Mehbooba s2 Chapter 85

She is saying truth Dadima, Maan walked inside with Abheejit and his lawyer at one side. He explains her everything from kunal’s real motive to geet’s life after marriage, till now.

Madhu and Aarav stood on the doorstep shock, hearing the bitter truth about their daughter’s life.

If not else, they had thought, Kunal was keeping their daughter happy and truly loved her if she doesn’t also…but never in their wildest dreams they had thought something could be like this happening with their princess and she didn’t tell them a bit. It was with the news spreading across, they came to know about him and instantly flied down to Delhi to her home, there they saw the house empty, when they got the clue about her being with Khuranas maybe..

Geet beta…Aarav called her, and she rushed in his arms like a little girl who had lost her way, “baba”…

Silence spread across the hall, only her soft muffled could be heard followed by Aarav soothing words.

After a moment of silence, dadi asked the much needed question,” how do you know everything Maan!?”

I was having doubts on him, dadi…then I had tapped his and Geet’s calls, few days back. And everything became clear, hearing his whole plan and warnings to geet. We got strong proofs even against him.

Dadi watched him for while then at Geet, who was sobbing silently against her father’s chest.

Geet stop it now, everything is over now. He shouted couldn’t able to see her in that condition.

Everyone watched in amusement, as geet stopped suddenly and patted from her father, dadis suspicious were raising seeing the scene.

Thank you, Maan…words slipped out of her mouth in a flow of her emotions making him furious, “I told you, didn’t I? Don’t uttered that word before me…” I did everything for you, he stopped suddenly looking around, everyone was watching them…

Geet couldn’t help but blushed realizing the depth of his words, dadi noticed this all silent gestures bit kept quiet for a moment.

Madhu was looking at her daughter constantly, she could see love, pain, hurt, and every emotions through her eyes and face…she smiled in tears seeing her blush to his words.

When something caught her eyes, it was her daughter’s empty neck and forehead. She walked up to her, “Geet..tumhari wedding chain kaha hai, aur tumhari maang bhi suni…aisa kyon..? 

Geet was dumbstruck to this question of her mom, moreover she was scared from her anger, “mom…I…she stammered, not knowing how to formulate proper sentence.

She got divorce…his booming voice saved her again. She heard few gasps from all around. She couldn’t meet her mom’s piercing gaze…thereby she was just looking down, fidgeting with her saree pallu.

What? When this happened? Madhu asked but there was no answer from both.

Tumne itna bada kadam uthane se pahle muze batana bhi jaruri nahi samza?? Madhu jerked her by holding her both arms angrily. She was totally disappointed by her daughter’s sudden decision.


Geet was on the verge of breaking down, how her mother could still ask her that question, when now she knew everything…

Madhu, don’t talk to her like that, chod do use…Aarav could keep calm anymore, he approached them and tried to peel off Madhusudan strong hold on his daughter’s arms, which was hurting her.

Why I can’t…she didn’t listen to me, har har muze use deeply samzana padta hai…

You forgot, she has grown up now, let her take her own decisions now.

I can’t…main janti ho woh kitna bachpan hai ismein Abhi bhi..she would think anything rather than…

Mom…Geet tried to stop her interrupting her blabbering, realizing she was going to spill the beans.

Kya karna hai ab tumhe…do you know what blunder you did.

Everyone stood speechless hearing her, when she knew everything then why is she still against her daughter’s divorce.

Humne kuch galat nahi kiya mom…


Geet muttered in low determined tone.

Geet sahi kah rahi have, Madhu…my daughter is brave…she did the right thing. Aarav patted her head affectionately, giving her much needed support, Geet smiled looking at her father. 

Madhu, calm down beta, dadi approach them, 

 Geet ne Jo bhi kiya hai, bilkul sahi kiya hai, she tried to make her understand, Is sab mein, iski galati toh nahi, 

Aap samaz nahi Rahi hai, maa ji.. it’s not her fault, but she would have to face the consequences now. In this society no one will let her live in peace, now who will marry my divorcee daughter.

Now this question made everyone silent, dadi also don’t know how to console her.

Main karunga Geet se shadi… everyone heard Maan’s voice, all stood in shock.

Maan, hosh mein hai aap, what are you speaking? Dadi didn’t like it, she thought he is taking decision in hurry and in the worry for Geet.

I am very much in my senses, Dadi ma. And I know what I am speaking, I want to marry Geet. And that’s my final decision. He declared with finality in his voice.

Rajveer smiled happily, Annie made a disgusting face, before walking away from there.

Dadi was shock and angry both for her son’s stubborn behaviour, “I don’t accept it, she looked away in anger.

Geet stood shock and terrified…all were confused by Dadi denial, except Madhu already knowing this has to come someday.

Aapke chahne ya na chahne se muze koi farak nahi padta Dadi…

MEHBOOBA PART 85 – Mugdha Love Diaries

Maan declare rudely, hurting her in a process.

He was blinded by rage at the moment, to noticed anyones pain than Geet’s, only thing he know at the moment, that everyone was cornering Geet at the moment, hurting her immensely.

The only thing I want is Geet and want to marry her, he declared further boldly.

Maan, behave yourself, you are hurting ma aur baat karne ka bhi tareeka hota hai..Rajveer scolds him before turning to his mother, “ma, you wanted to see his marriage, and bring daughter in law home then what’s the problem now. He asked her softly holding her shoulder.

Yes, I still want to see his marriage and family, but the girl is not Geet. 

Her words broke Geet further, soft sob erupt from her mouth. Maan curled his palm in anger seeing her cry…

dekh liya…that what I was saying to you, now no one will marry my daughter. Madhu cried.

