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She kissed his cheek congratulating him, for his success as he won the best business man of the year award again.

He was habitual of this success…but this time it was special, with her around. Seeing her smile…those shining happy eyes.

His cabin was filled with those umpteenth flower buckets, but it was meaningless before one single red rose from his Jaan.

Hum sirf yeh ek gulab le aa paye aapke liye… She looked down feeling low watching around whole cabin filled with different buckeyes and greetings.

She was so disturb with kunals behavior recently, he looked frustrated with his business matters, although with her, he managed to keep his calm. Till now she hadn’t find him behaving rudely with her, let alone raising his hand on her.

He hardly find time to even have meal, in between this she couldn’t muster the courage to have peaceful talk with him.

Tum khush ho mere liye…yahi mera gift hai Geet. Dipping his head, he brushed her lips with his.

His words brought her back to senses, she looked up in his eyes, which shined back at her, small smile tug at her lips, hum bahot khush hai aapke liye… she beamed.

He heard her and stopped, eyes glinting from under heavy lids. His smile grew as he searched her eyes, her face. ‘‘

Again his gaze lowered, one hand rose to frame her face, then he bent his head. Geet’s eyes lowers down in the instant his lips closed over hers, she parted her lips, eager to learn of his passion, eager to experience again the pleasure she’d found in his arms. He shifted, she thought he groaned. For one instant, his weight pressed against her as his lips forced hers wider, his tongue tasting her voraciously.

Her hands moves upon his shoulder and slid beneath his coat. His waistcoat effectively shielded his chest, her fingers busy, she angled her head against the pressure of his kiss. Their lips shifted, then locked, tentatively, then with greater confidence, she kissed him back.

She pressed closer, deepening the kiss, he took all she offered and greedily angled for more.

Then he felt her hands on his chest. Palms gliding, fingers spread, she traced the heavy muscles, the fine linen of his shirt no real barrier to her touch.

She was setting him alight! Abruptly, Maan straightened, breaking off their kiss. It didn’t work…her hands slid over his shoulders as she stretched upward against him, she initiated the next kiss.

With a groan, Maan took all she gave, his arms closing possessively about her. Did she know what she was doing? Setting aside restraint, He kissed her deeply, hungrily, as ravenously as he wished, deliberately leaving her breathless. Raising his head, he drew her to the large armchair, her hand in his, he freed the last two buttons on his waistcoat, then sat. Looking up at her, he raised one brow.

Her senses whirling, her hand clasped in his, her breasts, already heated, swelled as she drew breath. she stepped about his knees and sat, turning to him, sliding her hands over his chest, pushing his waistcoat wide.

Under her hands, his chest expanded; his lips found hers as he lifted her, settling her in his lap. She could never have forgotten the sensation of being surrounded by him, his thighs hard beneath her, his arms a cage about her, his chest a fascinating wall of hard, shifting muscle bands over even harder bone.

His hands at her back urged her closer; her breasts brushed his chest. Then he changed the angle of their kiss and shifted her, laying her back against one arm.

His tongue glided sensuously over hers, then alongside… Responding, she was drawn deep into an intimate moment. Her saree was already on the floor, lying careless. When his hand closed over her breast, she arched; his long fingers found her nipple, pressing it above her blouse, which only left her aching for more.

Her lips trapped beneath his, when she felt her blouse sliding down her arms. An instant later, his hand slid beneath the twill, cupping her breast fully. Heat seared her as his fingers closed, then stroked, her breast grew heavy. Geet tried to break their kiss to catch her breath, he refused to let her go, and deepening the kiss instead as she felt his fingers tangle with the straps of her inner. she felt giddy as her last cloth from her upper was soon slide down her arm…then his hand, his fingers, stroked her bare skin, intimately, unhurriedly.

Sweet fever rose and spread through her; her senses sang.

Maan broke their ever so passionate kiss so that he could move her back slightly and shift his attentions to her other breast. She dragged in a shuddering breath, but kept her eyes shut and didn’t protest, lips curving, he gave her what she wanted.

Her skin was smooth as satin, rich to the touch; his fingertips tingled as he stroked her, his palm burned when he cupped the soft weight… each breast filled his palm, a satisfyingly sensual sensation.

