Mehbooba s2 Chapter 89

A beautiful Night greeted the real wedding of the town. The moon shone brightly and reflected an illuminated Khurana Mansion, which was adorned like a bride.

The whole mansion was crowded with family members and friends. Children played in the narrow spaces between the adults, and were hushed from every direction. The air was filled with the aroma of food cooking down in the garden. Somehow it mixed gently with the scent of flowers. 

Everything Geet had dreamt for her whole life was coming true. She wore the best designer wedding cloth. 

It was beautiful rose colour exquisite fabric. It was glorious; it was feminine; it made her feel real princess as soon as she wore it. It was much heavier than she had thought, as she twirl around, looking at the circle of her skirt creating.

But the memories from her first marriage brought sadness to her for a while.

Madhu walked in, looking at her daughter for the second time, ready for the wedding. She doesn’t know what she was feeling at the time, but her heart sure wrenched in pain and pleasure both at the same time, thinking about her daughter’s fate.


Geet silently wiped her tears away, her own face pouting to stop the tears because she didn’t want to ruin her recently done makeup by the beauticians.

Madhu cupped her chin, making her blush furiously, and her eyes delighted to hear such a sweet compliment from her mother.

Kisi ki Nazar na lage meri bachchi Ko, she put Kala tika behind her ear.

When they both heard the loud barking, Geet’s face brightened and her eyes moistened; she knew it was none other than her little sister, honey. (Her pet dog) The next thing she knew, honey broke into her room, followed by her gasping dad, ‘honey…stop, you will ruin her dress,’ Madhu scolded from behind, trying to hold over an excited creature who had been waiting for Geet for a long time.

‘Leave her mamma alone…look at how she’s struggling, aur use Hume milna hai.’

‘But Geet, you had just gotten ready,’

All the girls ran out of there, terrified of the creature.

Mamma please,ek baar Hume us se milne dijiye.

She was desperate…her heart broke seeing her baby sister struggle in her mother’s grasp.

Madhu abandoned her and allowed her to go to geet; Aarav also supported her.

Okay, and she let go of honey while sprinting towards Geet and leaping on her.

I’m here, geet pampered her for a while, trying to pull her face away from her in case she licked it.

Ho gaya,..You’re going to stink of her now…

Madhu scolded, making Geet laugh, she blinked her wet eyelashes, she will miss her, if God forbid her wish, and how she wished to be with her for the rest of her life.

Meri koi sunta nahi…

Madhu admonished the father-daughter duo who laughed it off, and she sprayed new perfume on her dress to make up for it.

Geet made a face, “mom, I don’t like it..

Chup kar, it’s your fault…now bear it.

Soon Annie and other girl walked in to take her down.

Geet looked at Annie for a reaction, but all she got was silence, which hurt her the most. She knew Annie was only doing it for her brother and as part of a ritual. She turned to look at Riya on the other side, who turned away, making Geet even more upset.

She would never have forced them to be by her side if it had been in her hands. But she didn’t have complete control over everything. She had no choice but to accept reality. Her love was by her side, she was going to be his, that was all that mattered to her, and the thought brought a sweet smile to her lips once more. She would be able to conquer everything once she had him.

Girls escorted her to the altar, where her groom awaited her patiently. He approached her like a true prince…she had never seen his this look before, he looked extraordinary handsome in traditional wedding attire, with turban on his head.

If Geet was a beautiful bride. Then he appeared to be nothing less than her knight in shining armour.

Her emotions swirled within her as she heard a song begin to play in the background, wondering if it was a dream or if God had truly sent his blessings to her in the form of Maan.

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana

Dheere dheere se dil ko churaana

Tum se pyaar humein hai kitna jaane jaana

Tumse milkar tumko hai bataana

She smiled as she saw him extend his hand to her, but as soon as she placed her hand in his palm, she felt his grip tighten around her. He drew her down and whispered in her ear, “You look lovely, darling.”

Aaja aaja ab kaisa sharmaana

Dheere dheere se dil ko churaana

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana

Dheere dheere se dil ko churaana

Tum se pyaar humein hai kitna jaane jaana

Tumse milkar tumko hai bataana

He smiled as he felt her shudder, and the way her face blushed warmed his heart. She appeared to be an angel bestowed by God, just for him.

Her entire body sparkled from head to toe, and she heard applause and whispers of appreciation from the crowd.

The tears she’d promised herself she wouldn’t cry began to fall quietly.

‘I didn’t think you were supposed to cry on such a lovely evening,’ she says. Maan spoke softly. As they walked ahead, he wrapped his arm around hers.

I had decided that I would never… Maan handed her a handkerchief, and she pouted.

Ban gaya hoon main tera deewana

Dheere dheere se dil ko churaana

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana

Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churaana

Maan smiled gently at her, wiping her nose cutely like a little girl, and teased, “Then what happened?”

It’s all your fault, she grumbled as she handed him his hanky.

‘Is it my fault?’ He smirked.


Their talks interrupted with dadis call, both changed the garlands, then sat for further rituals.

He filled her partition, making her wear the wedding chain.

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the possessive glint on his face…

In one of the rituals, the priest called for her brother. She became numb…and looked at her mother.

Maan held her hand, forcing her to look at him. He gave her a short nod, asking her not to be sad…she nodded back, then looked at her uncle, who had no idea about his own son. He is under the impression that Rajeev is on a business trip. “I’m sorry, Geet beta,” Ranjeet apologized, affectionately patting her head. He is currently out of the country.

