Chapter 5-In Love with my Brother in Law

Dream or Broken Reality What!?  Tumne mujhe teddy bear samaz rakha hai? Yeh aap khud keh rahe hai, she giggled...mein teri Barbie girl tu mera teddy bear..she sang hugging him,while he laid fuming. Move!! He blasted suddenly making her startle. Dekhiye khurana Saab, meine kaha na mujhe yahi sona hai... I also told you, mein … Continue reading Chapter 5-In Love with my Brother in Law

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Geet sat down on the bed and clasped her head. She had a headache and couldn’t see away out of her dilemma. Couldn’t he just explain to her without yelling at her? I just don’t understand him! She thought. Then sudden thought crossed her mind, does he love someone else? No…how could that be, it … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8


He wistfully gazed down at the enchanting goddess who lay slumbering on the bed. He bent down beside her, just at her tiny waist. His senses ignited and flamed with acute desire; his groin tightened and pleaded for release, and his lips curled up in an appreciative curve. She possessed the exquisite face of an … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 40


Her heart felt as if it had stopped beating. She frantically told herself again that she had to back away, but her feet seemed glued to the floor, those brilliant brown eyes had hypnotized her, the soft rhythms of his voice had turned her limbs to jelly.  She watched with dreadful fascination as Maans's mouth moved … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 39


 I will follow your order darling, but first I want something in return… He put forward his demand, with very serious note , as he rest lazily on his chair waiting for her answer. What do you want?? Geet asked innocently tottaly clueless about his naughty mood. You!! His answer was quick. Ji..she asked perplexed. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 38


Both were lost in each other, devouring each others mouth, his hands snaking on her body like expert seducer, he cupped her breast making her moan in his mouth. Their trance was broken with the approaching thundering hooves. Both broke apart turning alert, he quickly pushed her behind the bushes, stay here until I order. … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 4


He was moving down kissing her open chest, simultaneously slipping down her night gown from her breast, her head moving tormentingly from side to side as his mouth lifted from hers, leaving her bereft. 'Shush . . . shush . . . It's all right.' he whispered huskily.. caging her tightly in his arms. The … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 37


Geet was shocked feeling him lifting her in his arms, yeh kahase sikha tumne?? She asked as he stumbled on his feet managing her weight.. stop it ..I am not that heavy..she glared him slapping his chest. He was still swinging from here to there, Geet was really frustrated, she held him tight in fear … Continue reading HUM TUMPE MARTE HAI.. CHAPTER 13