Hamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Aur Chaha Chaha Chaha Chaha
Hamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Kuch Bhi Nahin
Tumhe Dil Ne Hai Pooja Pooja Pooja Aur Pooja Kuchi Bhi Nahin
Na Na Nahin Na Na Nahin Nahin Nahin Nahin Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin
Kuch Bhi Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin

Geet was startled hearing him say so… She realized he was right the thought of her having no right on him pained her deeply…then how much he must have hurt.

I am sorry… I had no intention to hurt you, she walked before him but bata nahi kaise…I ended up hurting you.

Maan looked at her, while she continues, looking into his red eyes this time, that’s why I said, dur rahiye humse…hum aapko dard ke sivay kuch nahi de sakte…

Maan grabbed her closer by holding her both arms, yeh tum decide karogi, ha Geet…??? He whispered on her face.

She wrinkles her nose, you are drunk…!?

Geet couldn’t believe, she looked frighten, for some memories crashed on her from the past.


Geet wasn’t feeling like sleeping that day, she was getting restless as well, so she decided to fecth some fresh Air.

She stood in the balcony, inhaling cool wind when she heard one car racing through the gates of their house.

Her eyes widen to see her brother getting down with his two friends, she shivered in fear knowing they must be drunk now. So she turned to walk inside but then something else caught her eyes before she turn.

She turned back to glanced down and her breath hitch in her throat watching him after a long while.

Maan….she whispered with tears of happiness glistening her eyes.

Khushiyon Mein Bhi Chaayi Udaasi Dard Ki Chaaya Mein Woh Lipti
Kehne Piya Se Bas Yeh Aayi Kehne Piya Se Bas Yeh Aayi

As if hearing her, he too look up to catch her glimpse, she smiled through her tears. But he was drunk to notice it.

She saw them walking inside, probably coming up now. She was blank, not knowing what to do, her heart craving for him but other end, she was scared to meet Rajeev and his friends… knowing their character, she had not dare to go before them anytime.

But in her thoughts she never notice, how much time passed, she stood there motionless soon seeing the door buzzing with the sound of codes which was for the lock.

And all four guys stepped inside. She just kept staring her love hungrily, forgot to run inside and call her mother. Who has been sleeping deeply because of tiresome day. Her father was out of City for some work.

Honey ran out of her room barking on them, because she never liked anybody. Geet chuckled happily seeing her running to Maan, shaking her tail she jumped on him in affection.

Take this dog away from my eyes…Rajeev barked ready to kill the dog just with his angry eyes.

Geet instantly got to her senses and ran to take her little sisy away from the monster, never know when he will kill her in his rage. She was really frighten for her baby as well. Geet somehow took honey away from them, especially Maan, who was looking at her now with his dizzy eyes trying to focus on her. He had seen her before as well…he tried to rack his brain. Yes, those red cheeks, hazel eyes as if filled with the pain and those pink soft petals, as if inviting him to kiss her.

He kept watching her retreating figure still she disappeared into the room.

Hey, beauty hai na…bombshell….Rajeev smirked

Maan instantly look away, only to heard all threes laughter.

Rajeev…let’s have some fun…his other friend said making all agree, as all three walked upto her room.

Geet was getting restless, she wanted to go out have quench her thirst of seeing him, she doesn’t know when she will again get to see him next.

But the fear for her brother and his other friends stops her. Finally she gives up on her fear, her love overpower her senses, and she decided to walk out silently, just look at him from far corner and come back.

Honey, you sleep here, don’t come out okay. She patted her little head, kissed her and walked out slowly closing the door behind.

She looked into the hall but there was no one. Suddenly she heard some sound from her brother’s room, so she went there to peek inside.

Maan again felt someone gaze on him that he looked up only to found the little doll of his interest..peeking from the wall looking inside.

Their eyes met and she quickly hide behind the wall..oh babaji…he saw me..she blushed and giggled.

What happened, Maan? Rohan asked seeing him getting up and looking at the door.

Nothing..I think I saw someone there..

Geet gasped in horror hearing him, she couldn’t believe he just told them about her, she in fear tried to run away but it was too late as Rohan and Rajeev caught her glimpse.

Geet… Rajeev called her making her stop.

What are you doing here? His angry voice made her shiver in terror and that what’s made him happy, seeing her in fear for him. He smirked and walked upto her, Geet baby…he whispered in the crook of her neck inhaling her pure scent.

She shivered and turned around facing him.

Let me have view of her, Rohan pushed him away looking at Geet from tip to toe, Geet stood there like a scare rabbit, seeing their filthy gazes roaming on her.

She crossed her hands on her chest feeling her nipples poking, their gazes roaming on her.

Not soon, both grabbed her inside the room…she tried to scream but one clasp her mouth, and locked the door.

Leave me..please..Hume jaane dijiye…she cried, as all three hover on her.

Guys leave her..

She heard his voice from behind, her dying hope became alive again. But they were in no mood to listen…as they grabbed her, two of them held her hand, and Rajeev grabbed her waist, trying to pull down the zip of her frock.

No….geet cried and soon felt him jerking away from her.

She didn’t realise but Maan had pushed Rajeev away and he beat both his other friends, leaving them unconscious.

