(Flashback is in Italian words)
Maan was about to get in his car, but the voice behind him stopped him, he turned behind to see Ramu kaka (caretaker of Handa Mansion) running to him.
Maan beta..
Tell me, Geet bitiya is safe.. he asked earnestly, scared for her as he felt something is not right, seeing Maan walking out of birthday party like that, also Geet wasn’t present there.
Maan’s heart was torn apart hearing him, he looked at him, but nothing could come on his lips,
Is she okay..? Is something wrong with Geet bitiya?? He was asking
She’s good..he lied gulping the knot in his throat, she have to be..he muttered to himself, as her beautiful face flash in his mind.
Nothing would happen to her.he said looking at the old man,
Jabse Geet bitiya gayi hai, from last four months, ghar bahot suna suna lagta hai..
She was the joy of this mansion, but they didnt let her stay in peace.. torture her to extent she lost her realself but she was cheerful only with me..
He suddenly stopped thinking what he blurted,
Maan looked at him suspicious and curiously hearing him, what do you mean kaka, tell me clearly who are they..
I know I shouldn’t talk about my owners like that but what they did is very wrong,
And Maan’s heart turned restless to hear him fully, for be knew there is coming something terrible..
Here look at the pic of Geet baby,..Ramu kaka pulled out small photograph of Geet from his old wallet giving it to Maan’s hands but before that he said more, you know..Geet bitiya was not like this before..when she was young .child.
She was sweet and cutest child ever..always smile like a flower.
That’s when Maan glance at the pic in his hands, as he heard old man’s words.
And his heart skip a beat. Eyes widen in shock, this is Geet??
Ramu kaka looked at him confused, while Maan again asked, isn’t that Sam, when she was a kid.
Ramu kaka gives him small smile before answering, they were looking same little bit when both were kid but when both grew up, Both started looking different..
As a child, Geet baby was so engertic and joyial.. little mischievous kid, Ramu kaka smile with moisten eyes reminding those days, seeing his baby girl happy, it would always satisfied him.
But things changed as the years passed.. her parents passed away and then those three people entered our lives..
Maan was just listening him, his anger was building guessing the people.. he was litterally shock to know many things but he kept his cool to listen to him further also his heart was beating madly to know the real truth of his life, he wanted to confirm what his heart was trying to say him from long while.
After Sam and her parents came, they almost makes Geet bitiya servant of the house, her all things ,dresses and toys snatch from her to give it to Sam.
Maan gasp hearing him, Geet is not their child? Asked Maan.
Nahi Maan beta.. they are her uncle and aunt, Sam is her cousin sis..
Maan was just staring at him hearing the revelation.
They stop Geet from going out apart from her studies , this also just kept their social status..that’s why Geet bitiya became so introvert and she lost her real smile, she lost her childhood and dreams.. she grew very quite as the years passed.
Kaka..aapko yaad hai.. at the time of my parents funeral.. the little girl was there..he asked with thudded heart, he was sweating litterally to confirm his doubts.
Yes,..she was little Geet baby.ramu kaka replied cheerfully.
But as the words slipped out of his tounge Maan got a little heart attack almost, he stood numb, his heart stopped beating for a while..he tried to composed himself and whispere out, that wasn’t sam?? He again asked to confirm.
Sam wasn’t there at that time..
as we were there, geets parents hadn’t had the accident at that time, we found little Geet went missing after a while she was found in your mansion garden, all soak in mud..he let out a chuckle reminding his little mischievous Geet baby.
She got great scolding from her mother but Geet baby had just that Naughty smile on her face.
His words buzzed in Maans mind, making him difficult to concentrate on the road ahead.
Geet baby had just that Naughty smile on her face..
Yes she was one mischievous angel. He thought as tears soke his eyes,
Tu hi tu har jagah
Aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah
Aaj kal kyun hai
Raaste har dafaa
Sirf tera pataa
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai
[I see you everywhere
Why is it like this nowadays
Every time these roads
Ask for only your address
From me, why is it like this]
It was she, who stood by his side when his parents died, with little steps.. then those consoling words through her babyish language…why are you crying,
Go from here..
Na..first tell me..why are you crying..
Get lost..he screamed out of his anguish, making Geet cried out..
Stop it!! Maan shouted further making her stop instantly, she looked on with her innocent doe shape eyes..
Maan snapped out of those lost memories of his childhood, how the hell he forgot her beautiful hazel eyes..
That’s why he always got pulled himself to her after their marriage as well.. that’s why his heart was betraying him from the time he started his torture on her innocent soul.. his heart tried to stop but his devil mind couldn’t stopped.
Shit.. he bangs his fist hard on the steering..losing complety in the pain of his loss then her childhood memories came back again.. it was only that day he met her, lost himself to her.. his sweet little friend..after a year he was gone out of country with his parents, and lost contact with her.
After coming back , she has grown up differently and Sam was back..they cleverly hide his Geet in a shadow behind Sam..and the folly happened..
He was damn furious thinking so, his fist tighten in the steering but the one person to blame first of all is could he didn’t recognised her.. how could he forgot his Jaan..he denied to listen to his heart always which gives him signals always about her, while he inflected so much tortures on her without her any faults..she bear it all just with her sweet smile on her face and continue to shower her unconditional love on him, the devil like him don’t deserve him, Anna was right..
