Mehbooba S2 Chapter 61


Geet looked at her brother having those delicious meal, he has just ordered from outside. Her mouth watered to have one bite atleast but her brother couldn’t even asked once.

She looked at her mother working continuously in the kitchen, her eyes became teary realizing their situation today.

Fast aunt…I am starving…

She heard riya’s screaming from upstairs. Her heart ached for her mother seeing her running from kitchen to upstairs to fulfill her brat sisters demands, while she couldn’t help but felt terribly furious seeing it.

She knew Riya was doing it on purpose to hurt her mother, they thought them just as their servants and behave so with her family…

Just because her father was taking monetary help from her uncle.

Mama…stop it…she held Madhu’s wrist as she saw her going to run again upstairs to fulfill another wish of their spoil princess.

What Geet…

Kyon Aisa bhagambhag kar Rahi ho.. don’t do this..

What do you mean Geet? Her mother was already frustrated.

They thought us as their servants, don’t do their work. Atleast they should respect you, you are mother figure to her.

Let them behave Geet, however they want. We can’t stop them.. they are shall now, as they will grow up , I am sure they will be nature enough to respect relationships.

Nothing that sort gonna happen.. her father’s voice came from behind.

Baba..Geet turned teary and hugged her father.

I am sorry beta, because of me , you both have to suffer. Pls forgive me…he patted his daughters head himself drowned in immense guilt.

You are right…is sabki wajah aap hai…not only you betrayed me but also make us suffered. Madhu pointed finger at him angrily.

Mom plz…geet tried to stop her mother as her words were hurting her more than her father because she couldn’t bear to see her dad’s sad face nor their fight.

Because of him we have to beg infront of everybody for penny. Madhu blasted with tears stinging her eyes.

Yes you are right here, but I never betrayed you, they ruin my everything. My hard earned money…they betrayed me…I was just doing business.

Yeah…I know what kind of business you were doing behind my back, I was so careless.. behaving dumb but you back stabbed me. You were showering money on that bitch like a water and you didn’t have even little time to spend with us.

I am sorry…her father cried out making Geet wimp as well. He hugged her, you try to understand me beta, I loved you both , they trapped me, and sent that woman to me..I never did anything wrong..and now I realized my fault, never to believe on someone easily..

Keep my words remember in your mind dear, he cupped her face, don’t ever believe anyone in this world, no one is yours, only us your parents , honey(their pet dog) and your uncle. Or else no one is your in this cruel world.

Geet nodded crying with her father as she hugged him trying to lessen his pain. How she wished to grew up fast and do some work to earn for her parents, she couldn’t see her father like that. For a moment she felt angry on her mother but then quickly realized she couldn’t..both are right at their own places… her mom loved her father dearly, and getting to know something like from other about her own husband, and that coming true in reality. How much pain she is going through from inside she couldn’t fathom.

As she tried putting herself on her place, No…she couldn’t imagine what she will do if someday she found Maan with other lady than her..or worst, everyday just one thought trouble her what if he will found his beloved in future, she will died seeing him with other woman.

She was startled seeing her father getting up, he walked like a numb man to his room, she kept looking at his retreating back, cursing the people for being reason of pain of her father.

Her father was in partnership business but his partner betrayed him, back stabbed him even, trapped him with woman. Who was non less than bitch.

She was busting with rage, but couldn’t do anything, that helplessness was killing her. She so wished to kill everyone with her bare hands who trouble her parents.but couldn’t able to do anything other than left cursing them badly in her small age.

She knew, was sure, they will pay back heavily one day, for the trouble they bestow upon her family. Her prayers will answer one day, so as her curse for her enemies. God can’t be so blind to ignored her heart wrenching pain who just wished to punish the culprits.


It was the lunch time, still her mother was busy in fulfilling her cousins demands. She peek through the door, watching her brother having burger now. Her mouth watered… while stomach grumble loudly.

Rajeev looked up and found her staring. He fumed but then smirked evily.


She was startled, she hides behind again.

Geet , I saw now no hiding from brother, come out.

She was hell nervous as she slowly walked before him, with lower head.

Wanna have bite…

Rajeev offered and she looked up shock, she couldn’t believe it , she kept staring him but then watch him frowning and then he began to get angry, fearing from his anger, she quickly move near and try to grabbed it but Rajeev took back his hand, na..aise nahi sis..

Geet frowned.

Here, come here, I will feed you.he pointed to his side as he was sitting on the carpet.

Geet’s eyes widen , she was so confused why he is behaving so sweetly suddenly, her innocent mind couldn’t fathom his hidden evilness.

Um.. it’s okay bhai.. she was unsured.

Geet…his voice raised and she found herself crawling beside him.

Next moment, he jerked her closer, by his arms wrapping around her small waist, she was shock as she landed almost on his lap.

Take it…he held that huge burger before her, she was uneasy with their posture yet couldn’t fathom anything wrong in that, with her nave mind and heart.