He gave one furious glare to Rajeev who glared him back but left from there…

Maan saw her running away from there crying her eyes out…. without wasting a minute he ran behind her. Geet straight rushed to her room and before she locked it Maan step inside. She doesn’t know, shall she believe him or not but he saved her today from her own monstrous brother, only that thought let her believe on him.

However she ran inside still crying and hugged her little sister, crying her eyes out.

Honey not knowing what happened to her sister suddenly, just shakes her tail, she spotted Maan and jump away from Geet to run to him.

His heart went out for the little girl, who rolled to the corner and sobbing hard. Pain was clearly visible in her teary eyes.

He fondles the pet for a while before walking towards her. The room was dim lighted, but she was sitting in lone dark corner.

His steps still stumble but his hangover was reducing after the incident.

He kneel down before her, she tried to go back out of embarrassment. Her frock was still in messy state.

Shh…it’s okay…doll…come here..

His soothing voice melted her heart, and what he called her…doll…? She smiled in tears.

Maan too couldn’t help but give her small smile of assurance, he held her shoulder, she slowly cake to him then lept in his arms as if waiting for him only.

Maan was shaken hard by her heart wrenching sobs, he tried to calm the little girl however…with his hand patting her head and his lips whispering some soothing words in her ear.

Sh… it’s okay…it’s okay…. everything is fine…you are safe..

She clung him more, as his hands went down on her bare back caressing her. He stopped. His heartbeat raised feeling her soft skin.

Umm…she moaned unconsciously in his arms, snuggling more close in the crook of his neck

He was turn on with the girl’s reaction to his touch. His hands went inside her dress touching her bare body.

Geet felt heaven in his arms, his touch sent ripples of pleasure to her whole body. She arched her back as his hands found her soft mounds.

He began trailing down soft kisses from her neck to her jaw…cheeks…making her quiver feeling his subtle rubbing on her soft cheeks.

He took her head between his hands, his face so close she could feel his breath…and pulled back.

Kya hua…he asked huskily.

I don’t like the smell…she wrinkles her nose,

Before she knew, Maan was kissing her. She was more than surprised, not only by the first touch of a man’s lips, but by the tenderness of it.

Jo Daag Tumne Mujhko Diya Us Daag Se Mera Chehra Khila
Rakhongi Isko Nishaani Banakar Maathe Par Isko Hamesha Sajakar
Oh Pritam Oh Pritam Bin Tere Mere Is Jeevan Mein Kuch Bhi Nahin
Nahin Nahin Nahin Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin

Maan himself was astonished for kissing the girl of smaller age. But her purity and innocence attracted him…

Although there was something else pulling him to her but he couldn’t fathom, what was it.

He had been always with different women. But He was usually so rough…

This was a gentle brush of lips, soft, warm. Feeling her fragile softness he felt to cherish her rather than crushing her soft petals.

And most of all, never before he kissed any woman. It was always pure s**.

But this angel in his arms as if stolen his first Kiss.

The tingling of his fingers on the back of her neck spread down her back.

He broke the kiss finding her breathless, she blushed half, and half was scare…although deep down, her heart bloom in happiness for having kissed by her lover.

Hamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Aur Chaha Chaha Chaha Chaha
Hamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Kuch Bhi Nahin
Tumhe Dil Ne Hai Pooja Pooja Pooja Aur Pooja Kuchi Bhi Nahin

Maan kept his face close to hers. “Have I hurt you?” he demanded, though not roughly. “Have I?”


“Was the kiss so terrible?”

She nodded in no…

Next moment, his mouth closed over hers again, but this kiss was different-gentle…

When the kiss ended, Geet was filled with an awed feeling, a feeling of wonder. She was so relaxed, so at ease.


Beete Lamhon Ki Yaadein Le Kar Ojhal Kadmon Se Woh Chalkar
Dil Bhi Roya Aur Aankhen Bhar Aayi Mann Se Aawaaz Hai Aayi

Geet was pulled back from her past, by his lips…as he angrily smashed his mouth on her.

Answer me Geet!? Now will you walk away from me again because I am drunk? He held her face and chew her lips angrily.

Geet was confused hearing him…she looked at him blank, it made him worried now.

Geet , kya hua….he shook her hard and she shivered badly looking at him confused.

She realized she was no longer in her house. She was in the office, dark room. The comforting arms were real. A man was holding her close against his chest, a wide muscular chest. The arms were terribly strong.


“What frightened you so?”

He asked huskily but she sensed real caring and said, tears in her voice, why did you drink?

Did she imagine the tensing of his muscles? She shouldn’t have spoken.

So, you are hurt?

Geet shook her head, wiping her tears..

Then you know, how much you hurt me by your behavior…!?

Geet again shook her head making him twitch his brow in surprise by her answer.

Hum jante hai par hum kuch nahi kar sakte…

You can Geet…just explain me your problem..tell me..share with me… We both could face it.

I am sorry, Maan.. she offered…but don’t ask me anything.

Maan sighed quite defeated by her and turned his back, she held his wrist pulling him to the couch, for now plz have this meal.

You can force me but I can’t…!?? His voice was low yet stern.

She was dying with guilt…she gulped down the saliva, I will surely explain you everything…answer your every question…give me some time…I will surely Maan.

The eagerness in her voice, her yearning… everything took his heart away and he turned to face her…one look at her face and he melted like never before.

Precap :

“I’ll throttle him,!” Maan swore between gritted teeth. He looked down at Geet.

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