Geet was whole awake as she waited for her baby desperately, it as if her soul has been crying for his one glimpsee, Dadima tried to console her, but no use, she just wanted to get one glimpsee of her son.
And as if her prayers been heard by her babaji, both of them heard baby’s cries , not soonhe was in their sight, as Anna walked inside carrying her child in her arms follow by boys.
Geet almost cried to hold him while Anna rushed towards her, handling her him.
Geet put him to her chest, showering umpteenth of kisses on him, all others just adore the mother -son reunion.
Maan walked inside only to witness the heavenly sight of his Jaan feeding their little baby.
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Geet looked up hearing his footsteps, she gives him watery smile, Maan knew what that smile means, she was really happy and relieved to get back her baby to her, unknown of the storm which her little Jaan had just face.
He sat beside her wrapping his arm around her protectively holding both of them in his arms.
Baby has been in playing mood now since he had tummy filled, he started playing with her shirt making her shy, as she clutched his little palm and pulled him out.
Maan gives her naughty smile before taking his baby as Geet button up her shirt.
It was when she heard him making sounds and then her jaw dropped seeing the sight.
Her little Jaan was playing naughtily with his dad, from when this happened?? She looked confused but then small smile adores her face seeing him laughing and playing with his father.
That’s my boy..he loves his dad.. Maan cradle his head, giving Geet naughty smile, to which she pouted, he used to cry whever you held what happened..
she twisted her lips making him chuckle, he was admiring her childish behaviour, her Possessiveness for their son..and he liked it..
Not anymore, knows to love his Dad .. he whispered huskily coming closed to her face, she turned her face away faking anger, when he kissed those red cheeks of her, making it redder.
Few weeks passed from the incident, Geet’s medication and other treatments went well and now she was finally back home with her family.
Although Maan had given his thanks to the trio, the silent war between him and Kunal was still on..for kunal wasn’t yet ready to forget his stupidity and ego because of all this happened.. the only person who has to suffered in all this was only his love, Geet.
Geet was still unaware about what happened to Sam , or kidnapping thing.. everyone kept it hidden from her for time being knowing how much sensitive she is when it comes to her baby .
They named their little Jaan as Aarmaan, as the little Jaan was Geet’s long time wish and longing.
It was another busy day in Khurana construction, when Geet walked inside with little ammy in her arms, she was wearing red sari vibrating her beauty, and motherhood had surely added charms to her.
Staff greeted her humbly ,.. she responded back with her dimple smile.
It was routine for Geet from few days as she came with his lunch box.. as per Maan’s insistence or carelessness lost in work, whatever she called but her husband had became stubborn to asked her in office at lunch time.

May I come in sir!!
Maan heard that melodious voice follow by baby’s voice, he chuckled looking up knowing it’s non other than his sweet wifey, who was in a teasing mood now.
Offcourse , you can.. ja.. he stopped and corrected Geet..much to her annoyance, she twisted her lips and shut the door behind before taking steps towards his table.
Maan got up knowing why she is pouting, definitely she didn’t like him calling her name instead she prefered him calling her Jaan.
Baby instantly started jumping in her arms to go to his dad…
She handled him in his arms sat infront of his desk on the chair, taking one file to read..
Maan was playing with his son while Geet became busy with file, it was ten or more minutes ,Geet write down few points ..
Achcha..suniye.. Geet suddenly called him, looking up from her file,
Kaho Jaan.. he very sweetly replied her, for he loved her calling him like this, being authoritive to him,
I will work on this file, you don’t have to do..thik hai??
She said in her sweet voice shutting down the file, as she pushed back her hairs behind her ear, ticking her zumkas in ears.
Geet couldn’t see him in any pain or trouble, that’s why she always find any or other ways to help him out even from his office work, like now..
Maan was at ease, deprived from work load since the time, Geet was back to normal, decided to help him like this from home.. he really admired her for this..she managed to help him with everything beside managing thier little Jaan.

Maan kept on watching her or say admiring her, the way she boss over him, that too in sweetest way.. then her pushing back her silky tendrils ..her zumkas .. he was lost in her ..even didn’t notice baby playing with his cheek..
It was her giggle which broke his trance, Maan where are you lost?? Baby is scartching your beard. .. ammy come here..enough of your shaitani..

