“Maan, one mistake I have committed to marrying you, but now I will not make a second mistake . Just let me divorce, “Geet continued speaking and Maan continue to listen.

After a while, Maan explained with caution, “Geet , you are right, you have made a big mistake by marrying me. You should have already thought that I was not suitable for you. But now that one mistake has happened then do not make a second mistake by taking a divorce. it is not easy jaan.

it is for me, Maan !!

“Geet” Maan looked at her with surprise and helplessness. Geet was looking at him unaware. The eyes which once used to burn the lamp of love, today they were looking of someone who was non-believer.

“Geet, have you realized that what do you really want? Your life will be ruined by the steps you are going to take without thinking. “


“I know very well what step I am going to take and what is right and what is wrong for me. I can not live a moment in this messy atmosphere now. What have you given me except bread, cloth and a roof? Ever since we got married, never a love word has been thrown away from your lips. Before marriage, if I knew that you would change like this then I would not make such a mistake. “

“What?” Maan looked at her shocked, “Do you think this hard work, day-to-day, I do for someone else? Believe me, I do all this for the sake of your happiness, otherwise I used to comfortable before as well. If you are talking before marriage, then you were my beloved before marriage, but now you are my life, Jaan . You have your right over me, everything is yours and you have complete control over me. “

“But the woman can not just Loves a machine, she needs a  life full of emotions,”


Geet said with anger.

“So this is your last decision?” Maan said in a sad tone.


“Well, you definitely deserve the right to decide, but if you want to agree to one thing, take it or else your will. Perhaps I still have the right on you to asked from you something.

“You want a divorce, because, you thought that i lacked those emotions. Instead of clubs and hotels every evening, you pass in the house wall. In your eyes, every women lives in four walls , as if she is a prisoner.  By the way, if you have such thoughts, then what can I do? But I request you earnestly that  you should separate from me for a few days before getting divorced and feel that you have divorced me, even you  can express it to the world. “

stopping for a few moments, Maan further said, “Stay away from me only a few months  wherever you want, your heart desires.. wherever you want roam everywhere, meet with people. Look at the attitude of people and people’s attitude towards you. Test the privacy of their eyes. If you find any kind of austerity anywhere, if you get the chains of life and the truths of life, then I will give you freedom defeating myself. then I will give up my heart and give you freedom.


“you are still free bird here . But Geet, how can I leave you alone in the crowd of the world to wander yourself. It is very easy to seek a divorce, but to say only three word is not a divorce. Divorce also has its rules, laws, and in this way, on small issues neither divorce is sought or given. “

Geet  continued to meditate on what he said. she thought Maan’s idea was not so bad either. she will be free to have freedom. Looking at Maan, she said, “Well Maan, I know that we have to be different in every situation. But I do not want to break your heart when I go, but my divorce verdict is still unchanged and it will be tomorrow too. At the moment, I am going to be separated from you without divorce.

“OK,” Maan said with heavy heart, “If you want to go then go. Take your baggage too, I have no objection. Take as much money as you want. “


“Thank you, my parents can spend my money,” Geet said in a loud voice and got up

Maan kept looking at Geet silently , while she continue to packed her baggage.

Soon Geet took the suitcase and said, “Well, I shall move.”

“Geet, are you really going?” Maan asked in a painful voice.

“Yes …” Geet said in a flat accent and got out.

As soon as she went, there was a stir in the heart of Maan.


His heart want to stop the path of Geet, give her the promise of his love and force her to stay in the house. he glanced out of the gate, but  Geet had disappeared from his eyes. He started feel empty. Everything started to panic him.


As soon as Geet reached her father’s house, her father was shock seeing his daughter there,

arey Geet beta.. will you stay for three-four days this time ?” His eyes went towards suitcases.

“Yes, I now intend to live here forever,” She said, nonchalantly

“I do not understand “

“Oh, you just want to know everything dad. . In fact, I go married to Maan with my own wish against your will, without listening to you, but it was a big mistake, now I have decided to separate from Maan. Very soon divorce will happen. “

“Will you have divorce?”

“ji ha.. mera dum ghutta hai waha. I wish I had already accepted what you said. Well, then not but now i am going to . “

“Look, Geet, some decisions of life should not take in haste. A mistake you had made before, and now you are going to make such a big decision of life that too in hasty. It should not happen that you have to cry all the life and there is no one to wipe your tears.

“Look daughter, why did I forbid you to marry Maan, maybe you can never think to that extent. Actually, every parents are well aware of the habit of there child. They know very well in what kind of environment there child will be survive and how long.

“I knew that you are an independent person, there is a difference between you and Maan. Your view is like ‘The world is in my fist’, while Maan is going to step each foot after seeing his height with the society. I knew that when the drug of emotions will fall, then you will regret. waise Maan main koi kami nahi thi. But I did not want you to repent after marriage. “

“Oh, you are troubling me without any reason. I let you know my decision and it is right for me. But now I am on the rehearsal, I am not going to give him divorce for a few months now. Just going to stay apart from him, I will work for happiness. “

“he is in your heart,tumhare dil main uske liye chhat hai, but you are lost in the drug of wealth of your father.

” Dad, what are you talking about? Do not make me bore. Now I will get breath of relief. “

The days began to pass. In the house, there were always parties with her friends  , She also started going to the club. Brother and sister-in-law now was upset with her . There was no such warmth in there love now, but Geet did not pay special attention to those things. she was spending money with her both hands. She is so happy to have her male friends around her.


