Mid night,  It was ammys crying voice woke up both Maneet, Geet almost Jerk up hearing her baby's crying, she was about to slide down from bed when Maan caught her wrist, stopping her. I will bring him here, you take rest, his husky concern filled voice made her smile, as she was reminded about … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 60


Next day , Dadima arrived back to KM bringing along positive vibes with her. Maan was now sure, Mr.handa wouldn't hold the grudges anymore now but will definitely send Geet and his son back to KM. But his hopes comes crashing down seeing his dadi shaking her head in denial. Dadi had tried arguing with … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 58


Geet stood out anxiously waiting for his call like past few days, after his treatment gets over. Maan was inside the ward, lying on the hospital bed with few machines attached to his head, he was in unconscious state, still could see vague memories, then it is getting clear..he twist on the bed, his brows … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 57


That night maan dropped her at Handa mansion, he wasn't willing to to leave her but circumstances couldn't allow them. geet looked at his back as he turn to walked away, she was expecting for something which she knew never gonna come soon, so she too turned to walked inside, carrying sleeping ammy in her … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 56


He fetch through her side of cupboard, his hands running through silky material of her cloths, her divine scent feeling his senses, Why am I feeling so calm and peace at heart now, just touching her items .he thought putting her one of sari in his face, hiding it..trying to feel his senses as much … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 55


Sam ran to him , clutching his arm, maan.. are you busy, ?? asked maan seeing at the retreating figure of the man whom sam had given some work. he looked quizzically the way that man walked out giving him stealing gazes.. it's nothing.. sam cupped his face turning it to face her, what took … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 54


CHAPTER 49 Maan was sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed, when she walked in with her soft pace, holding little baby in her arms, she sat beside him, putting her soft palm on his head, followed by baby's little palm touching his face, soothing his all senses. She smiled adoring her baby, then looking at … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 49