Mehbooba s2 Chapter 88

A few days passed, her parents arrived to stay with her in the outhouse until the wedding.

Geet couldn’t share anything with her parents nor show her tears to Maan. 

She was breaking from within, but put on a fake smile for everyone…as the wedding rituals began… 

On the other hand, Maan was getting frustrated with the distance between them. Dadi forbade him to meet Geet in those days, before the marriage took place. He couldn’t do anything but comply with Dadi’s command. Only during wedding shopping were they able to spend a few moments together.

It was a haldi ceremony. Dadi walked in with the haldi bowl in her hand, which was applied to Maan as per tradition. 

Savitri applied turmeric to her cheeks, but Geet could not meet her gaze. After a while, when she looked up, her eyes were filled with tears, making Savitri feel guilty about her rudeness.

Humare Maan ki Dulhan rote hue bilkul bhi achchi nahi lagti…dadi cupped her chin turning to look at her mother, kyon Madhu…

Arey Geet, kyon ro rahi hai beta, don’t cry on such auspicious day. Madhu bend to her level wiping her tears.

Geet nodded her head, giving a small smile to her mother. She then turned to look at Dadi, who gave her a small smile. However, she couldn’t bring herself to trust her now, but Geet’s innocence was melting her heart again. 

One look at her grandson’s smiling face and she knew she had to accept Geet somehow.

Maan glanced at Geet through the thin partition between them. Although he could sense that something had upset her, she did not open up to him. 

She turned to look at him, feeling his gaze on her, and their eyes met. He asked her through the small gesture, only to see her blinking her eyes. She looked down with a shy smile.

His face brightened with a smile as relief washed over him. Dadima watched it as well. She knew that for the happiness of her grandsons, she had to accept Geet.

Barso baad humare ghar mein sahi mayne main khushiya aayi hai, Geet. I have never seen my Maan this much happy before. 

Dadi said in low voice to geet, “keep in mind, this happiness should be remain like this, you will not leave Maan, will you!?

Geet was taken a back with the another set of hurtful words from her, she blinked her wet eyelashes, “never Dadi, hum humesha uke sath rahenge…ek saaye ki tarah.

Hum umeed karte hai, you are not lying…

Geet just shakes her head, when dadi got up and Madhu came to her, “Geet, kya baat hai beta..she cupped her chin, making her tears spills up on her cheeks.

Geet…!? what happened, bol na beta, ” she urged her, whipping her tears.

Shadi ke khayal se, I am feeling restless mom, bahot jee ghabra raha hai, she confessed innocently, dadis gesture couldn’t help her either.

Why dear, you love Maan, woh bhi tumse bahot pyar karta hai.

Phir bhi mom…I am already missing you, she pouted making Madhu chuckle.

Bas kar Geet, now stop crying, see there, kaise ghur raha hai..

Geet followed her gaze to the partition, from where Maan was looking tense seeing her crying.

“Aisa lagta hai, Abhi uth kar yaha aayega, tumhare aansu pochne ke liye, and will scold us only for making you cry.

Both giggled together and the ritual further was followed by other ladies.

Geet could feel his hot gaze on her now and then as ladies put turmeric on her… She blushed and steal gazes to him.

Once, the function was over, she moved to her room in outhouse, and stepped inside the bathtub…all lost in washing the turmeric off her body, she failed to notice his presence in the washroom.

Maan had followed her behind to her room, hiding from everyone. 

But now he forgot to take breath seeing her beautiful sight. Securing her curls on top of her head with band, she had sank blissfully into the water. Unknown of his gaze, her hands moving around her breasts, stomach…down into the water.

His high take of breath, caught her attention in the silent room, and she turned around to look at the introdurer And she gasped in shock…she sank more into the water, aap…yaha…!? 

You forgot to lock the door, darling…his voice was hoarse, as he walked upto her bathtub.


What must he think about me,? She became conscious of her nudity as he bend near her, almost touching her cheeks, “or you knew, I was following you..? He whispered huskily, pushing back wet tendrils from her cheeks. 

Maan…I didn’t know. She shuddered, feeling his fingers roaming down on her throat, then moving on the swell of her breast.