When at late nights she used to returned home,  at that time, she could feel Maan near , it was difficult to forget him. she often falls asleep without pillows. In the morning, She would noticed that Maan used to keep pillow every day under her head.

It was another day Geet went to her dear friend Nisha’s house.  After a while, she said to her  privately, “What is this, like always a imprison, keeps humming around your husband?”

“This is the real pleasure of life, Geet,” Nisha smiled and said.

“Ooh, keep with yourself only ,this real happiness of yours,’

When she was going , Nisha said, “We are going on a picnic with four or five friends with their own family, you also come,  we will leave tomorrow morning.

“Yes, definitely will go,” Geet said smiling.

On the picnic, Geet herself felt very lonely. Her friends were smiling with their husbands and children. she first time felt the loneliness without  Maan. The Husbands of her  friends were watching her with strange eyes, as if she was some alien.


Geet was very silent on the return. Even when she came home, she was lying in her room with a heavy heart. She continued to stared at the ceiling thinking something. Now her brother and brother in law’s cold attitude also started to scrape her. her dad also  used to talk very little to her. One day suddenly the mountains of pain broke on to Geet. Her father had a heart attack and he left her alone forever .

A few days passed like this. Now when she demanded money from her brother, he would scream, “This is not a Dharamsala or a hotel. first thing, you left your house and left a good husband and left, secondly, you are bent on destroying us too.

“Listen ,  you will not get any money now” Then, sister in-law’s loud voice fell into her ears, “And your spoiled friends will not even step in this house. This is our house, not some bar “

“Bhabhii …” She screamed, “If it is your home then I also have half of it in it.”

“Do not stay in this illusion Geet , you do not have any right in this house. This house is mine, you have left your home. The real house of a woman is the home of her husband and your father has not split the estate. Go and fight, take the property. “

Geet kept looking at sister-in-law with surprise. Then came to her room with slow steps and fell on the bed and started crying. Today, she realized that this house is not her own. In this house, she is a stranger. This is the house of sister-in-law. she continued to cried for a long time. she didn’t realized when her eyes turn droopy and she fell into sleep. after a while she got up startle with the phone bell. Do not know why, in the mind she was repeatedly thinking that it should be Maan calling her.


she lifted the receiver with trembling hands, “Hello, I  am Geet …”

” Geet, I am rajeev. You get ready quickly and come to the hotel ‘***’. We are giving a very splendid party today. You are the main guest, are you coming? ”

“Yes, I’m getting ready immediately,” Geet looked at the clock, 6 o’clock in the evening, She got into the washroom.

On the gate of the hotel, She saw the Rajeev was standing with her three other friends. The four friends warmly welcomed her, Geet looked around, “Hey, and where are all?” Where are Shaila, Juhi, Nisha, Kalpana,  etc.?

“Geet,  Why are you talking about those nefarious women? Hey, they are not all smart and fearless like you. They will be massaging their husbands at this time or cleaning the children’s nose. They are all non courageous, they do not have the courage to face the World. “

Geet  was very happy to  hear his praise.

Geet ,We have booked a room, let’s go there and enjoy the party. “

“But what is the reason that you guys have given the party?”

“To surprise you, because today is your wedding anniversary.”

The steps of the moving Geet stopped, something broke inside her .

as she got inside there were all arrangements of drinks and snacks

“Geet, take one peg,” said rajeev , offering her one glass

”no thanks. I do not drink. “

“Oh Geet, you are free, nota nasty domestic lady … take it”

” No Rajeev, I do not like it all. ”

“Do not panic, baby, sab chalta hai, you must take a one drink on this day, ” Sandeep said laughing. At that time, her other friend  pulled Geet into his arms. other one  tried to forcefully make her drink  , she went away on one side, “I do not like all this, what do you guys have think of me .

“Baby, what you are, we know it well. Do not show much tantrums , fill this happy day with the colors of love. You are also happy and we are also happy, “rahul, other Friend said moving towards her,

“For 1 year you are away from your husband, we will make your nights colorful.”


Geet was trembling, shivering. she ran towards the door, but Rajeev stopped her in the middle.. she started screaming, “Leave me, I said leave me.” just then handle of the door turn.  Seeing Maan in front , everyone were left shock.  Geet ran straight  into his arms, she cried , “Maan, save me from those devils … they tried to  …” Next, she couldn’t able to spoke


he was furious beyond limits to see her condition, those boys just going to flied from there but before they, he got the hold of them fast and beat each one furiously till they lost there conscious.


He took her shivering body in his arms rubbing her back. she buried her face in his chest hugging him for her dear life.


“Do not panic, I have come. Perhaps your expertise might have been fulfilled now? There is a lot of time of 1 year. Well if you still  …? ‘

Geet put her palm on Maan’s mouth. She has hugged him like her dear life, .

maneet-o (4)

Maan said softly, “It was good that I had seen you coming into the room or else what would have happened to you today? I came here for a meeting. that my eyes fell on you with those four guys.he was burning in rage from inside as he remembered what they tried to do with his jaan .

“will not you forgive me , Maan?” Geet bowed her eyes and said, “I am very embarrassed. I did not try to know you I was lost somewhere in false pride . You had rightly said, what is the respect of a woman in the society without her Husband, I have known today. “


you are my own, and mistakes are made by our own people.”


” So did you forgive me? ”

“Yes, Geet, You are My Love. I had lived miserably without you this year, now will not let you go Jaan. and he kissed her with that saying.

Do leave your likes and comments here or on IF . it’s my first ever different story . i never thought i will write something like that about mg divorce thing and this long leap and separation ..


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