Mehbooba s2 Chapter 87

It has been a few days since dadi was hospitalized. Although she has not yet accepted Geet, she agreed for Maan and Geet to marry. It was only out of love for her grandson. 

Geet was restless and sad with dadi’s silent gesture of anger at her. She knew, Dadi still had been upset with her… although she did not know the reason. Was she still thinking that she had trapped her grandson? How could she think that about her…what would make her think that way? 

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Her body, as well as her mind, felt tired, as she sank into the bathtub, trying to relax from the stress.

Once she was finished, she realized that she had forgotten to take her clothes with her. Cursing under her breath, she climbed out of the bath, grabbing a towel on the way, and padded damply towards the closet in search of an outfit that would be comfortable.

As she heard a noise at her back, she turned briskly and froze when she saw Maan approaching. When he saw her like that, his gaze was fixed on her. He checked her with great intensity and looked at her for a long time. 

As Geet suddenly realized what he must be seeing, her hair piled on top of her head, her body still damp from the bath, and only her soft baby pink towel covering her, her face burned. 

‘I… ‘I’ll just get dressed,’ she stammered as her body reacted strongly to the way he was staring at her, just as it had when he had touched her, kissed her.

Geet was mesmerised and her breathing became laborious and shallow as she stared deep into his eyes. She felt a rush of sexual arousal surge through her body.

Dizzily she blinked, but the intensity of his gaze did not allow her to break it. The entire body of hers trembled, aching with a need, as if it had been conjured up out of nowhere, like a hurricane, a tornado threatening to destroy everything in her path? 

‘Maan…please…wait outside,’ she said huskily, 

Rather than agreeing Maan simply walked towards her, saying softly, “why honey, when you have every right to see me?”

Geet stood there staring at him, instinctively knowing what was about to happen but helpless to react.

Instead of shock or worry, she was experiencing a roller-coaster rush of frenetic excitement, as if she had stepped outside of her usual cautious caution.

She was only a hand span away from him now, and as she walked away from him, her glance never left his, but he followed her until she came to a halt against the wall.

‘Maan,’ she argued shakily.

He had effectively enveloped her by placing his palms flat against the wall on either side of her.

As he softly and calmly told her, ‘We are now husband and wife,’ she could feel the warmth of his breath against her skin.

Yes honey…he lowered his head and pecked her lips…igniting the lost passion and desire in her.

After all, she was as human as any other woman, wasn’t she? She was just as capable of experiencing sensual desire and longing, just as capable of needing to satisfy the ache deep down inside her own body, which was rapidly becoming an overriding, overwhelming, out of control force.

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Her tongue touched his lips, delicately sparring with it, a sharp shudder of reaction galvanising her body while Maan was taken aback with her response. Maan didn’t want to proceed with the kiss. However, her innocent move ignited fire within him.

Her one innocent move ignited the fire within him, and he savaged her with his burning passion, kissing her ferociously and refusing to end the kiss.


His hands left the wall to cup her shoulders, his body hard against the softness of her own and so close to it that she could feel not only the fierce beating of his heart, but also the more intimate pulse of his being. 

 She embraced him with her arms, wrapping herself around him as his hands moved urgently down over her body, coming to rest against her round curves as he pulled her off the wall and tighter into his embrace. 

They did not speak to each other. They didn’t need to. They knew what was happening and what was going to happen. 

When Maan moved her body slightly in his arms, allowing him to caress her throat and then the curve of her naked shoulder, Geet did not oppose him, nor did she prevent him from seeing the openly visible shudders coursing through her body. 

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With her eyes open, she silently watched every touch of his hands, every brush of his lips against her body, every nuance of her reactions and responses. She felt as if she were burning up.

As he moved closer to her, he swept her up in his arms. 

Having turned on her bedside lamps before taking a bath, Geet’s bedroom was bathed in a soft light…curtains had come covered the windows, enclosing the room and making it feel almost cocoon-like. 

Geet had expected Maan to carry her over to the bed and immediately place her on it but instead, he lowered her to her feet, gathering her up against the hard heat of his own body and then, bending his head to kiss her slowly at first and then, as his passion ignited.

There was a moment when, looking deep into her eyes, Maan slowly stood back from her, before reaching out to remove the towel from her body. 

Geet somehow got her senses back, “maan, she put her hand on his chest. he left her suddenly moving back, she got up and well, ready to run away to the washroom again.

When he held her wrist, Jaan…

The whole of her melted again. He approached her slowly, from behind, aaj toh tumhe chod deta hu, par shadi ke baad roke nahi paogi… 

Having closed her eyes, her face was a deep shade of red.

