AryaNagar is going to call for the war against Ameerkot after we defeat the Satan kingdom. Do what you want to do with this information now. Geet gasped in shock, as she realized he just shared the secret of his kingdom with her. She kept watching his back, while his words kept ringing in her … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE LAST CHAPTER


After almost full day of ridding,one day in the forest and many miles away, we go on foot from here, Princess Geetakshi. Let him get some rest, he patted his horse, We're almost at your camp? She inquired as both started walking with his horse at side. Na na na na, na na na na … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 5


Both were lost in each other, devouring each others mouth, his hands snaking on her body like expert seducer, he cupped her breast making her moan in his mouth. Their trance was broken with the approaching thundering hooves. Both broke apart turning alert, he quickly pushed her behind the bushes, stay here until I order. … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 4

Captive Bride Chapter 3

Geetakshi looked at him little surprise hearing his words, a sudden thought came to her mind , he knew about her, then he might used my identity against me or my kingdom. Rajkumari, aapne humare sawal ka jawab nahi diya.. she was startle hearing him asking the same question again, she turned to looked at … Continue reading Captive Bride Chapter 3

Captive Bride Chapter 2

His rich husky voice, so close to her ear, sent a shudder through Geetakshi, and the feel of his hard torso,fitted against her feminine curves, made her tremble. This is absurd, she told herself.  hey devi ma, I don't even know this man! phir kyon hume unki nazdeekta ka itna prabhav pad raha hai!? She … Continue reading Captive Bride Chapter 2


The marriage was going to take place in the Ameerkot kingdom, the bride was non other than the princess of Ameerkot, the atmosphere wasn't pleasurable like that should be for the wedding. It was most inauspicious and dull wedding ever, since the Kingdom have been drowned itself in the pain & fear. Satan Kingdom was … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 1


He frowned and gave angry glares to the creature standing below at their feet, Lisa shook her tail looking at Maan's angry gaze, it was licking her feet making her giggled there by. But now was getting scared from Maan's angry glares, before he could bust on the poor animal, they heard Annie voice and … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 34


Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi humare Ameerkot Ko.. Geetakshi was horror stuck for a moment hearing her, she looked out, there was only blood..she wince with the sight then turned towards her, she recovered herself and grasp her hand, you run away fast, save yourself. She tried … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE “PROMO”