1. Silent Rain He step inside his farmhouse, throwing his shirt on the chair he sat on the other armchair place in the room ,laying in half position. Rain was tapping loudly on the window panes.not soon enough he hears the mild  giggling sound from outside , it was submerge in the heavy cascading Rain. … Continue reading SILENT RAIN..PASSIONATE DESIRES


  (MEHBOOBA MEANING :- MISTRESS & SWEETHEART )       PROLOGUE     It was Rainy night. Rain was cascading down continuously outside without stopping for a moment just like the man inside was not ready to stop today from making love to her continuously. She was wriggling in his strong arms though that … Continue reading MEHBOOBA

Caged in my Arms Chapter 8

He stared at both hugging each other...his whole burned in jealousy and anger to see him touching his jaan.his fist tighten in great fury to see them together making his muscles  prominent to beat him now and there only. He looked at her smiling face looking all delight to be with that boy.  Why...why...just 3 … Continue reading Caged in my Arms Chapter 8


Kunal looked at her dumbstruck, then after a while broke into silly smile, “you are joking, right?”  Geet wasn’t sure how to react to his question, hum koi mazak nahi kat rahe, she snapped frustrated to see his smile…whereas, she was fighting with her inner self. That’s what I am saying, he suddenly turned serious. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 80


Maan stood rooted after hearing their talk. He had came rushing upstairs, to ask sorry from her for his deed. He knew, it is unforgivable...still he owed her that much...after all because of his insensible act, she has to face humiliation.  But after hearing their arguments, he couldn't able to control his rage, yes, she … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 79


Geet stood in front of the mirror getting ready for the reception party.she never wanted this to happen.she had dream of all this to be with her love.Rajeev. she gulped her painful cries not wanting to get weak in front that monster. Last night he had prove himself disgusting person ever she had met in … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CHAPTER 5


Geet became numb with his move as she never expected him doing something like that in between his family or crowd. She tried to push him off but it only ignited him and he grabbed her tight.  Maan has never felt this much pain before, but today he realised how much it hurts to see … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 78


Geet was anxious, as she got herself ready by mind and heart. She was never been so habitual or comfortable with any gathering.  And only God knows, which are those guests of Kunal to whom he was taking her to meet with... Her thoughts came to halt with kunal’s entry behind her, Geet, here, take … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 77


MAAN... she screamed in so much anger and hatred for this man who is soul reason for her love in pain now. She look at her love painfully with love glistening in her hazels who is bleeding so much because of  continues beating by his mens. Dare you screamed at me like that again, dare … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 1 & 2