He fetch through her side of cupboard, his hands running through silky material of her cloths, her divine scent feeling his senses,
Why am I feeling so calm and peace at heart now, just touching her items .he thought putting her one of sari in his face, hiding it..trying to feel his senses as much he could with her sweet essence.
After a while he opened his shelf and looked through to find any clue..he opened the drawer find one diary inside, he opened it curiously to see it’s small there was few entries made inside.
He shuffle through to find it’s his own by his writing and content inside.
Geet’s health is finally getting better, I can’t thank God enough for it..and giving me second chance.
Maan’s brows arched reading it, and then when he started written any diary.
He turned another page, Geet and I went through many was not me ..but she have to walked on the thorny path to get me and my love..
And finally we got married. She forgave me even after all that I did to her, She is real angel of mine.
I promised to cherish her with my life and and filled that same path of her with rose petals of my Love.
And reading this , diary falls down from his hands, he held his head as it began to hurt again..he sat back on the bed trying to held back the pain, for today he would find out the things, he decided.. and got up after a while, began his searching, it was then something stuck at his feet, it was another diary resting at the feet of bed..
He curiously opened it, reading the name of his wife, his eyes stroll through the content and each pages.. his heart started beating manically discovering new things, about their life…her unconditional love for him, his tortured..or abusing behavior towards her..
And finally the truth of their life.
Geet..he muttered, shocked to the core, reading through the content again, their first meeting in childhood, she is his childhood love..
Yes..Geet is the one.. then why didn’t Sam told me anything..he thought ruefully, she lied to me..all those years, realistic dawn upon him..then memories came crashing upon..
Few vague scenes of his and Geet..
are you okay,Jaan!?? He was hugging frighten her, she stood in his arms wearing bridal attire..
(Remember the scene when Sam had attacked her on their marriage day)
He closed his eyes trying to get those flashes clear, he could hear her giggling.. those anklets sounds of her, he got up, stood in the middle of room, he opened his eyes, feeling her aroma suddenly surrounding him..taking him in the memories of them.. she was thee dancing below his eyes, wearing that beautiful white sari, with jasmine flowers entangled in her silky hairs..they falls on her back, spreading jasmines all over them..
Then she got vanished..
he cried out holding his head, for now he couldn’t bear more.
He took out his cell and texted one msg for his wife, somehow wanted to meet her..he remembers few things, and wanted to get his full memory back..
Geet was feeling restless from the morning, he didn’t respond to her msg..she wanted to meet him, tell him the truth.. but..
She looked at her baby making faces, pouting lips, fussing sounds, she giggled, changing his nappies, it makes him smile..


However sad she is, her baby couldn’t let her sulk in more than minutes with his antics.
Naughty ammy!?? Geet touched his little nose with her fingertip, making him giggle..
Just then her cell buzzed, she get up putting ammy on the bed,Β  as soon as she read the name, her eyes delighted seeing it’s Maan.
She read the msg and couldn’t believe..
Can we met!??
Without wasting a moment, she replied, okay!!
Her cell beep again with next msg from him, which left her surprised, the restaurant where we dine frequently at 7 pm.
He must be remembering things now, babaji.. she was never been so happy..
She ran toward ammy, started getting him ready in excitement, then lost in thinking , should she take him or not.. he didn’t asked her
..or must be expecting him.. but he didn’t even mention..
She pulled out from her thoughts, feeling her baby’s hand on her cheek, he was trying to call her
Seeing him, she doesn’t have heart to leave him and go alone, her baby got to know that his mamma was going to take him out, so he was already excited..
Yes baby..ammy and mamma going to meet his dada.. baby happy now!??
And as expected, ammy squeal in happiness clapping his hands.
Geet was so happy for her baby..seeing him so excited..
Now be here like a good boy, mamma will get ready..okay my shona. !?? She kissed his chubby cheeks, affectionately and got up to get ready.
Ammy was just looking at his mother, turning his head from one side to other, seeing his mamma running from here to there, and he was making sounds, feeling excited as if his mother was playing some game..
Geet was rushing through room taking out her matching ornaments, then deciding on saris.
Although she never take so much time in getting ready, but today she wanted to look her best, for it was first time after his memory loss, he has called her to dine.
She blushed seeing her reflection in the mirror, she had wore his fav, white sari , brought by him only..
he will surely remember this.. Geet thought turning towards ammy who gone to sleep now waiting for his mama.
She smiled affectionately taking him in her arms, in one hand, his basket.. and she was ready to go,
Maan was waiting for his wife so impatiently, at their usual table, as the minutes ticked by..
Geet walked inside, greeted by the manager who guide her inside at the same table at one corner, they used to sit , every time they visit the rest.
Geet was nostalgic as memories flooded her eyes, he did remember it or is that manager who guide him at the same table.!??
Keeping her all queries and tensions aside, Geet thought to went in and meet her husband, and cherish this small date of them.
Maan who was waiting impatiently for his wife, look up suddenly feeling soft breeze passing by and his breath caught in, seeing the most beautiful woman walking in, she was no less than an angel, looking breathtaking in that white sari .. carrying that little angel in her arms.
His pari..his heart screamed out seeing her beautiful smile bestowed upon him..
He forgot to breath, kept gaping her, when ammys squeal brought him back from his lost state.
Geet was no less, she was ogling her husband like never before she seen him, she blushed seeing his gaze not even flattering from her face..
ammy couldn’t hold back his happiness and excitement seeing his father, he squeal in happiness , began jumping in her arms to let him to go to his dada.
Both Maneet were pulled back to senses, and Maan got up taking his baby in his arms, he was so happy and relived, as his heart became calm, taking his son in his arms, he sat back after pulling back chair for his wife.
Geet blushed and gives him sweet smile, that his heart skip a beat.. he control his emotions and got back to his sit.
Maan, did you remember something!?? Geet asked anxiously, holding her breath she waited for him to speak something..
Seeing him silent, she went on.. you can’t be with Sam, Maan… She gulp and proceeds further, she is harming you..
Maan looked at her , holding his baby’s little hand, he spoke.. I haven’t recover my memory yet.. however I tried..I thought I am remembering something, still it’s not clear.. but I found my diary at KM.
Geet gasped and looked on with still wide eyes and mouth, when she listened him further, I even found out your diary..

