Next day , Dadima arrived back to KM bringing along positive vibes with her. Maan was now sure, Mr.handa wouldn’t hold the grudges anymore now but will definitely send Geet and his son back to KM.
But his hopes comes crashing down seeing his dadi shaking her head in denial. Dadi had tried arguing with Arvind but no use, the father inside him refused to budge ..he had already lost one daughter,not ready to push other one in more sufferings. He wanted to Maan to realized actual worth of his wife, rather than taking her granted always.
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Dadi sighed actually agreeing with the fact that Arvind stayed. She watched on, as her grandson angrily turn around walking out furiously.
Things were not good either at Handa house, Madhu was enrage as soon as she got the news of her daughter, she turned livid , and it came out on the only person whom she thought is the reason ..Geet.
Geet was shaken to the core seeing her mother so furious,
It’s all because of you, my daughter is behind the bar today.. she spitted pointing finger on her.
Mamma..listen to me atleast..
Don’t call me ma..I already warned you..
But it’s not my fault ma, it was she who was going on wrong path..and this has to happen one day.
Madhu wasn’t ready to listen anything against her daughter, that she ended up abusing her verbally and at the end got tight slap from Arvind, you don’t feel any shame to abuse your own daughter,
Madhu was in dead shock, she looked at him first then Geet, who ran away from from there trying bitterly, today losing all hopes to get her mother or her love.
You think, your so called daughter done good by kidnapping her nephew, !?? Arvind blasted making madhu’s eyes widen in shock and terror, she was unknown of this till now , Sam can’t do anything like this, Madhu couldn’t believe this as she kept on looking at her husband for explanation, with one hand on her swollen cheek.
You don’t believe but I have all proofs to show you what she tried to do to Geet all the while and he told her everything, she was aware of her stolen designs from Geet, except that everything comes as a big shock, thinking her daughter stoop this low ..
She even tried to kill Geet but instead Maan got hit on his head, and this memory loss happened, not only this, your daughter didn’t stop till then, she went on manipulating him against Geet, his own wife..she even didn’t care for his little baby, how can he survived without his father,
Hearing this, little ammy’s face come to madhus mind making her tears roll down.
And all this for what just to get Maan, she didn’t loved him .. never, it was her jealousy, narrow thinking, to snatch everything from Geet.
Geet, know ..she owns this house, whole Handa property, still she utter anything..anything at all against you or she had given everything hers to us, specially Sam..
Still, how can you and your daughter not understanding her purity and selfless love for her family. !??
You disappointed me, Madhu!?? Big time.. Arvind spoke shaking his head, clearly disapproving her act today.. I tolerated everything because you are my wife but today you crossed your limit, he limited finger to her.
And you tell me one last thing, how will you feel if some other woman try to do the same thing with you, coming between us!??
No..this can’t happen..Madhu was quick to love me, don’t you!?
Arvind let out a mocking smile, I know this, then we loved each other madhu so as geet and Maan does ..both loved each other, then isn’t it unfair for Sam to claim Maan, infact after his marriage!?? He tried to put senses in his wife ..
Madhu nodded silently , as things began to get clear for her.
If you feel even a little bit guilty, go to that girl and ask for forgiveness ..I know you will granted one quickly, I know my daughter has big heart to forgive even a monster..she even forgave her husband after what cruelty he did then you are nothing compared to it..
Aisa mat kahiye..Madhu cried out feeling really guilty..
Well that is the truth, I fail once, she even forgiven me, but I still can’t able to forgive myself..
least I can do now to secure her marriage life, he self talked thinking about his decision to make Maan aware the worth of his wife.
Geet couldn’t stopped, but sobbed hilariously, those abusing words buzzed into her heart, it’s been long time, she was facing it and now it’s again unbearable.
She missed Maan terribly, ammy got up hearing his mother’s heart-wrenching cries, she couldn’t faced her son’s innocent face which make her cry out more feeling alone again.
She hated this feeling..hated it, she couldn’t go near her son least she wanted him to cry seeing his mother’s tears.
How can she make her mother understand, it’s not her fault, it was never,
Maan pulled out his shirt furiously, breaking buttons, tearing it into two pieces still his anger didn’t lessen down, what does that man think, he can keep his wife away from.. first torturing her from her childhood and now ..
Damn..he hit his hand hard on the mirror breaking it into pieces then injuring his own hand, he strolled through his room furiously like angry lion thinking something, then pulled out his cell phone to call his beloved wife.
Geet composed herself seeing Maan’s name flashing on her phone, she quickly wiped her tears, gave small smile to pouting ammy before answering the call.
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Hello..her groggy voice gave away everything, however Maan himself lost in his own pain fail to notice his wife’s condition, Jaan, kya kar rahi ho!??
Umm..she try to think, then looking at her baby, smile automatically, playing with ammy..her finger teased his chubby cheeks, making him giggled. - Review for Robin-B-Hood (2 Discs)
Maan heard it, and closed his eyes trying to quench his thirst, I want you here near me. He whispered huskily sending shivers to her spine feeling his yearning..
Maan..she started but voice on the hand stopped her as she listened keenly.
Maan Saab, yeh khoon .what did you do!?? On Dadima instruction Nakul had ran upstairs hearing the crashing sound in his room.
Maan gives him furious glare indicating him through his eyes to go from here.
Nakul hesitated for a moment and then maan had to shout finally, Go!!.
Geet get startled hearing it from other side, even ammy became cranky.