Nevertheless she got the courage to whisper, Hum aapko rokenge bhi nahi maan, yeh haq toh sirf aapka hai…barso intezaar kiya hai humne..

Her sweet confession melted his heart again…he turned her in his arms, her eyes closed, bathing in his love, looking as beautiful as ever.

He pecked her forehead lovingly, “change your clothes, I’m waiting outside… We need to go somewhere.” 

She just nodded, blushing heavily, as he left her before moving out of her room.

Geet watched in confusion as he drove them out of the main city’s boundaries. When the car halted at the small house’s gate, she was unsure whether to get out or not, seeing the deserted surroundings.

Maan got down and asked her as well. She was scared and unsure, but seeing him offer his hand, she put hers in his and he pulled her out.

Where are we? Yeh kaunsi jagah hai…she spoke out what was on her mind.

Let’s walk inside first, he wrapped his arms around her, guiding her inside. She was baffled, giving him confused looks, but he kept leading her inside until they reached a shabby room.

The room was illuminated by only a little light coming through the small window.

The sight that she saw made her eyes wide in horror, and she gasped in shock, “bhai…”. 


At first, she did not recognize him, as he was surrounded by men and women harassing him or what…? Although her innocent mind couldn’t comprehend much, whatever she saw made her heart wrench in pain.

Her past haunts her again…she knows the pain, how it tears your soul, making you feel helpless and low about yourself.

He was bound to the wall with torn cloths, unable to move and screaming, and she tried to run to him. But one strong pull brought her back to his arms, Maan… please release him, look how they are torturing him. She cried.

Maan was shocked, he didn’t expect that kind of response from her. He saw her run toward her cousin and yanked her back to him.

That’s his punishment! Let him suffer just as he made you suffer. 

His words left her in horror shock. She was dumbfounded for a moment before realizing the seriousness of his words.

His words left her in horror shock. She stood dumbstruck for a moment before the realization dawned on her.

You know…? Did you know everything? She asked, swallowing down the knot in her throat.

‘I know everything…’, he nodded. Everything he had done to you or your family. His jaw tightened in fury.

But Maan…yeh sab…what are you doing with him. “”Why you…she stammered badly, her brain stopped working seeing the horrible scene of her life. She had never witnessed it, but she knew the pain and humiliation one must endure…

Geet…Jaan…holding her shoulder, he raised his voice in a desperate attempt to reach her attention, as she shivered and went wild.

“Relax, and listen…he ordered screwing her with his piercing gaze.

Stopping her struggle, she heard him say, He has to be punished, in a severe way. 

But Maan, uske liye law hai..he could be put behind bars…

No…he jerked her close, jo tumne saha hai, let him go through the same pain and humiliation, aur phir, tumhe usse itni humdardi kyon hi rahi hai, he gritted his teeth.

Kyon ki…humne kabhi unhe apna bhai mana tha… Aur aaj agar woh humare bhai hai bhi nahi par jo humne saha hai, hum kisi aur ko us Dard mein tadpata nahi dekh sakte…she cried out.

Did he think about this, Geet!? Maan pointed at Rajeev inside room, “nahi, phir tum kyon itni parwah kar Rahi ho…

Kyon ki…hum woh nahi hai, Maan..unhe chod dijiye, please….to punish him there is law and God. Aapko koi haq nahi hai, 

Maan was taken aback by her words, “you are talking about right, then let me remind you, tum Biwi ho meri, and Maan Singh Khurana wouldn’t tolerate if someone harassed his wife.” He proclaimed the with authority, clenching her arms.

Geet doesn’t know what to do, she knows that on one side Maan was just doing everything for her. However, seeing all of this made her feel weak.

I can stop this immediately if you want, but you need to be strong, Geet. Tum meri Biwi ho ab…you are Geet Maan Singh Khurana now.

Geet frowned, just because I am your wife now!? 

She doesn’t like a bit what he spoke but to her surprise he shakes his head, “no, not just because you are my wife but because you are my lover, I cannot tolerate this which happened with you, ek baar meri jagah aakar dekho, will you ever tolerate something like this happening to me?

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Maan…she raised her voice and placed her palm on his lips, giving him a furious look.

Maan smiled, satisfied that she understood his condition. 

That’s what I am saying, you need to be strong, for me…do you think, I get happy seeing your tears or fear anytime. No…it gives me immense pain, here, he pokes his chest, referring to his heart.

My heart felt like bleeding seeing your sad face, knowing about the suffering you had to endure without any fault of your own.