She kept looking at the huge thing, not knowing from where to take first bite, and when she chew a little, everything spill upon her from it…making him hiss in anger.

Damn it…he blasted, is this how you eat it..?? Spoiling everything..

You can’t do anything properly rather than mess it up.

Geet sobbed, trying to get up, he held her tight, don’t move, his eyes roaming on her chest, let me clean it..he lustily was roaming his fingers on her cleavage, she shuddered feeling something not right.

It’s okay bhai..main kar lungi. she held his wrist stopping him, let me get up, I will clean it going to my room.

Yaha kya problem hai tumhe, dear here and do.

She was so uneasy and was getting scare, she began to sweat, Rajeev found it only desirable. His eyes lustily gazing her body, as she pulled her frock little down from her cleavage to remove the remnants.

His hands slowly began moving on her bare thighs as her frock went up, she was lost in her own self, she came back to senses feeling him opening the chain of her frock.

Bhai…what are you doing..? She held his hand behind, one hand holding her front.

I was just helping you sis, he lied clearly.

Still tugging at her zip…she turned around facing him… Seeing his jaw tightening in anger.


He grabbed her in his arms ,

Hume jane dijiye..

I will let you go Geet, first let me do what I want.

Kya chahte hai aap, she asked innocently,

Come here, he demanded.


Don’t make me lose my patience Geet, or else you will face my anger..he hissed furiously scaring her.

Or you want me to tell your mother about you being here to get my burger?

No..she was horrified..

He smirked, that’s like my sweet sister.. okay so let me do what I want, his hands roaming on her bare back, as he opened her zip of dress.

Geet closed her eyes feeling uneasy, she shuddered badly, feeling his rough hands pressing her softness.

I know, you will like it baby…his hands moving towards her small breast, as she was wearing noting inside, she hasn’t yet started , he got clear access.

And pulled her on his lap again,

Tears welled up on her cheeks, she closed her eyes feeling helpless. Then his face flashes behind her close eyes, no..her heart screamed, she couldn’t let him touch her that’s only her Maan’s right..yes..her brain alerted her.

Before his hands touch her bosom she pulled back with all her might, nahi are doing wrong. She shouted.

How dare you to raise you voice on me..he got up too and clutch her hairs, his gaze move down on her open cloths, she was horrified, realizing her condition. Leave me..she cried.

Never honey…he smirked, trying to kiss her neck, but she jerked him apart.

She quickly pulled up her dress, he was approaching again but God was with her that his cell buzz, as it was something important for him, he left her and rushed out of room.

Geet zip up her dress, feeling horrible about herself, she felt disgusted…for a mere good thing she behave dumb and couldn’t help give despise look to the burger, and rushed out before wiping her that her parents couldn’t see it.


Dil mere tu deewana hai

Paagal hai maine mana hai

She heard the voice coming from her father’s room, her feet take her towards she heard the song lyrics, she knew the love and craziness of her father for the old songs.

She was going to walk inside when her feet halted seeing him drinking, couldn’t able to bear the sight, she ran away to her room.

She rolled down on the floor crying bitterly… For Maan. She pulled out her cell phone and open his pic which she has recently store on her phone.

Plz aap jaldi se aa jaiye aur hume yaha se le jaiye..Hume yaha nahi rahna..I will take my parents also with won’t mind, will you!?

Khamoshiyo ke juban
 Koi na samjhe yaha
 Sahar me gul khilte nahi
 Milke kabhi milte nahi
 Jane hai kiski khata
Anjane ye raahe
 Manjil ka dengi pata

She kissed his pic, slowly smile plastering upon her face. And she chuckled blushing heavily.

She knew she couldn’t have him but one day she will surely, don’t know how and when but sure she will have him.

Geet didn’t realized that she was getting crazy for him, just seeing him in TV and in magazines. He was popular, upcoming businessman, with charming looks and physics.

She pulled out the diary which her father has given her, he had given her it on purpose.


Geet beta, remember one thing, you are not weak but my strong daughter, we are rich and will always remain rich, keep this thoughts in mind and remember, I am always with you.

Geet innocently nodded, understanding only few things from her father’s speech.

Here, take this diary.

Geet beamed in happiness, wow..

Mr.handa chuckled seeing his daughters dimple smile, now listen to me carefully,

Geet became serious and concentrate.

Write down your all wishes and dreams here in this diary, it’s for you dear. Whatever you want..and desire, what you want to accomplish, write down everything in this but don’t use black pen.

She nodded again already thinking about her dreams, her innocent heart already jumped in joy thinking now she will have everything whatever she wants.

Love you dad, she planted kiss on his cheek.

Love you too beta..he kissed her forehead affectionately.


 Nadiyo ko ahsas hai
 Sagar me bhi pyas hai
 Mana ki hai andhera ghana
 Kisne kiya tujhko mana
 Taro ki shama jala
 Sach hote sapne bhi
 Maine hai aisa suna

Geet opened the diary and glance at the wishes she had written down, her heart again pained with the thought that she couldn’t even join her favorite course … because of heavy fees.. she was studying however on scholarship.

