Maan was driving back to KC, the moment he share with his baby, swam through his mind, ammy.. that was his baby’s name,
Ammy!! He muttered again, feeling out of the world feeling just taking his baby’s name, he couldn’t held back the smile that linger on his lips.
But soon frown appeared on his forehead, reminding about something else,
Maan Singh Khurana, I stopped pursuing her because I thought you loved her with all your heart!!
He was definitely feeling jealous, he wouldn’t denied to himself, but why he don’t know yet..
And why did everyone say that I love Geet, he suddenly stopped his car at the side of road, I wish I could remember!! He thought frustrated, there was sudden urge accured in his heart, to know about his wife, who is mother of his child now.
He took his cell and dial a number, come to my office now, I have work for you!!
Geet was trying to set her heart at peace which was beating so frantically after he was gone. She couldn’t held back the smile, which linger on her face all day, showing everyone how happy she was after arrival of MSK, offcourse everyone knew about the couple, leaving some of new staff.
Some were happy for her, some jealous, some felt pity for the woman.
As ammy woken up after half an hour instantly, Geet put him on the bed, she looked at her baby’s antics as ammy look around trying to search his father,
Ammy, you went to sleep when your dada comes and now he is gone..
Baby makes an o shape of face, making Geet broke into sweet giggle..
aww mera pyara sa baby.. she engulfs him in a sweet hug, 
da ..da.. ammy started slapping her back with tinny hands demanding again for his father,
Geet now regrets badly for making him remember about Maan, she don’t even know is Maan ready to take the responsibility of ammy with her,when he doesn’t remember, as she couldn’t stay away from her child.
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I am sorry ammy.. she mumbled, ammy suddenly started crying, being irritated again.. Geet tried to pacify him but it was of no use.
Mr.handa came running .. what happened, why he is crying so much.
Geet explain him everything with short of words, crying along with her baby.
As soon as he reach his office, he called adi inside, his only trusted employee from long years,
Have a seat adi!! I have something to ask you!
Adi sat across his table, facing MSK, still unsure why did Maan sir suddenly called him and what he wanted to know.
Was I close with Geet Handa!??
Maan asked straightway without any shy ..
But adi was so shock hearing him asking something like that from him, but he was so glad he asked him and he will surely answer his all questions regarding past, and Geet. He too wanted to see both of them happy,
GHSP 364 HD_4470
You and maam..!?? Ah..??
Speak the truth!! Maan demanded somewhat getting excited or nervous first time ever to listen the truth, he knew adi won’t hide anything from him like some people, he meant it Sam..his girlfriend, who had definitely hide something from him..he have to know it, that also he would know but first he wanted to know whole truth of past year from adi..the only person to be trusted.
Sir, adi started breaking his reverie, he looked up to him,
You two didn’t have a pleasant start but you were quite close a few months back before you decided to get married..
Adi reveal making Maan shock and Surprised, is that so??
He bend forward, keeping his hands on the table, listening to adi intently..
Yes, I remember , once she was sick you were so worried about her..  adi revealed further, adding few more things about their love life,
Maan’s head was again busting with pain, got it, you can leave!! He said holding his head.
Adi turned to go but Maan stop him again, listen adi, make an appointment with that physician who is attending me , keep it private, and don’t use my name. Adi look confused however he oblige to him and left his cabin,
Maan was lost in his thoughts, he remember how Sam was behaving strangely that day in hospital, that doctor was trying to say him something, when…
Mr.khurana.. doctor started when all of sudden door got opened and Sam pop in..
Maan..I have brought you your fav.cake..sge gives extra sugary smile, then glaring at doctor, unknown to him Maan caught her every silent talk with the man, even her glare.
Doctor, you were saying something, is there any problem!??she asked to fumbling doctor, with her back to Maan.
No..nothing, doctor breathed out, really scared with the woman’a sudden presence..
Maan knotted his brows, he really has to say something, then why now nothing..after Sam’s arrival,
You should choose your words carefully next time..Sam warned him turning back facing Maan with a sweet smile,
Doctor had almost turns sweaty, yes mam..u will leave now and he almost run out from there.
Maan observed everything silently,there is definitely something fishy..I need to find out, thought Maan determined and he had already hired his men for the same work..the very next day.