How did you know!? She smiled with tears.

I read your diary, he confessed, really not wanting to hide anything from her, when they are bound in relation now. 

Shock could be an understatement of what Geet felt at the moment. She didn’t understand, should she get angry or forgive him.

I apologized, but I couldn’t stop. You were not telling me anything, mere paas aur koi rasta hi nahi tha…

Tum meri jagah aa kar ek baar soch lo geet, what mein tumse kuch chupau…

He left his words in mid and looked at her. She was lost in thoughts, rather contemplating what he did for her.

She had thought only her love was insane. She loves him like crazy, but she hadn’t anticipated his love would cross the borderline to insanity.

She looked at him with love overflowing her eyes for him. Her lips shivered while Maan waited for her to speak, but she couldn’t confess, her shyness again stopped her.

He didn’t push her either, knowing she was already going through a lot.

Both returned back to the mansion in the evening, Geet silently left to the outhouse, still lost in the day’s happenings.

Her soul’shuddered yet again reminding the scene she saw…but she doesn’t have the courage to stop Maan, knowing it would hurt him only.

Maan looked at her retreating figure, but didn’t stop her. 

After dinner, Dadi called Geet to her room. Geet was apprehensive, it could be seen by her face, hoverever, she made up her mind and walked towards dadis room.

Aaiye Geet, Hume aap hi ka intezaar tha..dadi called her inside.

Ji dadi, Geet walked inside taking sit beside her, ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai, she asked mustering the courage.

Humari tabiyat Ko kya hona hai, Geet.. I am strong enough to see my grandson’s marriage. 

Her voice was taunting, which scared Geet further. She kept quiet. After watching her for a while, Dadi slipped a beautiful golden necklace around her neck, taking Geet by surprise.

Dadi yeh…she caressed the beautiful chain…

Yeh humare khandani jewellery hai geet, humare Maan ke wife ke liye.

Get didn’t know how to react so she tried to put on a fake smile.

However, Savitri took it the wrong way, “toh yahi sab chahiye tha na aapko Geet, yeh paisa, jewellery. 

Ji…Geet was so shocked, she was unable to react, her silence gave dadi courage to accuse her further, isiliye aap ne Kunal ko chod ke humare Maan Ko phasa diya. 

I can’t believe it, Geet Hume aapse yeh ummeed bilkul bhi nahi thi, shayad aap hi ne kunal Ko jhute case mein phasaya bhi ho…

Dadima, Geet got her voice back hearing her accusations, “vishwas kijiye hum pe, hum pyar karte hai maan se.

Vishwas ki toh baat hi mat kijye Geet, aapne humara vishwas toda hai…

Geet couldn’t stop crying, by now she was sobbing hard, “I’m sorry…”. 

Savitri couldn’t digest her sight, she was just unable to believe her, hence, she herself walked out of her room leaving broken Geet behind.

Precap: – Most awaited, “Marriage.”

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  1. Thanks for the pm Di!!
    Beautifully written.
    Finally Rajeev got his punishment, but Geet’s heart was not able to take the sight of one being tortured, be it the person who had did it to her.
    Sad to see dadima not believing Geet, calling her a gold digger, blaming her for trapping Maan and reason for Kunal in jail. Hope she realizes it soon that Geet is innocent.
    Eagerly waiting for Maaneet’s marriage.
    Please continue soon. 😊🤗

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  2. Finally rajeev is punished and geet is too good and innocent but he deserves for what he did to geet. And dadi, is she pretending to know to what extent geet loves maan . Or is she really that angry on geet. If she is really angry i want her to know even maan loves geet and he was also equally to be punished or insulted by dadi. Just bcoz he is her grandson she doesnt have any right to point out only on geet and pity on maan. Such a hypocrite

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  3. Aww loved the passionate moments of maaneet meanwhile maan took geet to see the worst condition of her so called brother but still geet couldn’t see his brother in pain the way maan confessed about his pain was nice…now daadi Still couldn’t digest the fact of maaneet marriage I m sure when she gets to know about her childhood love daadi will love waiting to read more ❤️

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  4. Superb update. When dadi will come to know that geet is innocent. Maan gave punishment to geets brother and geet is so soft hearted that felt pain for that devil. Thanks for the update dear

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  5. Nice update.Maan punished Rajeev.but Geet does not want others to go through the pain she went through.she still believes him as her bhai.At last she understood that Maan has known everything and done it for her and his love is as crazy as hers.Dadi is not still believing Geet and taunts her that she has trapped her grandson for money.eager for next update.hope dadi understands her lovee for Maan.

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