Sam ran to him , clutching his arm, maan..
are you busy, ?? asked maan seeing at the retreating figure of the man whom sam had given some work.
he looked quizzically the way that man walked out giving him stealing gazes..
it’s nothing.. sam cupped his face turning it to face her, what took you so long?? she hang on to his neck, clinging her body to his.. giving him somewhat creepy feeling, he distance himself from her, what are you hiding from me, sam?? he looked at her face, thinking so then jerk her back in a moment, maan.. whats on your mind?? she asked looking surprised..
and he pushed her away next moment, although softly not making her suspicious, whatever you are hiding, i will find out!! he thought giving her small smile making excuse of urgent phone call, he rushed out from the place.
somewhere lone corner of the city, the same man who was hired by sam to kidnapped Geet, was tied on the chair with blindfolds on his eyes..
He heard footsteps of people, freaking out he just screamed, why did you kidnapped me!??
Sorry to bring you here like that, he heard one female voice and then blindfold was removed from his eyes, showing him clearly the pretty woman and the man with her.
His eyes widen in shock finding it’s none other than Geet Handa herself, or now Geet Khurana.
I have something to ask you!! Her voice raised showing her anger..
I have nothing tell stammered fearfully.
Why did Sam give you such huge amount !?
What amount?? I have… Before man could protest more, Geet show him the chit of paper, I have your bank records..
Kunal had sent his men behind the suspicious man, and they got to know about it.. so now here they have kidnapped him, to get to the bottom of know what is Sam hiding..??
Tell me the truth or else get ready to be hand over to the police.
Geet warned him with her fuming anger on face.
Kunal had to hide his smile seeing her sherni avtaar.. she can really go to any extent to get back her Maan.
He couldn’t stopped imagining if he was there instead of Maan, Her Love!!
How lucky MSK is!! He thought ruefully , getting control on his emotions he looked ahead at the heated convo ,as the man started revealing things.
Ms. Handa gave me the money, to keep my mouth shut against her..
Why!?? Geet was desperate to hear him further, Kunal was also eager to know her further dirty games.
She is bribing Mr.khurana’s Doctor!!
The man revealed, making both of them shock, if it was not less then further comes big shock for them.
Geet was already terrified hearing this, why did she bribe the doctor!?? Geet although managed to ask,
She is afraid, that after mr.khurana recovers he will leave her, that’s why she bribe the doctor to inject him drugs to hinder him from recovering his memory.
Geet almost stumble back ..not able to digest the fact that her sis whom she had forgive once, trying to harm her hubby now.
Kunal held her back from shoulders, he himself was too shock,
That medicine is addictive, if he used it frequently..
Geet gasp loudly, tears trickling down her cheeks,
Geet .. Kunal wiped her tears instantly holding her close to his chest, she was so tortured with the thought of Maan , going through this pain..pain of confusion, blurry mind..
Suddenly she pulled out, wiping her tears, we should tell this to Maan, let’s go.. she turned to that man tie to the chair, untie him, she gives order, and few guards of Kunal did so.
I want you to tell Maan this, she almost pulled the guy holding his arm, who was scared Ms.handa find about this..I will be dead!! He exclaimed jerking out of her hold.
Just then Kunal also stopped her,
Geet calm down, he holds her shoulder stopping her, if Maan would know this also he won’t believe us or you.. he will think you have make false story.
But it’s true, ..we..
Kunal interrupted, we must go that doctor, and find out everything, let’s go.
Although both had thought to get the info out from doctor, as soon as they reached the hospital they were inform about his travel abroad for a month.
What!?? Did he come to know about us ..!?? Asked Geet upset with the failure.
Don’t worry, I will look into it!! Said Kunal dragging her out of hospital.
Another corner of city, MSK walked inside gritted by his guards on the door, sir , he is inside..
MK!?? The doctor was on the cold floor all tied,left shock to find his kidnapper none other than MSK.
Doctor Shah , I think you know why did I brought you here like this!? What did you do to me? asked Maan keeping his composer..although burning from inside..
I didn’t do anything, let me go..i have to go to the hospital, doctor started struggling on the floor, denying every accuse.
Maan turned to walked out but stopped in his track, turning his face sideways, he said with a crook smile on his face,
I have told the hospital, that you have went to abroad for vacation, even if i tie you here for a year, no one will know.. he warned dangerously
and hearing his warning doctor started sweating profusely..
tell me the truth!! maan demanded..
Ms.Sam Handa asked me to do it..I took her money, later I regretted it and wanted to tell you the truth but then she get hold of my family and threaten me ..
