Aap ki Kasam Chapter 33

Shayad meine hi over react kiya , it is not his fault if he don't love me back, pyar thodi na aise hota hai. Woh toh ho jata hai,I didn't even know when he came and make place in my heart. She smiled painfully.  Still he should have lied to her and he had blame … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 33

aap ki Kasam Chapter 32

किसका रस्ता देखे, ऐ दिल, ऐ सौदाई मीलों है खामोशी, बरसों है तनहाई भूली दुनिया, कभी की, तुझे भी, मुझे भी फिर क्यों आँख भर आई हो ओ किसका रस्ता देखे, ऐ दिल, ऐ सौदाई She felt her eyes spilling tears again hearing the lyrics being played in the radio. Today mum also is not … Continue reading aap ki Kasam Chapter 32

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 9 & 10

Geet stared after him as if she could hardly believe what just happened. Her heart was beating, her lips felt dry. Still she couldn’t stop wailing her eyes out, mamma…she called for her mother again crying bitterly for hearing those rude words from her husband on the first night itself…she has not bother him this … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 9 & 10

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Geet sat down on the bed and clasped her head. She had a headache and couldn’t see away out of her dilemma. Couldn’t he just explain to her without yelling at her? I just don’t understand him! She thought. Then sudden thought crossed her mind, does he love someone else? No…how could that be, it … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 98

Geet stood at the balcony after their long love making. She was sleepy yet felt refresh after him claiming her again. She wished to remove his stress and worry for her. She was successful to some extent...she wanted to love him the way he always did without any demand.  Still she knew there is one … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 98


Maan stood at the door watching his wifey keenly. He just wanted to give some space to absorb everything that happened in last few hours.  His eyes widen seeing her taking pills. He clinched his fist and rushed inside. Before Geet could even open the tab he grabbed her wrist startling her.  Yeh kya hai? … Continue reading MEHBOOBA CHAPTER 96

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 94

He looked widen eyed at his innocent wifey, who had deep frown on her face and lips pouting with sadness. When he remembers the reason behind his cursing, "now why are you here?" He left her and turned his back to her, "tum toh chutti lena chahti thi na aaj?"Yes…but you came office without having … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 94

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 91

Maan woke up the first thing in the morning, only to see his beautiful wifey cuddling cutely in his arms, like a baby. She was sure right then, for she has nothing on her body apart from his body covering her. He smirked with the thought that this day he had always looked forward to. … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 91

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 87

It has been a few days since dadi was hospitalized. Although she has not yet accepted Geet, she agreed for Maan and Geet to marry. It was only out of love for her grandson.  Geet was restless and sad with dadi's silent gesture of anger at her. She knew, Dadi still had been upset with … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 87

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 86

Aapne hume bina bataye, Bina puche, humse marriage certificate par sign karaya… Geet was hurt, she asked him as soon as he placed her on the bed. It’s part of your punishment, remember!? He said crossing his hands over his chest.  Geet became silent, having nothing to say. While she knew it was her fault … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 86