He thought painfully..the pain was losing his childhood sweetheart.. the pain was, the same pain which his Jaan has suffered in the hands of him without no fault of hers.
His heart it take him back to the sweet little memories of his little Geet,
You don’t cry..I feel like crying seeing you sad.. and she started to cry again while she wiped his cheeks first with her tinny hands.
Maan was lost in the pain of his parents death, but her tinny hands did some magic and then her babyish voice.
He stopped for a while looking at her, then just watching her beautiful hazel eyes..when he saw them filling up, he didn’t like it..and then she started to hiccup again..he turned irritated again but in real he didn’t liked her crying like that.. Stop it.. I am not crying..
You are not crying?? She asked again innocently..
He nodded his head in approval, only to bring sweet smile on her face . She smiled so brightly clapping her both palms.. are not crying anymore..
Maan couldn’t help but chuckle himself seeing her cute antics..come here..he called lovingly to the little girl..
Hua nahi pehle kabhi yeh
Chhua nahi dil ko kisi ne
Har aarzoo tu hi
Chain-o-sukoon tu hi
It never happened before
No one has ever touched my heart
You’re my every wish
You’re my peace of mind
She jumped on his lap happily, and next moment hugs him cutely, pecking his cheek while making it wet with her saliva.
Yuu..what did you do..
But next moment her sweet scent engulf him in her warmth, he felt lost peace coming back to his soul..he was so calm like never before once taking her in bone crushing hug.
Chodo..chodo..Geet felt chock with his tight hug.
Maan instantly left her, smiling to see her cute pout..he pecked her little lips making her smile but Maan felt something different and so happy to having her on his lap..
Maan smile remembering the little kiss they shared..he never felt that kind of feeling and peace, whenever he was with Sam that always left him confused, restless and was making him angry but now he knew the answer of this restless of his heart. It was only his Geet from the beginning..
Main toh kahoon tu hi hai zindagi
Na main apna raha
Na kisi aur ka
Aaisa mere khuda kyun hai
Infact I’ll say that you’re my life
I don’t belong to myself
And neither to anyone else
Oh God, why is it like this
O o o … o o o … o o oO o o … o o o … o o o
He remembers her muddy self.. that mischievous smile on her face,
He didn’t know fate was playing with him, that he ended up hurting his only precious possession .. as he grew up she had made her place already in his heart..his feelings grew wilder with time span.
His Geet changed so much just because of those b*****.. and he won’t leave Handas for sure now, for the dirty game they played with his life, most of all his Geet ..they made her suffered so much all this years. Just thinking this his blood was boiling to extent..
His heart was bleeding furiously, with the thought that he wasn’t there with her when she needed him the most, but his little Geet was the one who wiped his tears…and he became one of them monsters to hurt her beyond,bringing tears in her hazel eyes..
Dheeemi dheemi aanch pe jaise
Dheere dheere jalta hai dil
Yeh beqarari kyun hai
Yeh khumari kyun hai
Awaargi kyun hai har modh par
Na main apna raha
Na kisi aur ka
Aaisa mere khuda kyun hai
O o o … o o o … o o oO o o … o o o … o o o
On a simmering flame
The heart burns slowly
Why is there such restlessness
Why is there such intoxication
Why such vagrancy on each turn
And next moment he was jerk back from his thoughts, as his car hit on the tree trunk, his head bangs ahead on the bonnet, giving him small injury..his fingers touched the wound on his forehead which had small cut now and blood was oozing out.
He was pulled back the harsh memories of them months back..
His gaze went on her forehead , which had little badange, his fingers touched the wound softly, his heart was fluttering without his notice, but as the realisation dawn upon him, what he was doing, his fingers pressed on the wound making her hiss in pain, you deserve it, he whispered with his raging breath glaring her down as she looked up with teary eyes .
Now I deserve it, Geet.. he muttered painfully..his wound didn’t give the pain but heart was beating fast just reminding about his sins and the pain in her eyes ..
Another place far from him..
Soona soona mann ka hai kona
Soona soona tere bin hona
[The corners of the heart are lonely
I feel lonely without you]
Geet felt her heart beating fast with pain, and restlessness for him..
Babaji..bas Maan Ko salamat rakhna, she clutched her wedding chain tight on her chest.
Just for his happiness, I came here leaving him, plz babaji.. unhe hamesha khush rakhna..
Na Jane kyon humara Dil itna ghabra Raha hai… She thought scared for him.
O bekhabar tu hai har modh par
Har kahin par tu hai
Tu nahi par tu hai
[You’re at every turn, and unaware
You’re there everywhere
You’re there, even without being there]
She caressed her baby bump, thinking about him, it’s part of him, he could never let her feel alone but yet she craved for Maan, to be there with her and their baby.. but knew also, it isn’t possible.
She took his photoframe, and hugged it tight to her chest, just stay safe Maan..for me..
Her heart pleaded, for she only knew how she was spending each day without him, without his one glimpsee and then her heart always constantly in fear for his well being. It’s only because of her baby, she sustain this much without him.
Itna toh bata
Mausamo ki tarah
Tu badalta gaya kyun hai
[At least tell me this
Just like the seasons
Why did you keep changing]
Woh o ho … woh o ho … woh o hoWoh o ho … woh o ho … woh o ho
Precap :-
Teri meri baki hai kahani
Teri meri aadhi hai kahani
Aa gayi woh modh par
Tu gaya joh chhod kar
Mere dil ko todh kar kya mil gaya
[Our story is incomplete
Our story is only half done
It has come to that turn
Where you left me
What did you get by breaking my heart]
Here suspense is finally out about which I was talking in CS..
More things will reveal as the story proceeds further.
If you have any queries, do let me know through comments. I will try to answer them.but as I told before, more secrets and about past will reveal as per the story proceeds further..