What effect this medicine have on me, ??
GHSP 366 HD_4561
Maan asked further, already burning in fury..
It will not help to recover your memory, and if you used it frequently, then you can get addicted..
What!!?? Addicted!??  Maan pressed his neck in his fist, almost chocking him in fury..
Not in your case chocked on his breath, trying to peeled off his hands, you will recover soon.
What else do you know!?? What is she planning to do!?? Maan loosen his grip and grabs his collar furiously.
I don’t know.. really I don’t know more..
Maan finally left him, leaving frustrated sigh, he turned to walked out but before that warned him, you are going to abroad for a month, don’t return before a month, and this conversation never happened, you hear me!??
Yes.yes..the doctor mumbled in fear although leaving sigh of relief seeing Maan’s retreating figure.
Sam.. what are you upto..Maan thought furiously banging his fist on the steering..
Just then his cell buzz with Geet’s msg, Maan, I have something to tell you..can we meet..!?!
He was so confused at that moment, frustrated with discovering those new things, he hadn’t expected .. Sam would do such a thing,
Sam ..Geet Handa… What tricks you two sisters are playing.. he looked at the screen of his mobile with mad rage , his eyes furiously red, and next he threw his cell on back seat furiously..leave it.. let me clear the things first..he thought and took a wild turn changing his route which goes to Khurana Mansion, where he rarely spend his time.. from the time his accident happens, Sam didn’t let him go easily,
He walked inside the dead mansion, this feeling was was not before there when he had step inside after his accident. Then why today..he is feeling so alone, wanted someone beside him.. close to his heart, only one face flashed before his eyes, it was his wife, Geet!
GHSP 273 HD_5908
Geet opened her eyes hearing her name being called by her beloved, she turned to her side, to see her cell buzzing with name of only person from which she is hidding the truth til now .
Dadima!! Geet was lost dual thoughts, should she take it or not?? The phone kept ringing, she looked at her baby who was getting disturb with the call, so she have to take it.
Hello Dadima!?? Geet started uncertain about what she would feel if she come to know about her DIL hiding about her own grandson’s accident.
Aapne humse itni badi baat chupayi,bete?? Dadi was sounding upset from the other side.
Geet almost cried hearing her accusation, although it’s true but  the pain hits her hard, reminding about his memory loss thing then what that follows.
How are you managing all alone, dear!? You should have inform me about this before only.. hum kuch kar sakte the bete, and he is my grandson did you thought to hide such a thing from me?? Dadi went on, pouring out her concern and frustration through her words, making Geet regret badly now for doing so.
Dadi had got to know everything through her own sources, and it wouldn’t have hidden from her for long since he is MSK after all.
Now she was stuck in abroad because of bad weather problems, she couldn’t get flight for few days more, however she was trying from last few days as well.
I am sorry, Dadima, she heard Geet crying, I am extremely sorry, but hume aapki health ki chinta thi..Maan ke baad hum aapko bhi nahi khona chahte the.. Geet cried
Geet!??! Dadi was taken back hearing her,
Ji Dadima, yeh baat sach hai ke…Maan has lost his memory from last year, woh Hume bhul gaye, Dadima, aur humare ammy Ko bhi..
Dadi couldn’t take it more, she thump on the bed behind, she hadn’t thought of those news coming true, about his memory loss, but now it was confirm.. and she couldn’t iether bear the pain of her grand DIL.
Dadima..Geet called her, getting back to her senses, Dadi tried to calm her down, aap chinta mat kijiye Geet, hum jald hi wapas aa rahe hai, I will make everything alright. You take care of ammy and yourself til then.. aur ab Rona have to be strong now, dear.
Geet just hmm, nodding her head, sniffing silently,
take care dadima!!
And she cut the call, crying bitterly for the loss in her life.
GHSP 273 HD_9293.jpg
Maan stroll through his room, looking into each corner carefully to find some traces of his past with his wife and baby.. to help him get his memory back, to make words of Geet true that she really belongs to him with love feelings..
He looked at the table only to find their wedding photograph placed there, he took it in his hands, the couple in the frame looked so happy and in love with each other, happy with this marriage,
It’s seem like we were so happy, he traced his fingers on her beautiful face, how divine and beautiful she looks, his bride!! He muttered lost in the pic ..gawking at her face for a while, he walked up the cupboard..
As he opened it, and her scent engulf his senses, it was not new though , the only fact that he had ignore it and all those feelings which is connected with his wife somehow..
to be continued…
Precap :-
Memory lane…
Can we meet??

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