He paused his hands on her breast, his gaze locking with hers.  His eyes burned with the burning passion that made her own pulses race.

The way he looked at her then made her feel somehow proud of her femininity, 

Her thoughts and feelings were swept away as she was aware of herself and her needs so sharply that awareness was almost a physical pain. Suddenly, an avalanche of sensations and emotions swept over her, the burden of years of self-repression falling away.

His lips parted as he moved towards her face; he pecked her lips, with a little squeeze on her mounts, causing her lips to moan in response.

Suddenly he got up, taking towel in his hand, he said softly, “come, let’s get you wrapped up in this before you catch cold…and my self-control deserts me completely. 

It took her a while to understand the meaning of his words, she became scarlet red… unable to meet his gaze , she looked down, how she was supposed to walked out of bathtub, just before his eyes.


She was still shy but when she looked up, he was walking outside, she took the towel hanging on the wall, but couldn’t stop blushing with the thought of what coming next.

As soon as she steps out, he picked her up, lifting her completely off her feet and cradling her in his arms, she gasped, wrapping her arms instinctively around his neck.

Have you any idea what you’re doing to me?”  he demanded huskily, as he put her down on the bed.

Geet wriggled shyly in his arms, guessing what he want to say, Her face burned. 

Maan smirked,he put his hand in his pocket, but before he could proceed, they heard the loud knock on the door, followed by her mother’s voice, “Geet beta. .

Geet became startle, ji…ma…her voice quivered while she heard him groaning in frustration, 

Geet, are you done… 

No…she squealed out, suddenly clutching her towel to her chest, 

Get ready fast, how much time it takes you to get ready, beta, come down fast, mehendi wali ladkiya aa gayi hai, 

Ji ma…I will be down soon. Geet replied, stealing glances at frustrated Maan.

He closed his eyes to calm down, took a deep breath and then open to see anxious Geet. She was about to get up when he grabbed her wrist, 

Maan…let me change…she was highly embarrassed, as she refuse to give him glance.

Abhi nahi Jaan..

Ji..she raised her eyes.

I have something to give you.

Geet became confused, when Maan not wasting a moment more, pulled out a small box from his pocket. 

Her eyes widen in pleasant shock, when he opened the box before her, revealing the shinning ring in..

This is for you!! He pulled out the ring, took her shivering hand in his, before slipping the ring into her ring finger.

She was unable to form a word, kept gapping at him unbelievably.

I wanted to have a moment with you Jaan, he grabbed her hand pulling her closer, she landed on his lap.

Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye

I wanted to gift you this, since our engagement gonna happen with marriage. Or phir, I thought, just like other girls, you too wanted it that propose thing. He kept talking, and then looked at her, 

She started to shake violently, tears burning the back of her throat.

“geet?  What’s wrong?”

Her emotions were too strong to allow her to speak.  


Next moment, she broke into cries, huge, gulping sobs that tore at her throat until it was raw with pain from trying to drag in lungful of air.  

“Geet, I am sorry … I apologized if I hurt you in any way…”  His words were a husky, pleading.  

She shivered, protesting between sobs as he pulled her against his chest, she wrapped her arms around his neck, crying bitterly.

Jaan…he combed her hair, patting her head, trying to sooth her. Her tears sock his neck, making his heart restless.

Please Jaan…he pleaded. She had to stop just for him. 

Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Sare sansar ka pyar maine
Tujhi me paya

Kya baat hai geet,tell me..he cupped her face, waiting earnestly for her to open up.

She nodded, really not wanted to trouble him with her own worries. She was tense, exhausted with the things going around, dadis behaviour hurt her the most…when she had always looked up on her but now when she became upset with her, that thing trouble her the most. She didn’t know how to share it with Maan, will he understand her or will think bad about her.

Geet, don’t think much, tell me what’s bothering you. Kisi ne kuch kaha..? 

She nodded no instantly out of fear..seeing him still waiting, she told him, Hume bas ajeeb sa lag raha hai, she looked down, wiping her tears.

Maan sighed, before cupping he chin, he made her looked up at him, Ajeeb kya hai geet, because it’s your second marriage, !? 