He returned to the first breast… his fingers tightened. Geet’s eyes glinted from beneath her lashes. He caught her gaze. ‘‘I want you, Sweetheart.’’ heavy with desire, his voice was very deep. ‘‘I want to watch you, naked, writhing in my arms. I want to see you, naked, spread beneath me.’’

Geet couldn’t stop the shiver that raced through her. Eyes locked in his, she gasped for breath, struggled to steady her giddy head.

His face was hard as desire glowed in his eyes. His fingers shifted and a shiver of pure delight ran through her.

‘‘There’s much more that I want to do with you. Marry me, and I’ll show you all the pleasure I can give you and all that you can give me.’’

She could see how dangerous he was, how intent he was, it was there in his words where she could feel his possessiveness for her.

Her eyes widen feeling his hand lay firm about her naked breast, Geet swallowed. She was going to say him to leave her, but just then the intercom in his cabin buzzed and he left her.

He watched her as how she struggle to hook her bra, probably before him, he smirked, and got up to help her, after putting down the receiver.

Geet blushed furiously feeling his fingers on her back, he wasn’t yet enough of her but she never knew he would never get enough of her, she implicates new feelings, desires in him, which no one before attempt to do.


She closed her work for a lunch break, she hummed the music as she pulled out her lunch box to take it to Maan’s cabin.

When her cell buzzed with her mother’s number. Her face color drained…it took her whole lot of courage to receive the call.

Hello mom…

Kaisi ho Geet…naraaz ho apni maa se… her mother’s small voice took her heart away.

No mom… Aap aise kyon nahi Rahi ho..?

Toh phir kya Kahu Geet.. tum toh muze bhool hi gayi ho…you didn’t even call me from that night.

Geet faught her tears back, as her mother’s words reminded her about Maan’s engagement.

Aisa nahi hai mom…hum bas bahot busy the..

Don’t make excuses Geet.. Madhu’s voice raised.

Geet….Maan just barged inside her cabin..he had waited for her for a while but seeing her not coming to him, he decided to go himself this time.

Geet turned to look at him when her mother’s words from other side made her eyes teary again,

Oh…now I know in what kind of thing you are so busy, or I could say with whom…?

Geet couldn’t even deny this truth…she was tongue-tied.

Maan walked inside and she turned her back to him.

So, you are not going to obliged my words Geet..?

Aisa nahi hai mom…her voice quivers making him tense instantly, although he waited silently for her to finish the call.

It shows you have no more respect for me nor love.

No… you are taking all wrong mom.

You are doing everything wrong. It’s my last warning Geet, stay away from Maan…or you forget about me..forget you have one mother, you will never see me alive.

Don’t talk like that…she cried.

Maan got up and held her arm, Geet looked at him with her tear stricken face with her whole concentration on the phone.

You choose him or us,


Yes Geet…you think, when I tell your dad about your rasleela..he would take it…

Geet gasped, you..plz…don’t..tell him.. anything..she gulped the knot in her throat thinking about her dad’s reaction.

I will think about that geet.. but first of all you also think about my words. And the call was cut abruptly.


But the line was dead, Geet couldn’t think much at the moment rather than to shed tears reminding about her mother’s words.

Maan cocooned her immediately, she cried on his shoulder…mom…how can she say like that..

He got it, it was her mother, who might have say something to her but he doesn’t know it was related to him only.

Shhh…don’t cry…

Geet pulled back, wiping her tears, he cupped her face, pecking her head, he asked her” kya hua…?”

She quickly let go of his arm, turning her back to him, her gestures infuriated him like always.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

He briskly turned her in his arms, holding her both arms tightly, don’t you dare to hide anything from me.

It’s my personal matter, aapko koi haq nahi hai…she snapped trying to wriggle out of his arms.

He pressed her tightly, jerking her closer, kya kaha tumne… his jaw tighten in fury, dare you say that again..?

Geet winced in pain, and lower her eyes…blinking her lashes to fought the tears.


Mere alawa kisi ka haq nahi hai tumpe….tum sirf meri ho Geet.. no one has any right on you apart from me..samazi tum..