You are taking whole thing wrong, ab jamana badal gaya hai, shadi hi sab kuch nahi hai madhu…my daughter is capable enough to live alone, I my believe my daughter, aur agar koi nahi toh mein humesha iske sath hu… Aarav proudly held Geet by her shoulder, Geet didn’t speak anything, as her father just stole the words from her mind.

Let’s go beta, chalo apne ghar..

Geet looked at her father, with teary eyes, he nodded and she couldn’t deny him… because of her today he had to face humiliation, just the thought brought great ach to her heart.

Mr.handa, please stop, Rajveer walked up to them, “I am really sorry for my mother’s rude behaviour. Geet beta, I apologized. He was truly sorry.

Geet nodded him, while Aarav spoke, it’s okay, mr.khurana. we can’t change people’s perspective.

Ma ke baton ko bura mat maniye, it’s her love and worry for Maan.

I also loved my daughter so much, couldn’t stand her humiliation, I was not beside her before but now , meri beti ke aankh mein ek aansu bhi nahi aane dunga…said Aarav before walking towards, Maan, ” tumne aaj tak jo kuch bhi meri beti ke liye kiya, I couldn’t thank you enough, son.

Maan just heard him silently…all the while looking at geet, who stole away her gaze from him.

Chalo beta…Aarav said his holding geets hand…they were about to walk out when all heard Maan’s thundering voice, “no one will take away my wife from me.”

Geet’s eyes widen in shock, as she turned around to face him along with her father.


Yeh kya kah rahe ho tum…hosh mein toh ho, 

I am saying the reality, reality is she is my wife, legally he added, as his lawyer passed him some documents, Maan show them to everyone around, Aarav snatched the papers from his hand, his eyes widen seeing Geet’s signature on the papers.

Yeh tumhare signs hai yaha pe…he shows it to geet, she became numb, seeing the marriage documents…

Maan..yeh, she forgot to speak, “marriage certificate…humne sign nahi kiye.

You did wifey, in the office, remember? Along with divorce papers. He added with a bitter smirk.

Tumne sign Kiya hai, yeh beta, Aarav asked.

Geet nodded still in shock, you should have tell me beta…he said softly.

I wanted to baba…. sirf apko aur pareshan nahi dekh sakte hum..she half lied, gulping the knot in her throat.

You always thought about me first Geet, sirf humare bare mein socha,…but I failed dear, I failed…he was on the verge of breaking down.

Aisa mat kahiye baba, she hugged him, don’t say anything…you are the best dad anyone could have, she said just to sooth his pain.

Aarav blinked his wet eyelashes, patting her back, you are my angel who couldn’t see his baba sad, that’s why lying…

Don’t say like that…its the truth..Geet pouted parting apart.

Everyone adore the scene with wet eyes.

Dadi stood speechless, processing everything in her mind silently, she discovered so many things in a day…she needs time to accept Geet, she had never thought of her for Maan, or any divorcee for that matter…so how could she suddenly agree to this marriage. Beside, Maan is doing everything just out of his worry for Geet, for her.

Maan, you don’t have to do anything out of sympathy for her, uske gharwale hai, hum bhi hai, hum unke liye achcha ladka khud dhund ke unki shadi karayche…

Enough Dadi ma..geet sirf aur sirf meri hai, she is my wife…Maan was enraged, now even I have our marriage certificate with both our signs, no one could part us now. He declared grabbing the hold of her hand.

Ma, aap galat samaz rahi hai, Maan pyar karta hai Geet se…aur agar Geet koi aitraaz nahi hai toh Hume bhi koi shikayat nahi hai is shadi se, Rajveer revealed the shocking truth further to his mother and everyone.

Kya yeh sach hai Maan..? Asked Dadi still not able to believe, how and when suddenly…when she knew about her son’s lifestyle. Now she remembers the incident happened on Geet’s birthday party,…

Maan kept mum, he could never explain to anyone, it wasn’t in his nature…still somewhere he did because of only Geet.

Seeing his silence, Savitri turned to geet, “kyon Geet…apko toh bata honga..dadi asked with taunt.

Geet shook her head looking down..fearing from dadis attitude today.

So, you too love him? Asked dadi suddenly making geet to look up in shock.

Tell me, do you love him? Dadi blasted, making her shiver and she clutched Maan’s arm , who held her close, Aarav slowly left her knowing she is in safe hands now.

Geet nodded still looking down…

Dadi didn’t know what to say now, she kept glaring both for a while, before asking again.

Kab se…from when…

Feeling Geet’s cold hands, Maan shouted, bas kijiye Dadi ma, I didn’t say anything because I love you and respect you much …but please stop your interrogation for now. Look at her, use aaram ki jarurat hai. 

You can’t go anywhere before answering my questions, Maan…she raised her voice seeing him walking away.

Ma, please stop it, you are elder of this house, at least you understand the situation. Rajveer stopped her. She was frustrated and rushed to her room.

Rajveer again apologies the Handa couple and both left taking the assurance from Rajveer about Geet’s safety.


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Teaser of next Chapter

Aapne hume bina bataye, Bina puche, humse marriage certificate par sign karaya..Geet was hurt, she asked him as soon as he placed her on the bed.

It’s part of your punishment, remember!? He said crossing his hands over his chest. 

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  1. Superb update great move by maan. Finally they are officially married and now no one can separate them. thanks dear for wonderful wonderful update

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  2. Fabulous update.Maan made Geet sign the marriage certificate along with the divorce certificate.Dadima is not happy with Maans decision of marrying Geet as she doesn’t want a divorcee as her daughter in law.But Rajveer is happy with his son’s decision Geets parents are happy that their daughter’s future is secured now.but why did Maan made Geet sign the marriage certificate without her knowledge.he could have told her.may be he thought she will not accept it without elder’s consent. Story is going good.lets see how will Maan convince dadima.eager for next update.

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