She took him back when he started to pulled on her pallu indicating that he is hungry. Maan smiled and got up to closed all blinds..
Baby was getting his feed on his mamma’s lap while both Maneet were lost in the deep eye lock , feeding each other side by side.
Maan was eying her passionately, and soon bite her finger deliberately, making her moan out, ouch…she gives him glare when he sucked her finger passionately, eyeing her lips,
Geet blushed feeling breathless , she pulled back her hand,
Maan continue to do naughty things making it hard for her to feed him, his hands at once went inside her sari on her bare waist feeling her soft skin,
Maaann…she moaned out softly but next moment giggles broke down her lips,
seeing his face which was blank for a while then turning angry as his devil son had again given him kick for disturbing his little time with his mamma.
Maan first gives him glare then to Geet who tried to muffled her giggle,
Tumhe toh main baad main dekh loonga.. at home..
Geet was toungetied, listening this, she gapped at him as devilish smirk covered his face seeing her look.
That night, he really took his revenge in most sweetest way, not leaving her whole night from bed, both were drown in passionate love making while baby got his sweet his parents much needed privacy.
It was another normal day,Geet was busy with baby Armaan, when she got the letter on her name , from Sam.
She was utterly confused, as she opened it to read the content,
Geet, I have been living in remorse and fear theses days, I am unable to sleep at night..
Night?? Yaha toh yeh bhi pata nahi chalta, ke din hai ke raat..
Geet was clueless about her whereabouts and now reading it, she wasn’t able to get anything.
I am suffering terrible stomach ached..
Geet’s heart instantly felt pain , she became restless.
You know what?? I have been jealous of you since we live together,
Kyon ki..tumhare paas woh sabkuch mere pass nahi tha..I desires to get that everything from you,
I tried so hard to take your things away, while you always let me..therefore I got everything from you and hurt the process, but my intention was fighting for the things little girl desires ..I never thought about hurting you.

Geet’s eyes already crying out reading the content, her heart was dreading to read further,
However , after people discover the mistake I made, everyone as if abdonded me..
Maan.. even ma papa also left me..
Geet’s heart skip a beat, she has started to panic all of a sudden.
At that time I was so scared, filled with fear, not able to think anything what would I do..that’s why I stole your baby..


And Geet’s world stop then and there only, she felt her head spinning, she sat thud on the bed beside baby who was playing with his new toys, unknown of the turmoil his mother was going through..
She instantly pulled him in her lap, scared to hell with this new info, as she checked her baby frantically as if he has been hurt just now only..once done she put him to her chest, hugging him dearly, she was by now sobbing terribly scaring the baby as well thereby he started crying..
Geet couldn’t stop crying clutching her baby closed to her heart who was also crying by now with his mother. Geet wasn’t in senes anymore to notice she is hurting her baby as well..
the fear engulf her heart to extent just reading those words that she forgot to even read further..
Just then her phone started ringing breaking her from her trance, seeing at the receiver, her lost streignht as if came back and she instantly took it ..
Maan , on the other hand , had just came back from his meeting, and as per his habit, he called on her number just to know what both are doing.. just to let them know he was missing both terribly..But as soon as he heard her voice, he knew she was crying..his heart sank even more hearing his baby’s cries.
Jaan…why are you crying?? Tell me, what happened??
He asked once, rushing out of his cabin to go home as soon as possible, because he was feeling something terribly wrong hearing her sobbing,
Jaan..why ammy crying?? He asked starting his car, his heart thudding madly , damn worried for both of them, he knew both are alone at home, as Dadima had gone to visit her some relatives..
Geet continue to cry hearing his worried voice, she looked at her baby who was also crying because of her, something snap inside her, when she heard his voice from another side,Geet..look..feed him now.. I am coming, Jaan..He tried to put some senses in her, as he knew , it’s related with baby only somewhere,
Aap jaldi aa jaiye Maan.. she sobbed.. cradling baby on her lap..
I am coming Jaan.. just few minutes, you take care of him and yourself, he said softly speeding up his car while his senses soothes once after hearing his baby’s sound, as he was sucking his feed..
He pushed back his hairs in frustration, not knowing what happened suddenly when he had already finished the chapter of Sam..
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