Maan was lost in her when Geet fed him soup lovingly blowing each spoon, both were lost in each other, like love birds.smiley39


She put on some music to sooth the Atmosphere while same song started playing which take both of them back to the memory of their first kiss.


She wiped his mouth with utmost care, her eyes shinning with pure love for him as she continues to watch his face, caressing his cheek.


Khoye khayalon mein kyun
Aise dekhe muze
Aaj ye hai baat kya
Jaise tu mera lage
Maan looked at her lost state, he smirked and gestured her, Geet looked at him confused and asked him what through he eyes only,
He had already started feeling fine with her care and love , he pointed towards the cheez cake🍰 she had put on the side table.
Geet smiled cheekily seeing his eagerness, and got that piece to feed him.
As maan open his mouth for it, she lovingly fed him whole, but he eaten half of it and put half in her mouth, Geet taken back with his gesture, ate the remannts which was actually his juta.. blush covered her whole face realizing it..
Ye teri aada ye husn jawaan
Lejaye mujhe ab jaane kahan
Maan just admired her sweet blushing, she was looking more beautiful with that blush, he caressed her pink chubby cheeks, with his fingers teasing her soft skin, it trailed down on her lips which have remannts of cake spread across, he rubs it off , and putting the same fingers in his mouth.
Geet looked at him shock, her whole shivered seeing him licking his fingers, eyeing her naughtily, if that wasn’t enough, he wink at her.
Geet was about to get up but he hold her wrist, jerking her back in his lap, she looked at his passionate eyes, she could feel his body still burning, but before she could uttered a word, he rubs her moisten lips, making her close her eyes, submitting herself to his passion.
Maan lost his all senses just looking at her face, she gulped hard, her lips Shivering, as if inviting him to take them and stop their Shivering.
Maan obliged willingly as he started decreasing the distance between them, both their lips touched together for a passionate kiss.
Ab door talak ae jaan-e-jahan
jayega yeh silsila
Both kissed each hungrily cherishing this new feeling, which was spreading through their heart and soul like poison, and drug , making them glue together like never to be apart.
Love hua
Love hua
Ab ye na poocho ye kab hua
Hey…love hua
Humko khabar hai ye kab hua
Haa… kab hua
ooo..dono ne chaaha ye tab hua
Love hua – (3)
Both were lost in the kiss, they breaks apart, did if few more times, not satisfied..
After a while Geet opened her dizzy eyes, realizing what she is doing, she blushed hard, but their way no regret she felt. It was only something beautiful. ..she looked at Maan who was looking at her lovingly and eyeing her lips as if have not had enough.
Maan, you should take rest now, she got up, he again hold her wrist, making puppy face,
I am not going anywhere, Maan, I will be here with you, but you take rest.
She understood his unsaid word and helped him laying down on the bed,
But you haven’t eaten anything Geet,
Don’t worry, I will have my dinner, you sleep now. She put on blanket, but he pushed off , feeling hot suddenly.
Bahot garmi hai, Geet..kya kar rahi ho..and next moment, he pulled out his shirt baring his torso.
Geet had her eyes and mouth wide open seeing him standing like this before her.
Maan smirked seeing her face, he went closer to her, pulling her in his arms, she blushed looking down, chodo muze..she did a futile attempt,


Didn’t you like me holding you Geet??
His straight forward question startled her, she was shy, not knowing how to answer him, she just kept looking down…Maan got frustrated seeing her silence, he left her suddenly making her looked back at him,
So you don’t like my company..
Aisa nahi hai..she blurted out, shock hearing him,
Toh phir..??
Geet could really see his frustration and anger, she walked bear him, after lot of courage, she put her soft palms on his bare chest, which had tough structure.
I like it, when you are this close to me,
Maan wrapped his arms around her small waist, admiring her innocence,
I liked it when you hold me like this near you, and she put her head on his chest, feeling safe and right place to be there in his strong arms.
He engulf her in bear hug, and closed his eyes just hearing her confession which soothed his senes.
I feel protective, and away from any danger, when I am in your arms.
I feel so nice, and peace at heart, like my longing for something had really been fulfilled, she confessed innocently what she felt for him, hugging him back, her hands started caressing his back.
The confession was more to herself than his answering her inner questions.
Maan was on fire, feeling her innocent touch. His hands went inside her top, and he started caressed her soft skin, while his face dipped in her open clevage,
Oh Maan..she moaned, feeling herself flying in air, with his magical touch,his magnificent aroma, he smell magnificent even in his illness..
Umm..she continues to moaned giving him more courage to go ahead in what he was doing. ..
He pulled down her dress from one shoulder acceding her bare body, and he started kissing her passionately, at each and every corner of her bare body, at the end he rips her shirt off, making her gasp.
to be continued…
Precap :-
1.Finally Geet get her answers to her unknown feelings towards Maan.
2.Passionate moments between Maneet..
And if you guys forget,?? Then it has just started..😉😍

30 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 10

  1. Awesome update 👍 geet taking care of maan so well and romance also going on unintentionally both sharing there feelings with each other
    Can’t wait for next update
    Update soon

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  2. maan u r a patient…… behave like dat………..but u r toh becoming tooooooooo romantic …….haan maan babu………apne hi chef se pyar………..haan maan………….chalo dekhte hai…………

    lovely update………

    loved it…………..

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  3. Hi , thanks for update ,both confess their feelings nice song selection, romantic and passionate part
    Precap,any mor to come
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    Stay safe

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  4. Simply loving this part..geet is caring for maan and maan was happy seeing the care and concern in her eyes…geet being his side he almost felt he recovered their cute romance while feeding cake ..the way maan questioned her about his company geet’s innocent confession was lovely…both are going head in romance waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  6. Superb update….
    She is taking care of him..Feed him and all…He is happy that she is there and feeling better with her presence and care….
    And then their moments,both r indulging in it and feeling new emotions and thereby confessing them also,Geet is giving herself wt is happening and how it feels when he is near,and he is happy to hear her sat that…. Looking forward to further….

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  7. Hey Mugdha, I am so sorry for the late comment, just read the update. Enjoyed reading it, the story is progressing very sweetly. Thanks

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    Geet takes care of maan. He is touched by her love n care for him.

    They both share passionate moments. Beautiful moments.

    Loved geet’s confession. She finally realized her feelings for him.

    Now is maan’s turn for confession.

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