1. Silent Rain

He step inside his farmhouse, throwing his shirt on the chair he sat on the other armchair place in the room ,laying in half position.

Rain was tapping loudly on the window panes.not soon enough he hears the mild  giggling sound from outside , it was submerge in the heavy cascading Rain.

He got up curious for who could be here at this late hours of night , in this atmosphere .

His farmhouse was desolate faraway from the city situated in forest area.He loved to live alone and that gives him peace.

As he drag his feet towards the window to see who is it?

He wiped off the windows clearing the mist to get a clear view of outside .


And he stood rooted to on the place gaping outside with wide opened eyes.


The angel was dancing in the raining Jerome tune spreading her arms to vast dark sky engulfing the rain drops .

He came back to his senses with the loud growling sound of clouds . He saw her frighting like a dear . She suddenly stop dancing getting scared ,stood shock ,terror filled , fearing that those clouds might just fall on her .

Maan couldn’t able to see her in that condition , he rushed out to hide herself in his arms, to protect her from this wild rain. He suddenly started to feel protectiveness for this angel on the earth.

He took out one umbrella and got out from the gate to meet her.


Geet stood still terrified with loud grumbling sounds of clouds, it didn’t stop but continued to scared her with its wild glory.

She just then realized where she was standing. Alone in the dark night on the lonely road.

She clutch her both arms around herself trying to hide herself from unknown as it was so dark outside , heavy rain was not helping her either to locate the place for herself for a night.

All of a sudden she saw one huge figure approaching her.

Geet was now going to faint in fear . Who is he? What is he doing here? Is he gonna harm her?

Countless thoughts Cross her mind before he reach near her standing in front of her with his umbrella.

Maan stood for a while watching the soak beauty in front of him. She seems lost somewhere . Once he was done with his admiring session he decided to call her.

Excuse me , miss..


Geet heard beautiful husky voice and she was pulled out of her own thoughts.

Geet gasp with the sight of magnificent persona stood in front of her. Her mouth half open, hazel eyes widen to gap him shamelessly.

Gorgeous … She thought in her mind.

Maan saw her lost in him and he smirk to think his effect on the girls and here his angel include in the list but he first loved it .he loved her attention.he wonder on his own thoughts.

He went little more closed to her so that she could come under umbrella. He hold the umbrella on her head.


Now both were standing in one umbrella lost in each other. maan soon got lost in her beautiful hazel eyes which were gaping him continuously.

There was another loud thunder and this time Geet finding the place to hide herself she dash onto his wild chest hell scared , she was shivering like hell with cold and fear.she dip her face in his broad chest which was half bare as he was just in his vest and tracks.


Maan felt his skin was burning with her soft shivering lips as they rubbed innocently on his chiseled chest.

His hands at instant wrap around her throwing the umbrella down in the process .

There was sudden urge to protect her , hide her in his arms and he did.


The hug suddenly turn passionate , as she rubs her face in his warm chest seeking comfort while her hands went behind on his chest completely wrapping him in her spell.

Her soft hands rubbed on his bare back furiously trying to feel his masculine body.

Maan was not in better senses as well. His hands roam all over her bare back just when he realized she was wearing short top and shorts.

He doesn’t approve of this cloths of hers, he suddenly feeling Possessive for her.

He pulled out from the hug pushing her away slightly. The thought Cross his mind what if he hadn’t seen her early ,this lonely roads in the night are not secure for girls.


His heart skip a beat thinking of the consequences if he was not there early.

Geet was shy , embarrassed remembering what just she did , would he thought wrong about her? She looked at his face to see him little bite angry now .least she know it was for her own safely.

Woh.. my car has broken here in a mid of the road. She told him making faces and glanced back at her car behind .

Maan looked behind her to look at her car which was little behind.

He nodded curtly and offered her to come inside his farmhouse for a night.

Geet was first hesitant but not having any other options she followed him behind through the gates of farmhouse.