And her breath hitch in her throat, eyes glistening with tears, she tried look everywhere but him..
Maan looked at her intently, seeing forlorn look on her face, those tears, something broke inside him..and the realization and knowledge about her being his Love for all years of his life.. made him totally change .. his feelings somewhat change towards his was already though changing before..but today he know what she is to him..
Geet..his voice filled with so much love and warmth as he holds her hand with his free hand in the table, pressing it, urging her look at him,Β she broke into soft cries.. Maan instantly got up, pulling chair beside her he sat bear her, holding her face, look at me..she did so, he wiped her tears softly, looking into her brown eyes,
Are you willing to believe me!?? She asked like a small child looking up at his face..
I know one thing Geet, that your diary held the truth, and why would you or anyone force me to write my diary.. I know my own writing..
Geet just kept watching him, then her gaze went on ammy, who went to sleep in his arms..give him to me, he is sleeping.
Maan willingly put ammy on her lap, who instantly snuggle closer in her warmth, sleeping peacefully.


My child..Maan patted him affectionately..his eyes feeling up.. I don’t remember him..but I know, he is my son , when I look at him..
Geet smiled hearing him, she put her head on his chest, her palm rested upon his , on their baby, enjoying their togetherness.
Maan looked at his beloved wife, then their entangled hands, never before he felt so peace and joy was in his heart, Geet, please forgive me..I am sorry Jaan.. words slip out of his mouth, he hold her close in his arms, reminding about the words scribe in the diary..he shudder as the thought of him torturing his own wife, passed through.
Geet snuggle closer, chest, listening his she felt him shudder.. she looked at him, you cant be with Sam anymore, I ..but before she could proceeds, she felt his hold tighten on her , he was looking angry, I know what she did with you..he cupped her face, caressing her cheek, while anger for Sam busting inside , I know even that she used drugs on me.. but I need to play along with her for a while, I think there is much more to come.. said Maan , Geet was getting scare now.
You don’t worry, you trust me, don’t you!??
Khudse bhi Jada..Geet was quick to reply..
Then don’t be scare of anything.
par hume aapki chinta ho rahi hai maan, what if she hurts you again, Geet said out her worries,
Geet, believe me, nothing will go wrong this time.
Remember that, me and our Aarmaan, are waiting for you to come back to us.. Geet said looking into his eyes earnestly.
Maan was confused hearing the name but soon he realized Aarmaan is his sons name as Geet hold him possessively on her lap..
Maan hugs her tightly,holding baby in middle of them, he buried his face in the crook of her neck, pushing back her silky hairs at other side of shoulder, thank you for never stop loving me..
he whispered huskily, sending tremors of pleasure in her body, as his warm breath tickle her skin.. she hold onto him tightly, as he planted soft kisses there, going up he smooched her chubby cheeks lovingly.
Seeing his gaze lingering on her shivering lips she couldn’t stop blushing but Maan pulled back, not wanted to hurry the things,
Let’s eat something.i have order your favorite.
Geet was again surprised as she looked at him, he shook his head, it’s only after waiter place there order, he was confirm about it that he early remember her choice, that brought big smiles of happiness on their faces.
to be continued..
Precap :-
Maan’s treatment

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