Geet stood in front of the mirror getting ready for the reception party.she never wanted this to happen.she had dream of all this to be with her love.Rajeev. she gulped her painful cries not wanting to get weak in front that monster. Last night he had prove himself disgusting person ever she had met in … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CHAPTER 5


MAAN... she screamed in so much anger and hatred for this man who is soul reason for her love in pain now. She look at her love painfully with love glistening in her hazels who is bleeding so much because of  continues beating by his mens. Dare you screamed at me like that again, dare … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 1 & 2

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 57

She began sweating out of tension and forgot to breath, now seeing him holding sam’s hand, her vision became dizzy and she wished to die at the moment. Maan who has been not feeling right through the entire engagement drama, finally looked up to the only source his heart and mind was occupied at the … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 57


' Maan...she said quietly. 'What are you trying to hide from me?' I am hiding nothing...he barked, almost making her step back in disbelief. Now leave me alone...he shouted yet again 'But why?' Geet asked. 'Why?' That is what I cannot tell you,' he replied. 'Don't ask me that question,Geet, for I cannot give you … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 55

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 53

  Jindagi thi kya kya, imtehan leti hai Dil ko na tha pata Do juda sanso ko kyon mila deti hai Dil ko naa tha pata Milke bhee ham mil na sake, jakhm dil ke sil naa sake Na takrate toh achha tha, Geet looked at the way he walked out...the same way years back...she … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 53


  Because… He was desperate to hear her still unaware why her answer matters so much… I....her words left in abruptly with the sound of his cell ringing. She gulped hard realizing what she was going to blurt out in the flow of her emotions. She instantly turned around... wiping the corner of her eyes … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 52

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 50

  Maan was gazing down at her, his eyes glinting amber with reflected flame. Geet’s heart lurched as he thumbed her chin upward, bent toward her and captured her mouth with his own. His lips were velvet and honey, possessing her from the mouth. As the kiss deepened, Geet went molten in his arms, her … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 50

Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 23

Dil kyon dhak dhak karta hai Kyon ye tujhpe marta hai Maann... Her heart was beating so faster, seeing his passionate eyes gazing her, making her go hot under his gaze, it feels different today with him being normal, omg..her eyes were widen suddenly in realization, he has been normal all the while they make … Continue reading Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 23