31 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 23

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    I know Maan did wrong with Geet but it’s not not his fault he was assuming wrong. This all misunderstanding was created by sam and her parents……but still Maan behaviour was very monstrous towards geet.
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    1. Thank you 🤗
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  3. The update was too emotional…so maan came to know everything about geet…and the way the handas treated her…maan was in love with geet since childhood…loved their past moments…the realization hit maan badly and he hates himself for treating his jaan badly but geet accepted everything with his love…Sam is such a disgusting girl ever… precap sounds interesting so the diary is been revealed ❤️❤️😘😘

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes, he was in love with Geet, but mistook it as Sam.. that’s why everything happened..
      Let’s see what next chapter holds now..😉


  4. Heart touching update dear. Finally everything is clear for maan and for us also. Geet has suffered so much. I was hating maan but now know why he was behaving like this with geet. Thanks for the update.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah..he only hurt her because he mistook her.. because of his wrong assumption.. because he thought he loves Sam but instead it was always Geet whom he loved from childhood.


  5. Nice update n maan knows the truth of Sam n her family how they torture her from her childhood n she suffered alot bcoz of them n they create this misunderstanding n he didn’t recognize his geet whom he knows from her childhood n he remembered how he behaves with her how he torture her bcoz of Sam n now he wants to punish them n geet restless n pray for maan safety n thnxx for pm me

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  6. So Maan had confused Geet and Sam since they looked similar. What happened at the time of the wedding? Was Sam away and Geet made to take her place?

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes it was Geet only from beginning whom he loved, and mistook it as Sam and for his love he ended up hurting her only..


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    painful update………….

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  8. It was nice update and eye opener for Maan now he realised that Geet is very innocent and he should react fast so that he can ask sorry from before it becomes to late

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  9. It was nice update and eye opener for Maan now he realised that Geet is very innocent and he should react fast so that he can ask sorry from Geetbefore it becomes to late

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  10. Superb update it is…..
    Finally he is aware of her real identity,it is her from the start he loved,his Jaan,his childhood sweetheart,their that moments were really cute and lovely,they have that connection from the very start,she has the power to calm him,his heart knew that,but till now he ignored it,but now all misunderstanding r cleared,he knows wt them done,He is angry on himself that he does all that to his Jaan and he was the reason of her misery,now the dairy will pour more light on wt all happened
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    The much awaited suspense is out.

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    They did all of this for money, I am sure about it.

    Maan is angry, shattered , hurt n guilty after knowing the truth.

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    He is guilty for giving her so much pain.

    But where is geet? When will her miseries end? She deserves happiness for sure.hope she finds her peace n happiness soon.

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