It’s all right, uncle; I understand. She was guilty, she took her gaze away from him, and she assumed he still didn’t know what Maan had done to him. She became restless, but Maan held her hand and gently rubbed it, comforting her.

Adi stepped forward unexpectedly to perform the ritual. Panditji, I am her brother; you may proceed with the rituals.

Geet’s eyes welled up, and she gave him a wet smile, recalling his words from the day before. He truly fulfils his brother’s duty.

When Maan saw the two, he smiled and smiled gratefully at Adi.

After a while, both stood up and took seven vows while holding each other’s hands.

Main tootke sanam aise hi tujhe chahungi

Teri aankhon se kabhi door nahi jaaungi

Kasam hai tujhko mere saajna mohabbat ki

Main saath pheron ke saaton vachan nibhaungi

{ Beloved, I’ll love you to the fullest

I won’t go far from your eyes

Beloved, you have the promise of my love
I’ll fulfill all my wedding vows }

Geet shuddered as the priest introduced them as husband and wife. Her heart rate increased erratically as she anticipated her future with Maan, her love…the thought that she now belonged to him sent shivers up her spine. Maan’s meaningful smirk added to her nervousness.

Tujhe pyar se dekhne wala
Tujhe apna samajhane wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai

Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Mera dil hi to hai

She blushed furiously, her face glowed with happiness, and she smiled at him with a heart-stealing smile.

Maan was blown by her charming smile, and he couldn’t help but admire her as they walked to the elders for their blessing. Geet hugged her parents, crying out, then her younger sister; she couldn’t stop sobbing, feeling unbearable pain at the prospect of being separated from her again.

Maan couldn’t stand it as he watched her weep silently, “You decided not to cry, he offered her hanky yet again.

She nodded, then, overcome by emotion, blurted out, “She sobbed, “Hume honey ki yaad aa rahi hai, woh humare bina….rah…nahi sakti.”

He hadn’t expected her to say this, because instead of missing her parents, she was telling him about that pet dog. 

Geet realized what she said as she looked at his frowning face, and she pouted, knowing that he would not understand, and that no one would understand the deep relationship she shared with honey. She’s like her baby; she couldn’t live without her. Only she knew how she had survived without her baby up to this point.

Dadi performed their aarti to welcome the Khurana bride into their home.

Tere liye sabko main
Aaj dilbar chhod ke aayi
Rasmon ke, kasmon ke
Saare bandhan tod ke aayi


Geet was restless as she sat on his bed in his decorated room. Now it was their room. She became shy and happy at the thought, but her smile soon vanished as she thought of Dadi ma and Annie. Her heart ached as she remembered their avoiding behaviour.

How will she manofy Dadi, when will dadi ma understand her…humne bas pyar Kiya hai Maan se, kya humare is gunah ki itni badi saza Hume milegi…she thought sadly, tears clotted her eyes.

She blinked her eyes, never wanted to cry on their first night. If Maan see her like that, don’t know how would he react, phir hum pe hi gussa ho jayenge…I know, she pouted thinking so, then got up suddenly feeling suffocated with all the things. She walked in the balcony, getting flashes from the diwali night. She smiled adoring the full moon.

When she heard the door click, she turned and saw him walking inside. It made her nervous, she couldn’t meet his gaze, and she was looking everywhere but at him.

Seeing her blush, he smiled gently, as he approached her. After their marriage, he felt alive with new emotions. The Sindur in her head, the wedding chain in her neck used to torture him before, that’s because it belonged to someone else.

Dekhoon main to dekhoon sone
Yaar ko jab palkein uthaaun
Zindagi bana ke meri jaan ko
Main saanson mein basaaun

But today, when he claimed her in front of the world, he felt as though he had conquered everything. Having cracked a number of business deals, he had never felt this level of satisfaction before.

He realized long ago that the woman who had stolen his heart had become his life, his happiness. If she shed a tear, he felt his heart tearing apart. His whole world shone when she smiled.

He vowed to cherish her forever.

As she walked inside, he snapped out of his trance, grasping her wrist.

Geet seemed so shy, it was almost like they had an arranged marriage and it’s their first meeting. 

Tere ishq mein doobne wala
Tujhe harpal dhoondhne wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai
Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Mera dil hi to hai

His arms engulfed her and he felt her tremble…his lips curled into a small smile feeling his effect on her.

Her dupatta was pulled down by him from behind as he unpinned it and kissed her on the side of her head.

Aaja teri sooni sooni maang ko main
Taaron se bhar doon
Sajni deewani saari umra ab main
Tere naam kar doon

The desire he awakens in her with just his closeness caused her to close her eyes, and her mouth to become dry.

She turned briskly in his arms and hugged him tightly…Maan reciprocated with the same passion she possessed. Her jewellery began to disturb them. He groaned as he slowly removed her necklace, followed by his lips, making her moan as he kissed her.

Saari duniya ko main to
Bhool baithi baahon mein aa ke
Aisa laga sab kuchh pa liya hai
Tera pyaar pa ke

Tera khwaab sajaane wala
Teri duniya basaane wala
Ek dil hai, ek dil hai
Ek dil hi to hai

Mera dil hai, mera dil hai
Haan dil hi to hai

Maan…she closed her eyes, holding him by the arms as he slowly removed her other ornaments before kissing her sensuously on her bare body.

Suddenly she felt cold, so she opened her eyes to find him standing just a short distance away from her.

What made him suddenly leave her, and why is he looking at her like this?

The confusion swept through her, and she looked up at him with puzzled, worried eyes.

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