soon..
He caressed her hands softly giving her goosebumps, she holds his hands in his, giving him beautiful smile, Maan I am your wife, I am always there for you..with you..I can’t leave you matter what..
Maan smiled back, falling for his beloved wife, He tried to steal kiss from her lips now but she shove him back, Maan..people are watching..she blushed at the end.
Let them watch, I am kissing my own wife, and he put his lips on her red cheek, making it redder.

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