Mehbooba s2 Chapter 86

Aapne hume bina bataye, Bina puche, humse marriage certificate par sign karaya…

Geet was hurt, she asked him as soon as he placed her on the bed.

It’s part of your punishment, remember!? He said crossing his hands over his chest. 

Geet became silent, having nothing to say. While she knew it was her fault that she did not trust him, it happened by accident. She had no intention of hurting him. Now if he could only understand her. Her past life bitter experience prevented her from overcoming her fear…

Humne galati ki…hum mante hai…but now you have committed the same mistake.

Maan furrowed his brows when she continued, aapne hum pe bharosa nahi kiya “that’s why you took my signature on the marriage papers.”

Maan became infuriated hearing her. He yanked her up angrily by grabbing both arms “kya kah Rahi ho tum…hu..? Suna nahi Maine kya kaha, “it was your punishment for the mistake you did…”

The fact that she kept quiet while decisions were being made outside about her life already frustrated him out there. Doesn’t she love him that she keeps mum in such a way?

Geet left a small muffled sound of pain, “Hume chodiye…why are you behaving like this?” 

He let her go out of shock at his rude behaviour, suddenly he was back to his senses. He looked at her, she was crying softly.

It took him a while to calm down. When he approached her she took a step back, he tried to hold her, “Geet..” she jerked his hand away…and then rushed away to the washroom. 

Shit…Maan hit his fist in the air, out of sheer anger. 

Geet walked out of washroom after a while, Maan looked up to her red puffy eyes, he never wanted to hurt her but she didn’t leave a option for him. She made him to take that step and he realised it was right indeed seeing her silence downstairs. 

Maan….Geet was going to speak but just then his cell phone rang braking their moment.

He picked it up and his face harden, “I will be there soon. Saying so he cut the call and was about to walk out.


It was her soft voice which stopped him in his track, he closed his eyes to calm himself before turning to face her.

He walked near her, “I am going to police station, 

She instantly grabbed his hand out of fear, her eyes turning wet again.

He sighed before cupping her face, “don’t worry, I will be fine, I need to sign some documents, I will be back soon. 

Hum saath chale…!? She pleaded, still not ready to leave his hand.

He was not in mood to take her with him, rather worried for her.

Please, she pleaded again, seeing him thinking something, he was not sure, already so much things happened in a day, would she able to take it.

Maan..Geet nudged him.

Tumhe mujhpe yakeen hai..!? He asked her dearly.

She nodded holding his hand which was on her cheek, “then believe me I will be fine, and it’s not safe for you to be there.

Geet doesn’t have any option rather than to get agree to him. 


Geet, however wasn’t in any peace since the time he was gone. It’s been few hours now. She was restless, no one even come to meet her once from the house. The thought made her sad. She knew it was only going to happen…the thing she was fearing from, she is facing it now. She stepped out of the room to walk down feeling alone all of a sudden.

If Dadima doesn’t want to meet me, toh kya hua, hum toh unse baat kar sakte hai na..ha yahi sahi hai, the thought brought big smile on her face. She rushed towards dadis room with a same big smile, she will clear the misunderstanding dadi had for her in her mind.

But as soon as she opened the door, the sight that welcome her horrified her to the extent.

Dadima, Geet gasped in terror, seeing her clutching her chest, she was gasping for breath.

Dadima…she ran inside, and supported her, 

Don’t…. Savitri just pushed her away harshly giving Geet another painful shock.

Tumne… humare..bete ko…phasaya…she managed to accused her in her shallow breathing.

It took her a moment to realize the meaning of dadis words, it bleeds her heart to listen such accusation from the one person whom she had loved like her own mother. Whom she thought did understand her somewhere…

She was pulled back to senses seeing her collapsing on the bed. 

Dadima…she screamed out of horror seeing the scene. Never before she witnessed something like this happening infront of her own eyes.

Before she moved to her, Annie dashed in pushing Geet aside, “Dadima, open your eyes, please. Annie cried patting her cheek, just then Rajveer walked in follow by few servants, he took his mother to hospital.

Geet was still in a shock, everyone left her behind alone, she herself was drowned in own pain to notice her surrounding.

Dadis words buzzed in her head, making her numb. She lost the straight to hold herself together, and falls on her knees breaking into sobs.


Maan had never thought, things would turned this worst. Now he regretted badly for his rude behaviour to his grandmother. He immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as he got his father’s call.

He rushed through the corridor taking large strides, he reached her ward.

Dadima…he sat beside her bed on the small stool, holding her hand in his.

Tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes, he immediately wiped them, “aap muzse naraz hai, janta hu..but don’t cry for me. I apologized for my rude behaviour. I know I should have done it.” 

Savitri just looked at her grandson affectionately, knowing his nature she knew, he would regret afterwards but she cared for him…his future, which made her worried.

Pulling down the oxygen mask, she said him in slow whisper, “Hum aap se naaraz nahi hai, maan.” “Bas Geet…”

He stopped her, ” main sach mein bahot pyar karta hu us se Dadi, he said earnestly, almost pleading his dadi to understand his feelings.

“I know my decision has hurt you, but believe me, I never made it in hurry or coming under any sympathy towards her.” “I love her dadi.” 

Dadi looked at his eyes which were speaking volume first time, she knew he was true, but she wasn’t sure about Geet’s feelings for her grandson. When she had seen the couple before her eyes, her old eyes has assumed then to be in love.

