Congratulations!! She kissed his cheek congratulating him, for his success as he won the best business man of the year award again. He was habitual of this success...but this time it was special, with her around. Seeing her smile…those shining happy eyes. His cabin was filled with those umpteenth flower buckets, but it was meaningless … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 62


Maan stand there fuming within hearing what pinky just said, that just boil his blood to no extent. He dismiss her from his cabin called the doctor immediately. He watched her sleeping form and sat beside her on the sofa.  his eyes went on her hand ,he take it near to get the clear view … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 38 – 40


She stand in front of huge building of kc again reminding the same thing happened in past.  Gathering her courage she looked on her side to see her mother in law standing beside her assuring her with a smile. Chale. ? Geet nodded silently feeling as if she is going inside with her mother . … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 35 – 37


He kept his lips lingering on her for a while but didn't kissed her instead pulled back to her disappointment.  She pouted angrily trying to get closer but he bend back his body.No jaan. Not this time. . Till the time you will not call me by name i will not kiss you nor will … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 33 & 34

His Wife Part 31 & 32

He was enjoying his swimming in lake, where they are now ,both him and geet. it was beautiful morning , he had brought Geet to one of beautiful lake in between forest near to their farmhouse. Geet was all excited to watch it and visit it. she was chirping around running here and there and … Continue reading His Wife Part 31 & 32

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 60

Geet stood coyly watching her own reflection in the mirror, she was adorn in only swim suit brought by Maan. Geet, if you not come out soon...your swimming lesson going to be end before it began. No...I am coming... She managed to spoke out through her dried throat. Maan waited patiently for her to appear … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 60


Geet... He was about to tell her something when suddenly the cabin door opened making both pull apart. What are you doing here? Maan was furious to find sam there in his office. I want to talk to him alone, she spoke to geet instead of answering Maan. Geet looked at her, then Maan who … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 59

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 58

I love you Maan...I really love you...she whispered in his arms. Maan was dumbstruck hearing her confession, he was lost for a while, drowned in her innocent confession when her warm hand cupped his face dearly, with that he was pulled back to reality. He looked at her, she was half conscious making him rethink … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 58


He looked at her sleeping cuddling to her favorite creature. He sigh thinking how to make her understand. He felt so guilty looking at her sleeping like a baby pouting her lips with dried tears marks on her chubby cheeks.  He settled himself beside her on the bed and cuddle her closer from behind while … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 24