Aap?? She looked at him wide eyed, as it's late night and he stood at her room door, it was giving her goosebumps. He walked closer and she walked back inside her room, you didn't had your dinner!? He said softly, Ji..she was confused, just then her stomach grumble making her embarrassed while he looked … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 36


{ I forgot to mention in last update.. after hospital scene.. leap of 9 months has been taken in the story } Both walked down hand in hand, while Maan held angel in his arms, who was struggling in his arms to let her go as she saw her Dadi at downstairs. Both smiled, and … Continue reading MEHBOOBA LAST PART & EPILOGUE


Congratulations, Mr.Khurana!! It's baby girl... Maans face light up with a smile hearing doctors words, but soon he recovered rushing to her, and how's my wife. Woh bilkul thik hai, just need to keep under observation for 24 hours. Can I see her. Maan asked Ji bilkul, but dhyan rakhiye ga, don't disturb her, she … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 114


Geet was really excited today, as she was going to angels home after a long while with maan accompanying her. He watched her glowing face, and his heart felt that tug again, he wouldn't let any harm touch her, he sworn to himself looking at her angelic face, he would make sure to keep that … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 111


Geet buy few things.. as nakul helped her, both started walking out, just then Geet stopped & asked him to go ahead as she needed to use washroom. ..... As soon as geet walked into the desolated parking area.. suddenly someone grab her from behind,  Geet was damn scared, she tried to scream but her … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 109


Geetanjali was married to the King Samrat who had married to her just after falling for her beauty at the first sight. But the jovial & bubbly girl inside died after getting caged in the Royal Palace. However she respected and admired the king & their relationship.. Samrat, never tried to consummate their marriage ever, … Continue reading MEHBOOBA “STORY UNFOLDS”


He kissed her furiously untill she could bear no more as her stomach started to paining as well with his pressure . She left a small cry pushing him hard from her body. Sweetheart . He became worried for her to see her in pain as she started to cried suddenly,holding her tummy. What the hell … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 51


Geet got ready herself without any interest though , she had to for the Party being held for the Sheeshmehal renovation complete.  Her thoughts again went to him . She was at first shock to know that he was also called but it is the fact , He needs to since , Mr.Khurana is the … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 47