Maan looked at her confused, thinking what else he had hide from her and before he thinks further, she crushed herself in his arms,
You never forget your childhood friend, have you??
Now that came as a shock for Maan, how did she knew? He pulled her apart only to see her deeply didn’t take him long to know that she knows everything now..
How?? I do you came to know?? He was stuck for a moment not knowing what to say or how to react..
Geet kept looking into his deep eyes, having nothing to say further, she couldn’t comprehen her happiness, that she cupped his nape and before he knew, her lips were all over his, kissing him slowly and passionately letting him know, how much she is happy and relieved to know this that he is only hers, from the beginning..
Maan put his arms around her small back, pulling her closer, as he dip her down to access her mouth, before kissing her back hard, leaving her breathless.
I am only yours, Jaan!! He muttered in her mouth before leaving her, both take a break for a moment before Maan said further, how can I forget my little angel who had tried every possible way to wash away all my pains with her tinny hands.. he caressed her damp cheeks, wipping those fresh layers of tears.
Geet smiled through tears, reminding their childhood was only few days but worth it..every second or moment with him was nothing but pure bliss.
Why did you hide it from me?? You don’t know how much happy and satisfied I am today!!
She cupped his face dearly, looking at him with enormous Love which makes him break down, hearing her question , his all emotions flood out through tears as he get every little flashback of them together, his crime, and her’s not forgettable nor forgivable..
He broke down, rolling down on his knees before her, as he hold her waist, hidding his face in her tummy..
Geet shivered, feeling the intensity of his pain, as his tears socked her sari, and half bare stomach.
Maan.. she tried to calm him, rubbing his scalp..brushing his hairs but he sniffed, kuch mat kaho, Geet..I know you will only sooth me with your words, you have forgiven me, but how am I too forgive myself or my sins..which I dare to do with such an angel who only loved me despite all hatred she bore from me.. tell me Geet, how am I too forgive myself.. he pulled his head out and looked at her for his answer,
Geet shakes terribly seeing his tearstriken face, never before she saw him like this breaking down..which he had not done before, infact, he had very authoritatively brought her back few months back, propose her for his love.. but today seeing him breaking down, she didn’t liked a bit.
She rolled down beside him, cupping his face, who are you to do this.. it was me who have the right to forgive you..I had already forgiven you Maan, for the sins which you have not did .
Maan looked at her shock hearing her, but he knew she would only say like that.what else he had expected from the angel of his life.


You haven’t done any sin , Maan..yeh khayal aap aapke Dil se Nikal dijiye.. you have given me, my ammy..she said with her glistening eyes, leaving him in awe with her selfless love.
You have every right on me, to do anything with me, I have myself given you this right, then why are you blaming yourself in all this.. she put her forehead on his, crying with him for seeing him so upset today and guilty.
I can’t even imagine what conflict you must have gone through with yourself, your mind and heart..all those years, she put her palm on his chest, where heart resides,
Maan was just watching her, with his red teary eyes while she continued cupping his jaw, I have suffered nothing, because it was only your love and right on me..
But you, you were lost in your own turmoil of heart and mind , Maan..I was there with you, still you can’t loved me nor push me away, ..
Maan was left speechless, for she knew him so well..and his heart, he pulled her closed, on his lap, having nothing to say, just once he asked her, tumne muze maaf kar diya na, Jaan!?? He whispered huskily, Geet looked at him, I already did Maan, phirse yeh baat kabhi mat dohrayega.. warna Sabse jada hume Bura don’t know it hurts me most to see you like this..
you have no fault in all was only our destiny.. and it was our past..
Sahi baat toh yeh hai..humara aaj..our present and future, and we are together, that’s what matters the most, hai na?
Maan nodded in acceptance, crushing her to his chest in a bear hug..
Aur yeh baat kabhi mat bhulna, you have given me the most precious happiness, our Armaan.. your love.. You only loved me Maan, from childhood.. you never betrayed your love..your heart always tried to fight for your love, she pointed on his chest, you did all this just to saved your love feelings for your sweetheart.
She tried to eased him, taking his lips in her, she softly kissed him,
Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai
Hadh se guzar jana hai
Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai
Hadh se guzar jana hai
[We have to grow our love slowly
We have to cross the limits in it]
Maan pushed her down slowly taking control as he kissed her back slowly and passionately, povering out his all love through the kiss. He breaks apart, seeing her struggling for a breath, Geet looked at him, eyeing her passionately, although she blushed but hover on to him resting on his chest, she kissed his forehead tenderly.
Mujhe bas tujhse dil lagana hai
Hadh se guzar jana hai
[I just want to fall in love with you
I have to cross the limits in it]
She went down, kissing his beard cheeks softly, then down on his nose, with a shy smile, she hover on his lips..
Geet blushed seeing his passionate gaze not moving from her face, she looked up to see curtains moving, with wind blowing inside, and sunlight peeking through.
She just realised what she is doing, and tried to get up, but he pushed her down again, cradling her head,
Maan.. Hume chodiye.,
Don’t.. he stopped her struggle, she sighed knowing he won’t listen today, since he needs her now, she rested her head on his palm below and kept waiting for his move.
Aisi zindagi hogi
Har taraf khushi hogi
Itna pyar doonga tujhe ae mere sanam
[Life will be such that
There’ll be happiness all around
My beloved, that’s how much love I’ll give you]


Maan kept looking at her lovely face with his loving gaze, she said right.. what matters now, is she is here with him in his arms, lying happily.. he concluded, kissing her forehead, Geet closed her eyes feeling peace at heart, seeing him back to normal. Unknowingly small smile adores her face.
Ab na koi gham hoga
Na yeh pyar kam hoga
Saathi mere mujhko tere sar ki hai kasam
[There won’t be any sadness
Neither will my love for you decrease
My companion, I swear on you]
Seeing her smile Maan decided, He won’t be sad or guitly anymore thinking about their past, but he promises to her today, to make their future even better with their love..he will give her all happiness and the love, which she had crave all her life.. keeping this smile on her face intact.
Maan..she moaned suddenly feeling his hands going inside her sari, as he cupped her bossom, his face got buried inside her neck, smooching her soft skin there.
Her hands cupped his nape, pulling him more close, she brushed his hairs, feeling high on her senses, which were drugged now feeling his assault.. as he pulled out her sari, followed by blouse, pinning her down.
Geet slightly open her eyes, seeing him taking out his cloths, Maan..she blushed seeing him bare, why Jaan.. don’t you liked what you see.. saying so he pulled her hands, taking them on his chest, with naughty smirk.
Geet slowly felt his hard torso against her soft palms, both shudder with the contact as she slowly opened her eyes to meet his passionate gaze.
Ek duje ko aazmana hai
Hadh se guzar jana hai
Lost in him, she moved up and placed her lips on his chest, looking up to see his reaction, he groaned closing his eyes feeling noting but pure bliss with her touch.
She continues to teased him, with her soft and tender kisses , making him hard, he suddenly grabs her hairs, pulling her up facing her, enough.. he whispered on her Shivering lips, before taking them in..
Geet didn’t know further what happened, as she got drown in the wirhlpool of his love.
Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai
Hadh se guzar jana hai
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