Aap ki Kasam Chapter 45

Tera ishq bada teekha Mujhe teekha achha lage Tere ishq mein dard bada Mujhe dard achha lage Tera ishq bada jhootha Ho ho ho... He brushed his lips against hers again. She sighed and He kissed her again....  His lips were firm and cool, moving against hers, savoring the sweetness they found there. He sucked her lips and drank into her … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 45

Aap ki kasam chapter 7

Chori chori dil teraa churaayenge Apna tujhe ham banaayenge Dheere dheere paas tere aayenge Aake door phir naa jaayenge Maan pulled her harshly in his arms, seeing two pair of eyes following her each moves. His whole burnt in anger and that reflects in his harsh hold upon her waist. Maan..her eyes instantly filled up, … Continue reading Aap ki kasam chapter 7

In Love with my Brother in Law | new MG SS

She stood stunned with the scene going before her innocent eyes.  No...this can't happen...how could it be!? She had promised herself to never let this happen. Then how this marriage took place. A dark flush invaded her beautiful face...her hazel eyes threatened.  She saw with her burning eyes him doing marriage rituals before getting up proceed … Continue reading In Love with my Brother in Law | new MG SS

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 2

Maan rearranged his clothing after his girlfriend had practically twisted his shirt about his neck in her insistent attempt to detain him. He then walked into the KM only to get halted on his steps seeing his grandma already waiting for him. Maan took deep breath as he hastily ran his hand across his raven … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 2

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 89

A beautiful Night greeted the real wedding of the town. The moon shone brightly and reflected an illuminated Khurana Mansion, which was adorned like a bride. The whole mansion was crowded with family members and friends. Children played in the narrow spaces between the adults, and were hushed from every direction. The air was filled with the aroma of food … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 89

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 88

A few days passed, her parents arrived to stay with her in the outhouse until the wedding. Geet couldn't share anything with her parents nor show her tears to Maan.  She was breaking from within, but put on a fake smile for everyone...as the wedding rituals began...  On the other hand, Maan was getting frustrated … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 88

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 86

Aapne hume bina bataye, Bina puche, humse marriage certificate par sign karaya… Geet was hurt, she asked him as soon as he placed her on the bed. It’s part of your punishment, remember!? He said crossing his hands over his chest.  Geet became silent, having nothing to say. While she knew it was her fault … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 86

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 85

She is saying truth Dadima, Maan walked inside with Abheejit and his lawyer at one side. He explains her everything from kunal’s real motive to geet’s life after marriage, till now. Madhu and Aarav stood on the doorstep shock, hearing the bitter truth about their daughter’s life. If not else, they had thought, Kunal was … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 85