Once done with her food, Geet got up to go . she turns to him and thank him for the dress.thank you for the dress, i will pay you back. she was genuine.


Maan was definitely angry hearing her, before his volcano could burst Adi saved the girl from his boss’s wrath.

miss, you don’t need to pay for this, it’s gift from my Sir.also sir’s name is Maan not icey. he laugh out in his own style telling her as he couldn’t either bear to hear that for his boss.

excuse me, Geet stammer looking at Maan,as she blurt out, You have quite hard face and you’re cold like ice.. and she smiled sheepishly

maan doesn’t felt anything bad or like that for the names she called for him but her cute antics making his heart skip a beat.

it’s ok. call me whatever you want. I don’t mind. 


maan told her softly and straight making adi’s eyes almost pop out of his socket with his boss’s today’s soft gestures towards the girl.

REALLY!! thank you Icey..


Geet gave him her cheeky smile making his heart again skip a bit getting her dimple smile only for him.

Can i take some food left over with me.. she asked again leaving both men startle.. seeing his gaze she again tried to clarified.. you know na food must not waste.

of course.. you can… Maan answer her again straight making her happy and that was what he desires.

I will order someone to wrap it for you! Adi told her to which she thank him heartily , her face was light up  with smile.

After a while maan finally asked form her about which she had comes here.

didn’t you say, you are here to interview me? he asked directly looking into her charming hazel eyes.

Geet was startle with his question, she never expected that coming, after all fiasco, as he doesn’t liked this things either media or interview.

what! can you make up story without interviewing me?

images (2)

he asked looking at her unsure state.

because your assistant said that you don’t liked any interview .. she replied him very innocently what adi had told her before.

adi laughs his weird laugh, getting glare form Maan, when he said out, actually sir accepts interviews sometimes.he was actually sweating badly now fearing from his boss and clarified again..

You are different from others, and sir will answers your questions, he told her again laughing out crazily wiping off his sweat with hanky.

Geet almost jump in joy hearing it, her shinning eyes turns to Maan as she excitedly jump  before him where as he was seating on the sofa like a boss.

then, can I interview you?  she asked enthusiastically hoping for yes.

Maan had soft smile again lingering on his M shape lips, he couldn’t have deny her..


of course. he spoke giving her little smirk.


Shall we start? Geet asked taking her seat beside him on the sofa looking at him for his approval.

he just turned his head to face her, and seeing his hard face which was blank giving no hint of any thing, she almost shivers with cold and his cold looks, he was amuse seeing her fearful face..

am i that scary?


he asked really surprised now,He makes a face not at all liking her getting scared from him.

Um.. no.. but I am a bit feeling cold because of AC, hehe..


she makes an excuse though she was already little cold.. her sweet giggles fill heart with peace.

Adi.. maan called him, he was quick to replied

Yes sir..and he increased the tempt. of the AC

Maan come straight to the point now, ask me anything that’s on your mind.

Geet straighten herself before asking him her first question,I get to know from sources that you never accept any interviews. Whats the reason for that? Geet don’t have to wait even when he replied directly on her face making irritated face.

Because they are too ugly..

Hearing him she was too stun to react,her face was worth watching as she continue to gap at him with her open mouth while he was all the while looking straight not looking at her shock face.. this answer is too hurtful.. she thought making faces as she was also an reporter, pushing it aside she asked next question.

I heard that you came to this city to make some big investments. Nearby cities are similar to this city, so why did you choose this city over others?

Hearing it maan left a deep sigh, because I like this place.

What!! Geet was again surprised with his replied, okay, can I ask you a personal question. ?

maan nods his head silently asking her to move ahead with her next question,

There is a rumor that you attended school in hoshiyarpur before, after that you went to study abroad. Why did you come to study in such a small city when you have such a background?

Maan was silent for a while hearing it.. lots of memories comes crashing down, he stable himself before answering her question, yes I did attend school there before.

But why did you? Geet asked softly waiting for his reply, she was curious aswell.

Because my grandfather used to live there. I was close to my grandfather and he always wanted me to study there, so I did. He replied trying hard not to drown in his lost memories.

Geet adore his sweet confession, she was having small smile on her face while she continue to stare at him as he was facing straight without looking at her.

After a moment of silent, she got up and was little nervous to ask him.. but finally she made it..

Can I take a photo of you?

adi was going to denied fearing from his boss anger but maan stop him showing him his palm,

Of course, but you have to make me look good. Maan replied with his blank face, making geet jump on her place,she was happy but was startle with his demand.

Okay.. um.. my camera is with my colleagues, can I take a picture with my phone? She asked uncertain

Whatever .. do as you wish.. he replied turning towards her. geet smiled cheekily taking his few pictures, his expressions were rough and tough..

after that Geet took both of their selfie together smiling in the pic while he was just gave his little smirk.


You.. maan was unsure how to asked her , he looked at her who was waiting for him to continue.

Do you still remember that red thing from school.. ?

Red thing?? Geet was confused what was he asking about, she just shook her head in no , herself unsure about all things.


Next day in her office.. all were making crowd around her , as they were really surprised that Geet  got the chance to  interview him.

Geet, you got to interview him! Wow , how lucky you are? And so on and on..and girls were like having mouthwatering questions like, is he handsome? What does he look like? Right is he handsome.. other girl asked making geet lost for  while in his looks.. he is pretty handsome, his face and his legs.. she was lost in him answering them..

Wow. Girls leaves sighs imagining about him.

I even have his photo on my phone, look.. she show them her phone and just then realized what the blunder she did as all just hover on to her attacking her almost to fetch her phone.. and soon her cell was lost in the crowd.. hey where is my phone?? Geet made a crying face.

After a while.. she was back in her cabin, left a sigh of relief getting back her phone in a good condition.

I finally got it back, she left a soft chuckle, remembering her colleagues madness to see his pic. She opened his photo and looked at him.. why does he look.. she tried to acknowledge it.. his eyes.. ..

Hmm…kind of sad??

Precap :: chatting of MSK and Geet..

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20 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 3

  1. Superbbb part the way geet told about the payment of dress maan was hell irritated the way he called icy made him cool😍 the interview part was really good but the personal one made him drown In past loved the selfie moment continue dear ❤️😍😍 waiting to read more ❤️

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  2. Awesome update my dear:):):) Hayeeeeeeee….Maan is lost in Geet…And he will do anything for Geet. In fact he must have come here to this city because of Geet…Why do I get the feeling that Maan & Geet go all the way back to Hoshiyapur? Somehow I get the feeling that perhaps they were both grandchildren of 2 besties or brothers…and were promised to each other for marriage…Maan must have studied in Hoshiyaput becoz of Geet only…But she does not seem to remember him or anything related to him…Is she suffering from memory loss? And is Maan trying to get her memory back? Or is it that with Maan going abroad for studies, she forgtt him as she grew up? But they have a long standing connection deep down to their roots…She can see the sadness in his eyes…I guess because she does not remember him or anything of them together…Feeling so sad for Maan dearie…But am super excited to read dearie:):):)

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  3. Superb update n maan get angry at geet bcoz geet said that she will pay for dress n geet call maan icy that was nice n geet interview maan n maan also hinting about past but geet did not remember anything n waiting for nxt update

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  4. I wonder why geet is not recognizing maan 🤔.. Geet is soo cute.. Suddenly feeling bad for maan when geet told she don’t remember red thing.. It feels like it was something important for maan whereas geet don’t even remember it.. Waiting for story to unfold further

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