He was pulled back from his thoughts, with sams arrival, he was really getting irritated now with her sudden presence.
Maan, let’s go out for lunch today to that new *** restaurant ..
She asked clinging to his arms as Maan got up, Maan softly pulled back her arm from his, leaving her confused,
I am busy today, maybe some other time..he said not interested in her talks or in her.
Sam became angry, still she compose herself and tried woe him, you don’t want to go out with me!?? We haven’t try that restaurant but you and Geet did.. !
And Sam bite her tongue, she was caught off guard,
Maan looked on surprised hearing her, what did she just said, !?
Geet and I..!?? Maan arched his brows asking her, as he took his chair to sit..
Sam was at short of words, oh..I.. she couldn’t think of proper words to speak..
I thought, I hate Geet, dislike her presence even then he did I dine with her!?!
Maan asked keeping his face stern and blank giving no hint of his inside raging anger to her, he never thought Sam would hide something from her like this about his life..
Urgh.. Geet kept bugging you, so you have to say yes.. I know how kind you are..she lied with a force smile,
Let’s leave all that, will you go with me..she walked upto his chair, putting her hands on his shoulder.
Maan looked at her, thinking for a while, he said yes not wanted to make her suspicious about anything he is trying to find out.
Geet kept pacifying ammy for a while, when she notice Maan’s coat was still there, she thought for a while and wrapped that coat around his tinny body, within moments he slept peacefully in the warmth of his father,
I am sorry baby..I am so sorry.. Geet cried on his little feet, for making him crave for his father. Mr.handa patted her shoulder, comforting her and praying to God to do some miracle to bring his daughters happiness.
Mid night,
Kunal made call to Geet, she was still busy with files at hand,
Are you okay?? That was his first question, his soft voice soothed her mind, she felt relax as she stretch her legs, resting behind her back..
Hmm..I am fine.. you said why did you call?
I have news about Maan..
What!?? Geet quickly got up,
I can’t say anything now, we will meet tomorrow.
Both hang up, 
Geet looked at her baby, Who had got up hearing his mamma’s voice.
She fed him first then it was mamma baby time, she was talking to ammy,and Amy listening intently looking at his mamma’s face, then making expression making Geet smile, seeing his mamma’s smile ammy too started smiling ..
Ammy aaj bahot khush hai.!?? Ha.. she suddenly stopped not wanted to make him remind about Maan, her face sadden thinking about him. She too wanted him here beside them, playing with ammy, pamper her baby, she looked at ammys face, he was waiting for his mother to speak something as he was enjoying it.
Geet patted his head, giving him smile, ammy makes fussy sound from his mouth clapping his hands seeing his mother happy he too was happy..
Geet was overwhelmed by her baby’s antics, so ammy wants to play.. ammy wanna play..!?? She slowly raise her fingers showing him, ammy looked on at him mamma in wonder, what is she doing..when next moment she started tickling his tummy, making little ammy laugh out..
Sam made a call, I need you to do something for me,
Beyhadh (2016-2017)
I will surely take Handas group from their hands, she thought smirking evilly finishing her call, as she thought about her argument with her dad yesterday only.
After knowing about Geet joining the company, it didn’t go well with her, she was extremely jealous and angry, if Geet was not there then it would have all been hers only, in her rage she went to mr.handa demanding her shares.
What!?? I have given your part of shares.
It’s only 5% dad, geet own 55%.. I deserve atleast 25% shares..
You wont get anything, after what you leave, !! He blasted angrily..
You will regret this, dad!! She muttered furiously through her grinding teeth and rushed out from there..
Back to present..
After half an hour, the man walked in..
What!?? You wanted me to kidnap Geet Handa!??
Keep your voice low, no one should know about it, she warned the man , gesturing him by keeping her finger on her lips..
The man shivered, but what if boss find about all this!?
Sam barge towards him, pulling his collars harshly, if he finds out, I will take the blame, but just do it, she whispered dangerously, pushing him back,
The man stumbled on his steps, but gave to agree to her
Get it done!!
Yes maam.. the man turned to go out of her room only to come face to face with MSK.
His strength drain out seeing his boss in front of him,
Sam instantly turned around hearing his name, she was shock to find him at her place, although she show happiness on her face, Maan!!!
And ran to him..
to be continued..
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