Two days passed, Geet was anxious and restless thinking about Kunal, as she just got to know about his arrival after next day, She joined Dadi downstairs to attend the Holika puja which was performed in the porch. Al the while Maan was only watching her, making her shy. And whole family perform the puja. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 43


Maan and geet came down at where the holi party was going on. Dadima just admired the couple coming towards her.whereas boys or men continue to ogle at her and girls/ women was burning in there jealousy to see her beauty beside that she was coming with the MSK. You became too much late, son.dadima … Continue reading HIS MAID PART 64

HPPHM | PART 62 – PART 63 | MG

Part 62 It's been 2 days from there passionate dinner or his passionate one.he never try to go near her instead she on hers own come to him realizing the reason later in the morning when she woke up that morning. She had remember his passion or his pain later seeing her crying like … Continue reading HPPHM | PART 62 – PART 63 | MG


Maan was trying her number contiously but it came switch off. He was turning mad with fury.. where the hell are you..Geet.. he pressed the accleter in fury, just then his phone buzzed again showing kunal's number,why is Kunal calling.. is Geet at his place.. Maan thought as he applied the break, recieving the call … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 12