Italic part is past incident. Geet was so frighten as her eyes saw that scene again when he was holding her waist, not ready to leave her when she pleaded… She tried to go but he never let her instead caged her in his arms tightly making her hell scared. Hume chodiye… she tried to wriggle … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 19 & 20


  Geet woke up at the morning rays. as she opened her lazy eyes she ,her blanket move slightly from upper body to downwards and she gasp in big realization coming out of her sleep fully. hey babaji...ye humari saree...she run towards washroom being all red as flashes of last night come in front her … Continue reading HPPHM | PART 61 | MG


I forgot to mention about Rajeev character, you guys check the character sketch again, and if i forgot to mention he is friend of Maan from teenage, and their families are friends ..  about Geet, and her behavior , the reasons will disclose soon after past ends,, i guess.. and only few chapters to go … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 22

Maneet FF His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 39

Geet stared at him in shock. What is he saying at mid night. First she was shock with the revelation that he brought her something. He brought her gift. She was surprised. Happy to know that someone had brought her something first time.gifted her something.  She smile innocently. But soon frown appear on her small … Continue reading Maneet FF His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 39