She blinked her wet eyelashes, looking away.

Nazare mat churao Geet, aur tumhe bura mehsoos karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai.

She looked at him pouting her lips.

It’s not your fault, neither anyone will say you anything.

You believe me.

She nodded.

Then trust me, koi tumhe kuch nahi jayega, Aur jab tak mein hu tumhare sath…you don’t need to fear from anyone. 


She nodded again, only to receive to loving peck from him on her forehead.

Darling, every breath you take
Every move you make
I will be there
What will i do without you
I want to love you
Forever and ever and ever

She hugged him again, he groaned, with his palm caressing her back, “you forgot, you have to change…he teased, she blushed furiously pulling away from him. 


Geet looked down at her mehendi adorned hands. Her face broke into a shy smile, getting flashes from their making out session at Kunal’s cousin’s wedding a few months ago.

Pinky and a few of her colleagues teased her. The whole office and business associates of Khuranas were invited. She was apprehensive, but no one had spoken badly about her or her wedding until now. Leaving a few people, she saw that everyone seemed to be normal, accepting the marriage. 

They were highly educated…open-minded…not poking their noses in other people’s business, leaving few Khurana relatives.

Both got ready in the evening for the engagement ceremony…which was held in the outhouse.

When Maan held her hand, her pinky raised the question, “arey Geet, you already have a ring in your finger.”

Toh Maan sir he tumhe propose bhi Kiya..aur ring bhi pahle hi pahna di..And the gossips began, leaving her beetroot red.

Maan smirked seeing her blushing and smiling. His heart leapt with joy at seeing her so happy. 

Tujhe pyar se dekhne wala
Tujhe apna samajhane wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai
Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Mera dil hi to hai

He held her other hand, pushing the ring to her finger, to her surprise, he bent forward, giving her a small kiss on the cheek, and whispered to her, “I love you.”

Geet never could have imagined all this, she had only ever dreamed of having him and his love. But to this extent she never knew.

Tera khwaab sajaane wala
Teri duniya basaane wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai
Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Haan dil hi to hai

She too put the ring on his ring finger, then bent over and held his hand with her head, as if she were doing sajda before him, to his love. She pecked his palm affectionately, avoiding the crowd around, giving equal respect to his love.

Tere liye sabko main
Aaj dilbar chhod ke aayi
Rasmon ke, kasmon ke
Saare bandhan tod ke aayi

Dekhoon main to dekhoon sone
Yaar ko jab palkein uthaaun
Zindagi bana ke meri jaan ko
Main saanson mein basaaun

Maan was blown away by her pure gesture, and his heart pounded furiously. Geet shuddered with new acknowledgment, as she saw the corner of his eyes wet. For a moment, he looked away before turning back to her and giving her a pleasant smile.

Geet was very touched, this smile of his was rare, she had only seen him this happily few times before, and now she knows exactly what he wants…wants from her.

Tere ishq mein doobne wala
Tujhe harpal dhoondhne wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai
Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Mera dil hi to hai

To be continued…

Precap :- 

Kitni haseen hai raat dulhan bani hai raat
Machle hue jazbaat baat zara hone do
Mujhe pyaar karo
Pyar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar karo

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  1. Thank you for PM ☺️ and long update, Maan know that something bothering her and he console her , lovely song selected 🤗,haldi ceremony 💖❤️🤗, 🥰😘

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  2. Superb update.Geet is not able to share her feelings to Maan.she is touched by the way he expressed his love before engagement gifting her a ring.Hopre dadi trusts her so that Geet’s guilty feeling will not bother her.hope the marriage goes well.eager for next update

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  3. Aww lovely update so geet was hurt with daadis behaviour but did not want to share it with maan which can lead to big problem btw maan and daadi…good that daadi did realize maan is truly happy with geet and wants that to last forever… maaneet scenes together was lovely…madhu is happy seeing her join with her love…Loved their engagement moment both did turn emotional and felt special… waiting to read more ❤️ thanks for the PM

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    1. Thank You 🤗
      Yeah, she couldn’t create misunderstanding between both Dadi and Maan…that’s why she scared to say him anything..
      Updating…check the teaser on IF thread.


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