Geet stood out anxiously waiting for his call like past few days, after his treatment gets over. Maan was inside the ward, lying on the hospital bed with few machines attached to his head, he was in unconscious state, still could see vague memories, then it is getting clear..he twist on the bed, his brows … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 57


It was beautiful evening, orange shadows spreading through the sky, making the atmosphere calm , some bright.. with city lights adding to it.. it was so calm and serene around her with little cold wind blowing passed her curls, tingling it on her dimple cheeks, as she took an exciting strides to reach her home, … Continue reading THE COOK NEXT DOOR @ 1

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.10

Next morning, Nandini slowly got up wrapping the sheet around her milky body, she looked at Kunal who seems in deep sleep but as she turned to go , she felt tuck on her sheet, she looked behind and saw him holding one corner of cloth in his hand giving her one wink. Kunal, yeh … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.10