Mehbooba s2 Teaser

Chalo beta…Aarav said holding geets hand…they were about to walk out when all heard Maan's thundering voice, "no one will take away my wife from me." Geet's eyes widen in shock, as she turned around to face him along with her father.Yeh kya kah rahe ho tum…hosh mein toh ho, I am saying the reality, … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Teaser


Geet got down from the car, with a wrapped gift in her arms. Her eyes shinning  bright seeing the roshnai of fireworks in the night sky. WOW!! Her eyes roaming here and there gazing excitedly ..when it caught the sight Mansion bathing in the lights , where the party was held. He walked upto his … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 1


Next morning, Geet slowly got up wrapping the sheet around her milky body, she looked at Maan who seems in deep sleep but as she turned to go , she felt tuck on her sheet, she looked behind and saw him holding one corner of cloth in his hand giving her one wink. Maan, yeh … Continue reading SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ | S2 | CH.11


  Geet was already scared with the thought, once she was greeted with dark hall, she clutched on his arm tightly, freaking out. Maan assured her with his hold on her hand, as both took a sit, Geet has wild imagination of something just passed across her. Did you see it?? She mumbled in fear … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 64


He slams his mouth on her lips angrily, kissing her harshly. Geet was shocked first, then try to protest seeing feeling his harshness of his kiss, and his hands crushing her soft waist giving her tremendous pain. Maan was blinded by his anger & jealousy didn't realized to how much extent he is hurting his … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 63


Geet dropped him off at the Handa gate next morning, after Arvind left for office. Both share deep lip lock before parting apart, I missed you already.. Geet chuckled hearing his, childlike talks, Maan pulled her in a hug, I wished I could take you home right now and we stay together forever. His sweet … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 62


Sam ran to him , clutching his arm, maan.. are you busy, ?? asked maan seeing at the retreating figure of the man whom sam had given some work. he looked quizzically the way that man walked out giving him stealing gazes.. it's nothing.. sam cupped his face turning it to face her, what took … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 54

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.15

PART 15 [WARNING :- 18+] Kunal sat with the commissioner in his Office, waiting for Rajdeep, as police brought him inside, he sat beside kunal , who just ignored him, giving him one furious glare.. do you know, why you have been arrested? commissioner asked. you did not arrested me, I have got myself arrested! … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.15