Both kissed each other feverishly, showing the longing through the kiss. as usual, she forgot everything except his presence. He crushed her to him, kissing her over and over until she was breathless. "Sweetheart, I am sorry!" he murmured against her hair, his tongue darting into her ear and then between her lips. She felt … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 54


The morning couldn't be more pleasurable than this, thought Maan as soon as he woke up, in the arms of his darling beauty. He kissed her jaw, trailing kisses down on her neck, he looked at mark there which turned bruise now. His blood boiled and he remembered something. He tried to get up but … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 33


Geet stood out anxiously waiting for his call like past few days, after his treatment gets over. Maan was inside the ward, lying on the hospital bed with few machines attached to his head, he was in unconscious state, still could see vague memories, then it is getting clear..he twist on the bed, his brows … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 57


Baby was crying contiously , missing his mother's warmth, much to Sam's annoyance and she shouted on the little baby who was inside his , carrier. Can you stop crying!?? But baby was not ready to stop, hearing her scream he increased his volume, Urgh..Are kids all so annoying!?? She looked at the baby, glaring … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 38