She turned the pages thinking for a while and began scrubbing down only one name that was on her heart always.


She didn’t realized, she was getting obsessive for him, forgetting everything around only he remained on her mind most of the time.



She shouted and got up with a start drenching in her own sweat, Maan who has just walked out of washroom, rushed to her.

Maan…she hugged him tightly, as soon as sat beside her. Plz don’t ever leave me…she cried on his chest.

Sh…it’s okay .I am here…he cocooned her, patting her head. She kept weeping remembering those horrible moments of her past life.

He felt her shudder profusely, and she clutched his shoulders more tightly.. as his face kept haunting her.

Kya baat hai Jaan. He tried to ask but she kept mum, burying her face in the crook of his neck..

He felt wetness there, and was feeling helpless seeing her scare suddenly.

Daro nahi Geet.. it’s only a bad dream.

She sobbed hearing him, it’s not..she whispered unconsciously making him widen his eyes.

Kya kaha tumne…he parted demanding answers, muze batao Geet, kya baat hai…

She looked down, her lips shivering . am just scared because of nightmare. She lied, although it was partially true.

Maan sighed heavily, knowing she is again hiding something from him. He knew however he tried he couldn’t get any answers from her now. He thought something…and wiped her tears, combing back her hairs, he kissed her forehead.

Geet sighed then noticed his bare chest it only made her blush. He jerked her closer, she shied and looked down. He kissed her jaw, then cheek.

She breathed high, inhaling his musky scent, water dripping from his wet hairs straight on her neck, she shivered as he pulled down the blanket getting clear view of her bosom.

His palms cupped it while he claimed her mouth, she moaned in his mouth, her heart rejoicing his touch on her body, as she pulled him more closer holding his nape.both shared a open mouth deep kiss.

He left her mouth and stroll down kisses on her neck hungrily, then cleavage finally taking her bud in his mouth..he nipped it.. while other was being crushed in his palm.

She laid down taking him on her, letting go every rational thoughts aside only cherishing this feeling of having him closer and getting loved by him.


Dil mere tu deewana hai
 Pagal hai maine mana hai
 Pal pal aahe bharta hai
 Kahne se kyu darta hai
 Dil mere tu deewana hai

She was in jovial mood recently, as she jumped around happily packing his favorite meal for lunch, the thought of his romantic and possessive proposal brought sweetest blush to her cheeks.

She has thought to accept his proposal, although there was no need for acceptance as she was already his from her heart and mind. Yet she decided to have a talk with Kunal..and clear him everything. He would understand or she will make him understand her POV.

Maan will handle everything she believed…with those thoughts lingering in mind she reached office. Her eyes began there own search to find him restlessly. As she walked into his cabin, only to find it empty. She pouted then walked inside to arrange the cupboard which was messed up. She then arranged his table and put fresh flowers in the pot keeping that on his table.

Maan walked inside his cabin and his breath halted seeing her pleasant sight.

Geet looked up and blushed heavily, she tried to walked out passing by him when he held her wrist, stopping her there by.

He slowly pulled her inside locking the door at his back. His eyes roamed around his cabin, tumne Kiya…?

She nodded looking down, his fingers caressing her palms, making her have goosebumps in her body.

Thanks…he whispered huskily caressing her cheek..

Aapko thanks kahne ki jarurat nahi’s my duty..

His heart beat fasten hearing her words, he cupped her chin making her look up into his eyes, he saw her shinning gaze before she look down again.

Look into my eyes Geet..he demanded huskily.

She obliged and he found her acceptance to his proposal there. He beamed in happiness, he was unsure before about her but now he couldn’t fathom his happiness and claimed her lips to rejoice it.


Precap : Same

It was Geet’s past which she saw in her dream… so now most of things has been clear… more past will reveal step by step.. 

And I am really sorry for this much late…but as I said before, was busy with my training and interviews..

Thank you so much for likes and comments


Thanks for being there with me…


Will try to update next as soon as possible..

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  1. Omg geet went through so much in her young age..rajeev is so disgusting and her cousins are treating his mother and father as slaves poor geet was loving maan since ages…I m happy that geet decided to talk to kunal and maan is happy seeing her answer through her eyes… waiting to read more ❤️ take your time no worries

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  2. Nice update.At last she decided to hear to Maan and take their relationship forward and also talk to kunal to he separated legally.Rajeev is disgusting. Bhai ke naam pe dhabba hai woh.May be these kind of people exist too.How could he do this to Geet.Majboori mein usne kunal se shadi karli hogi jabke woh tabhi se Maan se itni Mohabbat karti hai.Hope she gets her love back.

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  3. Geet past very horrible. Cheap Rajiv he is dhabba on the name of bhai. Maan wants geet to accept his proposal geet is also ready hope she gets her happiness. Thanks for the update

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  5. They decided to face it,Her past is full of pain,her only happiness was him,Now how will she going to tell Kunal about all these,hoping everyone gets their own share of happiness, looking forward to further…

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