His deep husky voice sent shudder down her spine…she looked up to see his eyes blazing with fire…he inches closer to her…she closed her eyes almost submitting to him when her mother’s harsh words rung into her mind, and next moment she pushed him away…

Dur rahiye humse….she snapped.

He was shock with her behavior, he grabbed her arms, why do you do this always…. Pahle paas aati ho..phir dur rahne ki baat karti ho.

His words made her guilty, but she have no words to utter this time.

You forgot, you are playing with fire, Mrs.khurana.


Hearing his words she looked up blankly while he continued, no one plays with MK. And you will pay heavily for this. Saying so he dashed out of cabin angrily.

Geet stood numb, not really getting the depth of his words as all she could think of her mother’s words and her family.


After a little struggle with her emotions, she got busy in her work forgetting her surroundings. It was when it turned evening pinky barged in to call her.

Geet…what are you going girl? Wrap up your work. Look at the time.

Oh… I didn’t really notice it pinky, Geet said looking at the time,

Let’s go now. Pinky helped her wrapping her work. Geet was lost …when pinky tug her, chalo na..

Pinky…I remember something, I need to finish this one file …it will take half an hour more.

Pinky pouted, tu hamesha aisi Karti hai.

Geet felt bad but this time she couldn’t leave Maan as it is, she knew he must be hungry, would’ve eaten anything without her.


Maan had just walked in his cabin attending one of the meetings outside. He completely ignore to see at her side and took the chair, resting his head on the head post he closed his eyes.

Geet silently walked inside, her anklets and waist chain chimed announcing her arrival.

She put the tiffin box on the table, she had brought heating up the meal…

Maan…mustering her whole courage she called out softly.

He didn’t move making her worried…she walked up slowly near him, and touched his forehead which was hitting up.

Maan..she freaked out, patting his cheek. He moaned and opened his eyes.

Are you okay? His red eyes frighten her.

He hmm and got up to go completely ignoring her which hurt her but she knew she deserves it much more for hurting him. He endured a lot just because of her.

As he passed her, she held his wrist, he turned to look at her, giving her furious glare.

She flinched but couldn’t let him go,


kha lijiye na..I had make your favorite.

Why did you do so…what right you have Geet to do it for me…?

To be continued….

Precap :

Kunal in Maan’s office.

19 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 62

  1. I so hate her mother now knowing geet loves maan still she made her marry kunal…and now though it seem all wrong from outside but geet is the one suffering alot…and In that process she is hurting maan with her behaviour…and now she has to manofy him…poor maan couldn’t understand her side thoughts and thinks she is Playing with him… waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Nice part 🥺but seen geet’s condition feel bad for her.aur kitna suffer karegi ? What was her fault? please Maan should find out soon 🥺🙄. thank you for pm and update ☺️💖❤️

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  3. Superb update.
    Every character is doing superb work .
    As a writer u r doing justice with every character.
    I dont know what type of mother she is. But from another point if view she is right in her place.
    Geet and maan madly fall for each other. But she is married. While reading update we can feel their connection, attraction, their love… Which we couldn’t feel between geet nd kunal.
    Maan wants yo marry geet. But geet is not ready ti leave kunal. She us ready to talk about that situation with kunal. But he us busy. Maan got award. Maan us happy that she us with him. Then geet’s mothers call. Geets change behaviour, maan fets angry on her.
    Very eager to know wgat will happen next…
    Precap is sounding exciting.
    Update soon.

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  4. Superb update. What kind of mother she has always forcing her in everything. Hope Maan come to know everything about past and present situation of geet

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  5. Wonderful and passionate update.Maan really wants to marry her now.but will it be possible after Gèets conversation with her mother as she threatened her that she will tell her father about her.when everything is okay she loves him and if any problem comes she keepshim away hurting with her words.Maan kab tak bardasht karega iski pal mein haan aur pal mein na ko.Phir se usne engagement ka irada kar liya to kya karegi Geet.Really interesting story and the characters.continue dear.

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  6. Great part
    Oh no Geet’s mother is saying things
    When will maan get to know the truth and his reaction will be furious I guess
    Maaneet’s part 😍😍😍
    Cont soon

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  7. Superb update n geet is sad bcoz of her mother n her mother knows she loves maan then also she wants her to get married to kunal n maan thought she is playing with his feelings n thnxx for pm me

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