So now, she couldn’t trust Geet enough with her feelings for Maan. She didn’t ask further having no straight more, also not to disappoint Maan. He looked already worn out with the happenings.

Dadima, Maan called her seeing her lost, he kissed her palm lovingly, bringing sweet smile on her face.

“Shadi kar lijiye un se, pure riti rivajo ke sath…” She whispered caressing his cheek. 

Rajveer smiled brightly hearing her mother’s words, as he was beside them hearing their talks. Annie was sleeping on the couch in the ward.

But Dadi ma… Iski jarurat nahi hai, aap ki tabiyat bhi thik nahi hai. Maan tried to deny.

Jarurat kaise nahi, Hume bhi aapki shadi dekhni hai, finally my wish is going to come true. Aur phir Geet ki bhi koi tamanna hogi, har ladki ki apne shadi ki leke kuch aarman hote hai, Maan.

Ma sahi kah rahi hai, Maan. Today itself I call our priest to fix the date for marriage. Rajveer spoke, really happy with the news.

Maan smiled with a nod, suddenly the environment lighted up with this news, 

Geet kaha hai, Rajveer asked from Maan after a while.

That’s when everyone noticed her absent. Maan frowned, woh nahi aayi aapke sath.. 

Dadima looked worried as she remembers the encounter with her which happened in her room.

Humare behosh hone se pahle, woh humare sath thi, humare room mein. Don’t know why she didn’t come with us.

Maan, I guess, in hurry to bring ma to hospital we didn’t notice her. And she too didn’t come.

Dadima kept quite lost in thoughts, Maan frowned and called at home.

One servant received the call, after asking about he informed him, he seen her in Dadi room. She never come down after that.

Maan rushed from there leaving worried dadi and Rajveer behind.

I am really tense about him Rajveer, dadi spoke looking at him running out.

Ma, aap pareshan may house, you know how brave and strong your grandson is, so don’t worry about him.

Hume pata hai beta, but Geet…I don’t know she does love Maan or not…humare bete kaise bhi ho par Masoom hai.

Raj chuckled on this, “innocent…!? That word doesn’t suit my son ma, he is shrewd and have business mind…knows to where to use it tightly and what times, have only seen his benefits in everything. Not just like that he had achieve this success in his business.

Dadima was still not convinced, Raj could see worry lines on his mother’s forehead.

Ma, he held her hand, don’t worry about anything now, trust God, he won’t let anything bad to happen. And trust my words, Geet sach mein achi ladki hai, you have not done any mistake by trusting her before.

He gave her assuring nod, she was calm down somehow but still not convinced fully.


Maan rushed upstairs to dadi’s room to see her sleeping on the floor.

Geet, he rushed to her side, taking her in his arms, he laid her on the bed. She woke up and next moment hugged him tight, breaking into tears.


He was taken a back, but wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her close. He let her cry for a while. 

When she calm down, he pulled apart wiping her eyes, 

Maan, Dadi ma, ..

He nodded her to keep quite, and handed her a glass of water.

Dadi ma is fine, aur tumhare bare main puch Rahi thi, He lied and then asked, why you wasn’t there at hospital. 

Woh Maan, and she narrated everything what happened in the room. 

Woh hum se nafrat karti hai, Maan… I told you see what happened, hum isi baat se darte the.. She began crying again.

Enough!! Maan raised his voice seeing her frying again, he wiped her tears harshly, ek aur ansu nahi…he warned passing her the tissue, seeing her sniffing her nose.

Maan smiled seeing her pouting lips and she blew her nose in the tissue asking for more.

He pulled her on his lap, before beginning, koi tum se naraz nahi hai geet, nahi dadi ma, unhe thoda waqt do, she will accept you and infact she wanted see our marriage with all rituals.

What!? Geet couldn’t believe.

Dadima be Aisa kaha…!? She asked like a child.

Yes, Maan nodded, dad had called our priest to fix the date for our marriage. 

There was new glow on her face, her eyes lighten up, “sachchi..” she asked innocently.

Yes Jaan, he jerked her closer seeing her back to normal, his heart fluttered seeing her shinning eyes, blooming lips with true happiness. He pecked her lips making her blush.

Maan, aap kya kar rahe hai…she asked in low whisper.

You know what I am doing, mrs. Khurana…he smirked burying his face in the crook of her neck, she shuddered, as he rubbed his beard on her soft skin. 

He was going further down making her moan, when her stomach grumbled …she blushed, Maan let out a small chuckle.

Let’s go, and eat something. He held her hand pulling her up.

No..first I want to see Dadi ma.

She is fine now, aur dad and Annie are there with her, and you first have something.

Nahi Maan, pahle hi hum ne bewkufi ki hai, I should have been there beside her. Please chalo na.

Thik hai, seeing her puppy face he agreed. 

To be continued…

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  1. She get little happiness after knowing the decision of them getting married,now what is Rajeev upto, Don’t know when they will get out all these problems, looking forward to further..

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  2. Nice update.Arav feels now that his daughter is in safe hands now.Dadi feels that Geet does not love Maan and she feels that her grand son is so innocent.but Rajveer knows that his son is not at all innocent.Though Dadi gave permission for the marriage still she has some doubt towards Geets love.Hope their marriage happens successfully.

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  3. Good update so daadi needs time and thinks that geet is playing around maan but he loves her blindly..still she accepts and asks them to arrange for marriage.. waiting to read more ❤️

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  4. Superb update. Dadi is trying to accept the marriage and that’s good. Dadi think Maan is innocent but his dad knows him well. Thanks for the update

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