Once Nakul made a run from there, Maan put cell back on ear hear Geet’s petrified voice, Maan kyon chilla rahe ho..ammy got scared here .
Maan closed his eyes trying to calm his rage, while he heard her further, and what happened, kiska khoon.. what did you do, something struck her and, Kahi aapko toh koi chot nahi lagi.. tell me..I know you.
Maan was overwhelmed hearing her, his raging heart got some peace hearing her worried voice for him but then he never wanted to see her in stress, Jaan, I am perfectly fine.. kuch nahi hua hai muze..
Zoot mat boliye Maan, tell me the truth..aapko humari kasam.. she stated trying to calm ammy, who snuggle in her arms, asking for his feed.
Oh actually..I broke the mirror.
What!?? Her eyes widen in horror, you can’t control your anger, can you!?? How many times I have to tell you Maan, it can harm us..and look you always do this, you don’t care about me..
Maan was smiling hearing her blabbering but then her last words, he didn’t like it.
She suddenly stopped hearing his stern voice.
Don’t say like that ever, his voice was low feeling hurt.
I am sorry..humara irada woh nahi tha, I am just worried about you.
Toh phir aa jao na, he pleads like a small child, making Geet chuckle, Maan I too want to..but papa..
Can’t you talk to him
MG-FF~The Myth~Thread-8~UPDATED Pt 85 ** Pg 130 ** 27th Nov ...
I tried Maan, but he seem little upset with you.
What I did..?? Maan was frustrated not ready to take the blame.
Maan..!?? Geet started..
Alright ..I know.. but I am really sorry for what happened in past, I really regretting although I don’t remember clearly now ..
I know..
she sounded low which Maan doesn’t like, and he instantly disconnected the call making Geet startled, she feared but stopped herself looking at ammy who was asking her attention.
Maan sneaksabusaa into her room, saving himself from guards, her room was on first floor,
The sight welcome him, pleased his heart and soul, with a smile on his face he drags his feet towards the bed where his both angels were.
Geet was feeding ammy while he was in naughty mood, playing with her sari pallu, which was hiding him in..
naughty ammy.. Aisa nahi karte baby.. she was trying to catch his little palm which was trying to wriggle out of her hold.
Maan chuckle seeing his baby’s antics troubling Geet, he went from behind, covering her properly from her sari.
Maan..Geet was shocked, she jump on her place, making ammy cranky, he tried to hold her there by , scratch her chest by his little nails.
Ouch…Geet moaned which make Maan looked at her concern, are you okay? Maan asked coming very close, he touched her bosom and try to get clear view of her.
Maan..she wack him turning crimson red..patting ammy with one hand.
What!?? Let me see.. he tried to be mischievous, tucking on her sari..but Geet slap his hand off, putting ammy to feed again, who gives his famous kick to his father for disturbing his time with mamma, Geet chuckle while Maan wack his little bump,
Geet after a while started her queries,What are you doing here at this hour, and how did you manage to get inside, kisin ne dekha nahi..then realizing something, her eyes widen in horror, Maan..she gasped, tell me how did come inside..
Maan had to put finger on her mouth shutting her, Geet looked at his hand, seeing hanky wrapped around, it was bloody red, Maan..
she cried out again, yeh kya Kiya aapne, it didn’t take her time to realized it’s done by him out in his rage.
It’s nothing Jaan, don’t be hyper.
Geet was really upset seeing this, she put sleeping ammy on bed, tucking him inbetween pillows, and then fetch first aid kit from her cupboard.
As she cleaned his wound tears rolled down from her eyes on his hand, making him startled, Geet…
She didn’t reply, just bandaged his wound, wincing in between, which made him smile adoring her.
Won’t you speak anything!? Shout at me..gussa ho..but don’t be silence..
he holds her wrist stopping her from going.
Seeing her still not responding to him, he continued further, it kills me Geet, seeing your silence,
This time Geet snapped angrily, toh phir aisi harkate kyon karte ho?
Then what should I do?
He jerked her closer holding her both shoulders, I want you..that’s it. He whispered furiously on her face, Geet tried to wriggle out, but he couldn’t let her, instead he lifts her in his arms, taking her towards bed.
Geet didn’t looked at him once, while he put her down and lifts sleeping ammy, who snuggle in his arms, just like his mamma, Maan thought looking at his son with a smile, he put him on his small bed, with cushions on either side, with peck on his little head, he got up and walked back towards Geet, who was ready to walked away.
He quickly rushed forward and holds her wrist, kaha ja Rahi ho!?
I need to change.. she answer grumpily, looking away..
Yahi kar lo.. Kahi aur jaane ki kya jarurat hai? Maan teased huskily, in her ear, biting her earlobe
She hissed, with a tinge of blush adoring her cheeks, ji nahi..chodiye Hume.. she make a futile attempt to Wriggle out, he smirk seeing it and jerk her in his arms, let me help you , his whisper, makes her trembles in his arms, he could feel it and his smirk widen, hands snaking on her soft waist, feeling her as much as possible.
Maan.. chodiye.. she whispered, her eyes closing with the effect he have on her..
Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 18)
Nahi Jaan, not until I get what I want…
Kya chahiye aapko, !?? She asked still lost in his touch , her hands went around his neck, pulling herself close to him.
to be continued..
Precap :-
Passionate Night..
Madhu on the door…
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  12. Amazing update.
    I like the way Arvind told the truth to Madhu and make her realize that it was Sam who try to snatch Maan from Geet just because of jealousy.

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