Both were sleeping peacefully, when his phone rang breaking there sweet sleep, Geet moan snuggling in his arms irritated with the ring, he get up to see her cuddling up in his arms like a baby. He smiled pecking her head lovingly he take his cell which was laying on the table beside them. It was Adi on the phone giving him info about his next meeting where his presence was necessary.

Maan turn frustrated hearing him, can’t you managed just one meeting without me. He roared forgetting about his pregnant wife laying in his arms. Geet was startle hearing him shout, she quickly got up scared wrapping the sheet around her body.

That’s when he realized what he did, he looked at her pouting face, He mutter quick sorry to her, adi turns confused hearing his sorry.

Sir.. aap..

You manage it , adi. Maan orders him

But sir client was being stubborn to meet you…adi tried

They can wait for MSK. He was arrogant as he tried to pulled geet back in his arms but she pushed his hands away angrily showing him her tantrums.

Sir how can I .. adi was still trying..

You have to.. that is your work for which I gave you people salary.. Saying so he cut the call throwing his cell on the table and he rushed to get hold of her hand as geet tried to leave the bed.

He softly pulled her back making her land back in his arms. So where were you planning to run.

Chodiye hume.. pahle hi aapne humari morning kharab kar di hai.. She make an irritated face frowning cutely while trying to wriggle out of his arms. He adore her cute antics while continued to watch her beautiful face , his hold was firm on her waist, she tried to wriggle for a while but after sometime stopped her attempts feeling tired, she lay on his chest.

He softly turns her around on her back hovering her sideways. I am sorry.. He whispers in her ear licking her earlobes sensuously.

Maann.. She moaned feeling herself drowning in his passion again.. I am sorry. .. humari wajah se aapko yaha aana pada aapka kaam chodke.. She was guilty listening there little conversation as she was closed to him listening adi’s voice as well.

He listen her silently then after she complete it, peck her lips making her blushed. that is not important for me than you..

he softly confessed making her heart flutter, she looked up to see him staring down at her lovingly. She pulled him down and take his lips for a small kiss which he deepen making it more passionate.

His hands pulled down the blanket from her body making her bare, they wander on her body feeling her each softness, Geet moaned in the kiss wanting more of it. He cupped her breasts and while one hand went down on her core stroking it softly. Leaving her lips he went down on her slender neck showering wet kisses, her continuous moaning was giving him another pleasure. He inserted one finger in her core making her moan loudly.. maaannn. .. hmmm sweetheart… he licks her lips biting them.. While she looked at him with her desire full eyes holding him closed.. you liked it ..?? he whisper thrusting two fingers in her core making her writhes under him.. hmmm… she wasn’t having senses to speak or understand what he was actually asking. She closed her eyes feeling his sensuous moves that was making her crazy. He went down and teased her hard bud licking it, pinching it in his fingers making her moaned under him. He took one in his mouth chewing the tip of it while he lick it making her wet. Switching to other one he did the same till it turns red and sore with his passion. His hand roam over thighs making her legs apart and he entered inside her with swift move going slow , geet held him tight giving him bites on his broad shoulders feeling the ecstasy of his love.,


It was afternoon when Geet woke up feeling still dizzy, she looked at her side to see the bed empty, she quickly got up , her all sleep vanish seeing him nowhere. She got up wrapping the sheet around can check whole room. Washroom.. but he was no where.. she suddenly turns panic ..

 Maan was already awake and without disturbing her sleep he had got freshen up and went down to see the palace looked little haunted with no one around.

He made a call to Samrat and got to know from him that his mother had went out for some work, she will return till evening. He asked him to wait for him as he was coming downstairs.

Maan waited for him , when he come down both exchange pleasantries first then got out to have a talk in the garden.

I hope divorce papers must be ready by now. samrat asked

Yes , it is.. its just needs both of your signatures ,


maan shows him and samrat having a look of it properly sign it . maan was happy with the move , its only need geet’s signatures now.

How are you going to manage here..

maan asked suddenly as he wanted to know , also about rajmata as she was thinking , its her own grandchild, unknown to both of them, the vicious lady was already having all the info about her surroundings, it was just her another plan.


It’s not a big problem, Mr. khurana, as people still hadn’t seen the face of their queen. Just needs to clarify the things to Rajmata.

Hearing her name maan was again frustrated, he always get negative wives from her. he just hmm in response not wanted to make him upset for his own mother.

I am taking Geetanjali back home tomorrow or if it will be necessary I would took her back today itself. 

Maan told making Samrat surprised he was not expecting him to move this fast.. and rajmata , they still needs to clarify her few things,,.. his deed..

It is really fast.. he tried to oppose..

It is already too late, samrat! Maan was furious hearing him for he no more wanted geet to stay here and suffered more.

But we still needs to talk with Rajmata. She  is thinking it’s her heir.

Maan turn more furious hearing him, but he tried to control his rage, without proofs he can’t just blame Rajmata now.

Listen.. it is your task.. you do it. I am taking her back as quick as possible because she is not safe here..

Just then they heard loud scream.. Raniji… and both turn alert once giving each other look both made a wild dash inside the palace to see what happened.


Precap:- ???

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  1. Super lovely & a passionate update dearie. Loved it. Wooohoooooo:):):) Divorce papers are ready and signed:):):) Now only need Geet’s signature:):):) But what happened to Geet? Oh god I hope all is good with her? Pls pls pls….She was already feeling dizzy…not finding Maan beside her she must have rushed out to look for him na…I truly truly hope that she is okay and the faster Maan brings her home the better…I feel its so unsafe for her here in this palace…Where Maan cannot be with her openly & protect her…Samrat is also away mostly…Pls pls pls…make sure Geet is safe & sound…and that she signs the divorce papers and leaves with Maan today itself…before that witch Rajmata returns…

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  2. Hey send me the link so that I can start reading from the beginning…

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