Part 52

oh kar ke ishaare
o laRka aan aan aan…
o laRka…
aankh maare, oh laRka aankh maare
aankh maare, oh laRka aankh maare…

Geet started to dance as soon as she was inside the room. Maan left her on the bed hearing her besura voice.

Oh. Aankh mare..oh ladka aankh mare..

She was jumping on the bed dancing and singing along side while he kept gapping at her for a while , then went to washroom to frehsn up leaving her on her own.

When he come out wipping his wet hairs with bare chest, he watched amused ahead, to see her still dancing lazily in her own world.

Gosh.. isn’t she tire?? He smiled walking near her but seeing him Geet stop dancing and continued to gap at his fresh looks. His after bath smell engulf in a air around her making her drown in to him. She shivered with the desires which Maan did notice and was about to go when he felt a tug on his towel which was hanging on hus neck


And next moment he was laying flat on her body as she pulled him on her , herself falling back on the bed.

He..he.he..he . Oh .my babe… She cupped his face dearly , gazing into his eyes with pure love.

Januu… You are shoo beauriful… She said pointing her lips and watching his gorgeous face so closed to her eyesight.

Hmm.. he was lost in her, her sweet giggles or her sweet words..soon he felt her warm lips touching his earlobe..she started to nibble it giving him sweet sensation.

Jaan. He whispered..lost in her, her lips travelled down the path on his neck, sucking the wet drops from his body leaving him dry and hungry.

His hold on her waist tighten,in his lost state he completely lose his weight on her making her gasp.

Argh…Maan..she whine pouting her lips making him Chuckle seeing her cute antics.

He got up from her and lay back beside her closing his eyes , taking a deep breath.

Soon he felt her hovering on to him , her warm breaths tease his senses Woking up the wild desires in to him which he was trying to hold back only for her.

Geettt..he groaned feeling her lips on his chest. Geet herself was unknown of what she was doing in her half consiocons state. She was tottaly turn on now. In a need to fecth his love..and satisfied her desires she started to feel him.

Her soft palms press on his stomach trying to feel him while her lips tease him to no extent.

He opened his eyes to see her tottaly lost in her task obvious of the effect she was creating on him.

He grasp her curls and pulled her up to his level glaring her furiously while she giggled sweetly in her dizzy state..

He tried to kissed her but she slap across his face still laughing smoothly leaving him shock.

Leave me.. I want to celebrate this day.. she mumbled now burying her face in his neck sniffing him hungrily.

Maan was so shock with her demeanour today, he swiftly turn her down below him, while she whine making crying face.

You hippo ..leave me..

Babe..try to understand..you are not in your senses now.. he cupped her face dearly, she was totally in a mess..messy curls.. spoil Lipstick.. her dress was coming down from her shoulder revealing her cleavage. Her strap were already down on her arms…Maan turned his gaze from her for a while before she pulled him back almost crashing his lips on hers.

I want you .she whispered in her horse voice hitting his lips making his eyes pop open.

Baby…no .you should go to sleep now..

Maan tried to make her understand for he don’t want her to regret later and he didn’t felt it good to take chance of her drunken state when she is not in her right senses.

He comb back her curls gazing her innocent face, her eyes were half open , she was really sleep but for some reason don’t want to closed her eyes in a fear to loose him.

No..I don’t want to sleep.. she complained cutely pouting her lips, there was cute frown on her forehead making him smile..

And why so..he played along trying to wrap her with the blanket but she pushed it down angrily.

I don’t want.. because tommorrow we will be leaving for India..

I don’t want…to..

She suddenly turns hyper making him confused and worried for her..soon tears rolled down her eyes , she hugged him tightly burying her face in his chest making it wet with her tears.

I don’t want to part away from you.. Mumma will never allow our relation.

But how I am gonna live without you then.. she asked him looking at his face with her teary eyes slitting his heart with the pain. His hold tighten on her body.

I am not gonna leave you.. I love you na.. she blabber lost in her own pain making his heart fluterr with her talks.. yes she is true..no one knows what tommorrow might hold.

He suddenly felt scared to loose her..no..he can’t lose her..he hugged her tight sharing her pain.

I want to love you .she murmurs kissing on his chest where his heart beats. He closed his eyes feeling relief with her soothing touch and words.

Her hands soon started to roam on his back feeling him , his body burn in desires with her innocent touch..and confession.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck trying to sooth his burning pain. He would not able to live without her.. thinking so he started to give her smooches on her neckline..making her moan.


He press her down again hovering on her,going below the path, he reach her cleavage. He kissed there hard making her moan loudly.

Geet closed her eyes feeling intoxicated with the drink and his effect. Her hands roam over his chest feeling him while Maan pushed her dress down opening its chain.

His hands went inside feeling her soft body, Geet was just moaning continuously feeling so good with her wish being fulfilled.

He press his face in the valley between her chest making her wriggle under him. Soon her one mount was in his mouth getting assault from his hungry mouth.

Geet crushed his hairs almost pressing her nails in his broad shoulders feeling utmost pleasure..he groan on her chest while he took another one , chewing it , sucking it like a baby..his one hand massaged her other bre*** giving her utmost pleasure.

He tore apart her dress making her whole bare and started to shower wet and hungry kisses on her whole body for he was tottaly turn on now.

Oh..Maan… She was completely ready for him now with his sweet tortures but something was holding both of them back. Maan though was lost in her , knew very well when to stop.

His hands to over her beauriful body feeling her softness finally coming on her lower..he stroke her.. her last cloth was still on making him stop in his track.

He gave her a hard kiss on her inner wear making her groan loudly with the effect.

He went up pulling her pink lips in his own for a soul searing kiss leaving her breathless. His hands cup her br**** stroking the nipples with fingers making her moan in the kiss..

After quenching his thirst he left her to drown into deep slumber. She snuggle closed in his warmth hugging him tightly like a baby.

He groan silently with the contact on her bare body against his bare self. He was already hard but held back himself for her.

He crushed her in his arms trying to fecth some sleep for himself.


Precap :-

Geet’s reaction..

And it will be unpredictable…

As you know her guys..don’t you??smiley2


Bechara Maan..smiley2smiley37

One more update…I think it will be hot..or more hot..smiley2 then finally back to India…face off with our devil don MAYA…smiley27smiley15

So be ready to shower lots of likes and comments.. for without PWD updates..or I will turn devil smiley15 and put on pwds or turn up the twists which you guys won’t like ..for maneet..smiley15


  1. Superb update dearie. Loved Geet’s avatar and Maan so adorably controlling himself for her sake…But what scares me is what will happen when they return to India. Pls don’t separate them…So worried for them.

    Liked by 1 person

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