Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 23

Dil kyon dhak dhak karta hai Kyon ye tujhpe marta hai Maann... Her heart was beating so faster, seeing his passionate eyes gazing her, making her go hot under his gaze, it feels different today with him being normal, omg..her eyes were widen suddenly in realization, he has been normal all the while they make … Continue reading Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 23


  CHAPTER 61 Geet was mesmerize with the greenery that spread across the hill, where they have just reach, she was lost in the view ahead, didn't notice Maan walking behind her, he kept watching her for a while, she was looking as if yellow flower blooming between greenery. She has always look better in … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 61


Maan jerked her apart angrily, Geet..she was sobbing by now, the thought of not able to see her little Jaan again and Maan…it was already killing her from inside.Maan couldn't bear her broken state, he just slam his mouth on her, taking her by surprise, he kissed her harshly and passionately..Geet tried to respond although … Continue reading KYON KI..CHAPTER 37

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.4

Kunal reach on the stage to congratulate newly married couple but he got the sweet surprise there seeing her there. Hey Kunal, now you remember me buddy?? 'you know, busy!! ' Kunal just gives him his charming smile,reaching up to them, he handed him the bucket of flowers he had brought. 'And what is it, … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.4


Maan came out of shower, dripping wet, his torso was bare as he had removed his wet shirt. And that's how Sasha and Adi( he had come later on) saw him, all panting and wet,  their eyes widen in shock. SIR!!?? You baster, what did you do to my friend, what were you doing so … Continue reading MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 12


Maan was all set to do, Geet was so shy not knowing how to stop him. The room was already little dark with the closed blinds and door. Next moment, Geet felt him opening the front buttons of her gown. Maan..Geet gasp, holding his hand though not denying him completely. Maan looked at her still … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 29


Next day, Adi reached again at Geet's door as per his boss's order, Geet was even more surprised on finding the reason behind behind his arrival as he disclosed it to her. But why should it shift to hotel when I have my own home, Geet was so shock hearing him, as he inform her … Continue reading MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 11