As soon as Geet get inside he lock the door making her gasp with a sudden voice .

She was shivering like hell rubbing her both arms , Maan went near shelf pulling out the towel he was about to go towards her when looking at her wet condition he realized she needs the cloths to changed as well.

He shuffled through his few shirts and pants but got some blue shinning sight in the cupboard.

He touch that satin cloth feeling that it is the right moment and right time to take that out.

His heart scream out to him to pulled that dress out and gives it to this girl.

Without thinking much he pulled that out along with towel and went near her to give her.

Geet got the things from his hands and rushed inside the washroom without thinking much as he show her the way.

Her eyes widen to see it’s traditional wear ,modern type  which she had never wore before but her heart rejoiced to feel that cloth in her hands ,She could feel the warmth of his in it. She smell it , the same musky scent of his coming through it being in his own wardrobe .

@dhamidrashti - drashtidhami - zeegoldawards2018

She wore it feeling shy, happy . She comb her hairs wiping them when she found red bangles laying there .She took it and wore them trailing her fingers softly on the lovely bangles which she never before wore or even tried them on.

Today everything felt different and special. The person she just encounter feel so special and amazing to her that his everything and belonging felt amazing and beautiful to her.

She giggled sniffing his scent again from his towel and made her way outside to face him finally.

She felt tingling sensation in her core, goosebumps in her whole body , felt butterflies roaming around her bare tummy.

Those feelings were just with thought of facing him in this attired.

Maan changed into another track pant and come out bare chested to stake the new firewood in the fire place.

Once done he brought out two cups of brewing coffee.

He heard the jingling sound of her anklets and looked up to see her beautiful sight. She was standing infront of him knotting a corner of  duppatta with her fingers twisting it while her eyelashes were down , sweet blush was adoring her beautiful cheeks making her look more beautiful


But the dress she was wearing , it was the blue  dress he has kept for his would be bride.His Dream girl, unconsciously .He had not let anyone touch that being Possessive for the dress, it was kept  for his woman . special one.

But today, don’t know what got into him he took out the same dress for this girl, who had just met him before sometime.

Whatever that might be he didn’t felt guilty or dislike for giving her it,it felt it only belongs to her. The right girl .


His heart skip beat realizing the fact that the dress fitted her well hugging her every gorgeous curves telling him the most beautiful thing that she is the one , his woman…

He thought as his heart continued to beat loudly just with her beautiful sight which never before did,His eyes shine with the realization ..

Precap :-

Passionate Desires..

Hey guys..smiley4 how can  I forget maneet in this Rainy season..smiley2smiley42 so here is sweet surprise for maneet fans..hope you enjoyed it ..smiley40 do leave your comments and press like. will come with next chappy soon. smiley39




  1. Very interesting and hot story!!!
    Maan seems to have found his girl ..they are both attracted towards each other and we need to see what they will do….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the OS!!

    Amazing banner!

    Part 1

    terrific update! superbly written.

    Maan mesmerized seeing Geet dancing in the rain!

    Loved his concern and protectiveness for her!

    Both lost in each other! Geet admires Maan!

    wow Maan gave her the dress he brought for his dream girl!

    seems like he now has found her!

    Geet looks beautiful and Maan adores her!

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wowwwwwwwww:):):) An awesome and intriguing start. Truly a destined meeting of Maaneet and its so romantic:):):) So Maan gave the attire he has bought for his dreamgirl to Geet and is now drooling over Geet…his woman:):):) Geet is so smitten by Maan too…So so nice:):):) I am excited and eager to read on dearie:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reading this Story again is just Fabulous

    It was a Beautiful Update

    Maan had bought an outfit for his would be wife
    and he gives it to Geet as he looks and admires her
    he feels the outfit is made for her
    both have this attraction

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Grt start dear. Thanks for sharing the link of this story as I have started reading the maaneet FFs recently. Maan came with umbrella to protect Geet from rain n then threw the umbrella.. Grt going Maan babu.

    Liked by 1 person

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