He pulled down her dress from one shoulder getting access her bare body, and he started kissing her passionately, at each and every corner of her bare body, at the end he rips her shirt off, making her gasp.
Geet blushed hard, pulling back, her hands crossed on her chest, Maan then realised what he was doing, just giving one glance to her innocent face, he take a step back, going up towards where her shirt was lying, he took it and give it to her, all the while looking everywhere but at her.
Geet herself was too shy to see his condition, she just pulled that cloth from his hand, and ran inside washroom, blushing heavily.
Maan smiled seeing her nave act, and get back to bed, waiting for her.
She put her hand on her heart, looking in the huge mirror, her reflection in it , she  shied looking her own condition, her face red like tomato, lips had swollen, then his teeth marks on her body, she couldn’t bear to see more, and hide her face behind her both palms, feeling all mushy mushy, for the first time experiencing this all, that too from her Love.
She slowly sneak from behind her palms to her own reflection ..
How easily her mind said out to him as her Love! Is it so, babaji..??

She thought looking at herself in the mirror and then slowly wore her shirt.
Walking out she was too confused to conclude her feelings as love or not.. but there was no reason to deny it also..
Her thoughts halted feeling his piercing gaze on her, she slowly looked up to find him glaring at her only with so much passion and love in his eyes.
Really?? He too loves her??
Ab hai tere dil mein kya
Main bhi zara jaan loon
[What’s there in your heart
Now let me come to know about that]
Mishty!?? Kya hua.. itni gumsum kyon ho??

He called out breaking her everie yet again. much she loved that name being called by his sweet lips, just for her. She gives him small smile before taking steps towards him, with each steps her heartbeats raise manically in happiness to reach him.
She was again shy reminding their close moment and then his shirtless form.

She sat beside him nervously, as he got up, seating so closed to each other, almost both could hear each other’s wild heartbeats.


Maan had never before experience something so beautiful and magical, which he had with his mishty..yes only his, he thought confirm about his love feelings for her today, as he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist, making her startled.
Kya hua, mishty, don’t you like it??
Geet stared at him , she was so silent unlike her, which irked Maan, somewhere he knew the reason yet he couldn’t see her like that, his fingers teased her soft tendrils pushing them behind her ear,

Geet shivered when heard his next question, the close moment we share before??
Geet turned scarlet red, hearing him asking something like that so openly,
She couldn’t utter anything, just nodded her head.
You don’t like it?? Maan was shattered
Nahi…mera matlab hai..
I like it..she spoke inaudible voice but Maan get it what he wanted to know, and his heart jump in joy, beautiful smile adores his face, he was never before this happy .


Apni toh yeh mauj hai
Tu joh kahe maan loon
[I’m in total excitement
So I’ll agree to whatever you say]
He just peck her lips, leaving her breathless, she got up at instant, I will see what is there to dinner for me?? Saying so she ran from there instantly .
Maan let her go, and lay back smiling like a fool, this is just so beautiful.. he thought turning on his pillow, her smile.. her blushing..her whispering those words..her everything..she is beautiful..her innocent heart is beautiful. He concluded slowly drifting to sleep.
Geet came back having her dinner, she saw him sleeping peacefully like a baby, smile tug her lips seeing his carefree look while sleeping, he looks most adorable.

She thought climbing up the bed, and soon slept off wrapping both of them in one blanket, after few minutes, she snuggle closer from his back, wrapping her arms on his stomach,
He could feel her even in his sleep , as he groan feeling her and then slept off again, Geet smile seeing her affect on him, she happily kiss on his back, then hearing his moan, again blushed and soon drifted off to sleep.
It was midnight,
Maan started shivering, feeling his cold body against her, Geet woke up with a startle and was really worried seeing his condition, she tried to find his other blankets from room but could find anything, his condition was getting worsen making Geet scare, she climb back to the bed and went inside his blanket, as soon as Maan felt her presence, he turned briskly in her arms, hugging her like a child, seeking her warmth.

Geet was continously rubbing his body, trying to hit it up.. suddenly she moaned out feeling his his hands going inside her shirt, he started caressing her soft skin underneath, in his subconscious state.
Main chahoon mujhe tu pyar kare
Ek baar nahi, sau baar kare
Ab door talak ae yaar mere jayega yeh silsila
[I want you to love me
Not once, but a hundred times
My friend, now this story will go till far]
Geet pulled his face in the crook of her neck, feeling arouse with new feelings, her eyes began to welled up seeing his condition, she couldn’t lose him, just the thought made her shiver, she hugs him tight to herself giving him much needed warmth,
Maan began to smooch her, throat, neck, going down in her clevage, bitting it in between..
His hands went on her bossom, cupping it, Geet muffled her moans, bitting her lips, she herself was getting dizzy with the effect of his raw touch and their position not helping either, they were stick together, his legs rubbing on her, going up, tickling her senses.

When her shirt was taken off from her body, she didn’t get, who did it iether, she just took him on her body, laying back, his hands began to explore her, as he looked her devine face with his droopy eyes.
Soon, Geet found her undergarment losen from her body, she realised he had removed the hooks, now he hovering on her chest, she shivered, not in senes anymore to even stop him.
The only thing buzzed in her head that he needed her at the moment, and her breath hitch in her throat, next feeling his mouth hovering on her bossom, his hot ragging breath falling over, making her breathless, his big palm cupped one, while mouth taken one mount in.. giving her all together different feeling and she lost he began to suck on her chest like baby.
Geet looked down to see him latching on her b***** like a baby, she blushed furiously, and closed her eyes holding him closed.
He did the same to her other one, while massaging other one in his hand, Geet had never felt this much blissful before.
She pulled him more to herself, giving him access,
Precap :-
Morning after..

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
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