He pushed back his hairs in frustration, not knowing what happened suddenly when he had already finished the chapter of Sam
Maan almost ran outside of car, then inside mansion, running upstairs madly, skipping stairs, he left a high breath because of running and seeing his both Jaan fine.
Before she got up, he was at her side, as he pulled her and baby along with her, in a bear hug, her tears had well up, wetting his shirt, he blame himself only,for this .
Stop crying now!!
He spoke in stern yet soft voice, patting her head. Although he don’t know the reason yet, but it’s been a while he is seeing crying like this, he had never let her shed tear, even out of happiness.
But today seems, his all those attempts getting futile.
Geet sniffed, and pulled out softly when both heard baby’s squilling , which brought smiles on their faces seeing their baby happy. He became happy finding his dad there that too in a family hug, that he squeal out.
Just then Geet remember about the letter and she tried to loacte it, Maan saw her trying to find something, Geet, kya dhoond rahi ho,??
Woh letter, Maan..woh which Sam had sent to me.
Sam?? Letter?? He was clueless and was really shocked to know it, how did she even managed to do it, that’s why Geet was crying so historically.. he got furious again, putting the baby down on the bed to play alone.
He marched towards her, only to see her fecthing that note from the floor, this is..
Geet was calm and stable now after her crying and Maan at her side.
Maan got it from her hands, and started reading from the start, his blood was boiling to extent seeing that woman’s audocity. Eyes turning red, as he continues to read the content..
Once after finishing the letter, he was about to tore it in anger but Geet stop him, aap yeh kya kar rahe hai, Hume padhne dijiye. I had read few lines only.. Geet holds his wrist,

You don’t have to read further also, it’s not that important..he was rude which irked her.
Humare liye bahot important hai, because it’s related to my baby.. she spoke back in same tone because no one can hide anything from her, about her son, she have full right to know and she snatch the letter from his hands, leaving him toungetied and frustrated seeing her sherni avtaar.

Geet gives him furious glare for trying to hide this thing about her baby from her.. how can he do this to a mother, she was really angry.
Maan was just gapping at her like a fool for a while, he had never seen her so much angry before that too on him, no matter what, he have only felt her unconditional love and pampering for him, but today..??

He knew the reason also, it’s not easy for any mother to imagine even something like that happening to her child, and probably she had read that info from letter.
He cursed Sam for all this mishap.. from starting she is the reason for Geet’s pain, today also.. he left a frustrated sigh, fisting his palms and went out in the balcony to make a call.
Here, Geet started reading the letter, from whee she had left it before,
After I took your baby, only then I regreted, he was my nephew after all.. I taken good care of him and never let him suffered a bit.
Geet couldn’t held back the tears, she looked at her baby who was playing alone on the bed beside her, as she put her palm on his head, he squeal again pulling on her sari pallu, and cradling on her lap.
Geet instantly took him in her arms, planting numerous kisses, she don’t know how did her baby survive without her or his Dad.
She look at the letter to read next,
I hope, you can forgive me..Geet . For the sake of our old times..
I promise, I will never show up my face in your life ever again..
Geet was about to put the letter down when she notice, at the back of the letter there was written something again..
She curiously glance at that side,
One more thing, Geet..I want to let you know, Maan never loved me, even before .. it was always you from the beginning, it was always you in his heart.. it was small misunderstanding and confusion which lead to so many drastic things to happen in your life.. and all because of me..
Geet was confused, but as she started reading next, her heartbeat raise to new level of insanity reading the content.
From childhood he only loved you but later he misunderstood you as me..and everything that followed you know,
Being with me, he was not with me really all those years, it was only you in his heart, he really didn’t share any of those love feelings with me.. nor we did share any physical relationship.. because he couldn’t.he always tried to distance with me..I could really feel his restlessness when he was with me.
Maan only loves you, Geet from the beginning..
Geet couldn’t move for a bit, trying to fathom the truth.. she looked at her baby, playing in her arms, she couldn’t forgive her sis for the crime she tried to do.. but then she could really able to feel the remoreses she is going through, and she is sufferings for the crime she had done.
And the last confession of hers which left her almost breathless.. how much she was dreaming fir the same thing, and today as if her babaji had worship her with those words, she again read the part of back of letter, she don’t know how many times she read it..
The thing that Maan only loves her, even before, he didn’t forget their childhood.. he didn’t forget his best friend, he was only hers before as well and even now..
It was all giving geet immense happiness.. she put the sleeping baby on bed, covering with his small blanket and rushed out in the balcony clutching that piece of note in her palm.
How did she managed to send my wife this damn letter!?? He blasted furiously..
What do you mean?? don’t know..
He furiously bangs his hands on the railing of balcony, making sound there by getting her attention..
Maan… She cried out running towards him, taking his hand in her, she kissed it softly where he got little injury ..her tears wet his palm.
Geet.. he was clueless about the last part of the letter which was on backside.. he thought she must be crying because of Ammy..
Don’t everything is fine, your Armaan is with you and Sam is in jail..taking her deserve punishment. He said last words angrily , clinching his teeth.
Geet looked up shock hearing this, what?? How??
Maan narrated her all incident from kidnapping to sending her behind bar.
Geet couldn’t believe this, she took steps back feeling hurt, so much happened and you didn’t consider to tell me!! That too about my baby..she chocked.
Geet listen.. he tried to stop her but she ran inside , Maan follow behind to see her seating beside sleeping ammy.

Listen Jaan.. you were not in a condition to bear the news that time.. infact today, you broke down just reading that.. you scared the hell out of me today..he said holding her shoulders from behind, to which she jerked out of his arms angrily..
And what about me, Maan.. you know how I felt today.. how much I got scared.. and when have you thought to tell me all this..??
That’s what I am saying, Jaan.. your surgery was going through, and then doctor had already warned me.. he pulled her in his arms, cupping her face, about you life.. your condition was very critical that time.. I couldn’t tell much I wanted to share my pain with you..
Geet felt her heart bleeding seeing him crying now.. yes he was right, she is in pain and anger today and what not feeling..just reading that..which gone happening..
But what about him, how much have suffered , gone through to get back their baby.. to hide this things from her, he must have cried also..but she wasn’t there to wiped his tears and shared his pain. She felt miserable now.
I am sorry.. she sobbed, looking down , making him look at her in puzzle, why are you sorry Jaan..he cupped her chin, staring in her teary eyes..
I was not there with you.. I am sorry.. and I got angry on you.she sniffed and at the end wiped her nose to his shirt making him chuckle.
You don’t have to, was not you fault.. infact I am sorry, for hidding this fact till today..
But you did this for my good only, you were right, I couldn’t have bear it that time..
Maan sighed seeing her understanding but it was short lived as he listen her further, but you have hide other much important thing from me.. she pouted with her eyes shinning only pure love and true happiness through it as if she had got lost precious possession of hers.

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28 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 41

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    Sam is also guilty for her deed
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