Maan stood at the entrance of the Mansion, he couldn’t step inside, his steps became heavy, as he was hit by her painful cries, Maan please lie to me but say that you love me,
I love you, Jaan.. His heart cried , regretting about what he did..I am dieing Maan. Stay with me last time..
He walked inside slowly, looking at the image of her petite figure calling him with her open arms..
he smile with tears in his eyes, as he took one step ahead to reach her, she vanished.
Suddenly he realised, there will be no woman who loves him innocently, waiting for him at home, welcomes him with her sweet smile when he came back from office.
His gaze went towards kitchen and he was hit by their another sweet and soar memory.

Geet was busy in the kitchen , making his favourite dish, she was so engrossed in the task at hand, didn’t notice him walking behind her..
He saw her crying her eyes out while cutting the onions.. not knowing it’s because of those onions, she was crying he barked on her, what the hell are you doing??
Geet was so startle that she cut her finger in the process,ahhh..she screamed making him silent.. he rushed to take her finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding, Geet looked at him with her teary eyes, suddenly pain seem to vanished with his soothing touch.
Maan looked at her loving gaze on him and realised what he was doing, he became frustrated seeing himself losing in her, why were you crying?? He muttered angrily
Woh..hum..hum ro nahi rahe the..
Then what was that..he asked eying the stuff on the kitchen slab, woh..hum toh aapka manpasand khana bana rage the..It..she was going to blabber out innocently, happy to answer him but he shouted on her out of his worry,


you don’t have to do anything for me!!
Par hum toh.
He again cut her rudely, get lost..out from here..he barked making her cried, go to your room.
Geet just ran from there upstairs, feeling really hurt and scare with his anger.
Maan looked at the blood drops on the floor, he closed his eyes realizing what he did..
Later on reaching upstairs, he just watched her innocently bandaging her wound with one hand though it’s not possible, while there was cute pout on her face, she was cribbing about him to herself. He had found her amusing.
He didn’t know what happened to him that time to scold her so badly but now he know, it’s because he didn’t wanted her to take trouble, he didn’t wanted to see her hurt, seeing her bleeding finger it makes him restless, scare for her and he ended up scolding her.
The same case was in the office. He closed his eyes reminding about the incident back, when he raised his hand on her, he shouldn’t have to do that.. but it was only out of rage on Riya.. his previous fling.. it wasn’t meant for his dearest wife but Riya.. but because of his own restlessness and worry he ended up humiliating her infront his whole office.
How will he forgive himself..?? He won’t able to.. for the hurting his angel so badly without no fault of hers.
He closed his eyes only to get her teary and painful face in his mind, the hurt and pain she went through seeing him kissing another girl before her eyes..he knew which broke her the most , his words.. it was only to hurt her but in real he didn’t intimate with another girl apart from his wife..not even Sam.
He realised now, it wasn’t possible for him, when his heart and soul knew who is the real owner of him.
He smile miserably, reaching up to their room where she had gives him delicate and warm hug last time, pleading him to never to go leaving her..
How stupid he was to not listen to his heart, which was always screaming out his love for her,
He walked upto the cupboard, and opened her side, to fecth some solace to his thirsty heart. He pulled out her one sari when all of a sudden something falls down in his foot.
He curiously took that thing in hand, his eyes widen in surprise to see its none other than her diary. There was dried petals falling out from diary.
He curiously open it, and suddenly wind started blowing furiously almost slamming the doors of window making huge sound, curtains started blowing in the air.
He turned behind putting the diary on the bed, only to see small note of paper falling down, he walked up to it, taking it in his hand, he realized it’s her note, he started to read it, there were only few words inside,
“Hum jante hai, aap humse kitni nafrat karte hai,Maan.. my presence gives you lot of pain and trouble which I never want, I can’t think of slightest of pain even to touch you that too because of me..I will die before thinking about that..”
Maan flinched painfully reading her words,she is really dying…he realized the truth in her soulful words.
Aur hum yeh samaz chuke hai ab, humara yahase Jana hi bahatar hai..aapki zindagii se dur.
“You can marry Sam and live with her happily..”
Those words were smugg…he realized because of her tears..
There will be no Geet anymore in your life, henceforth to trouble you.
Be happy always my Love..
– Geet
Maan crushed the letter in his fist, painful tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes,
it’s not Alvida Geet.. yeh Maan sirf tumhara tha..tumhara hai aur tumhara hi rahega.. he owed and fished out his cell to make a call,
I need every inform about whom she calls, where she whom and when..
Got it..??
Just 24 hours..I need to know the whereabouts..
And he cut the call..
I will get you back Jaan..not for myself, but for yourself I know how much you had crave for your love and I promise to return you that back .
Thinking so he turned and took that diary in his hands, opening it, he pulled out that dry rose and there was dry blood marks on the page while he read to those craving lines of hers,

images (1)

Shaayad hawa na chalegi
Phoolon mein bhi khushboo na hogi
Tujhe chaahoongi main, tujhe paaoongi main
Yeh meri tamanna tujhe nahin pata
Perhaps the wind will not blow anymore
Perhaps the there won’t be fragrance in flowers anymore
But I will love you, I will get you
This wish of mine, you don’t know about
(This is my wish, you don’t know about it)
His whole body shuddered feeling the depth of her words, he trailed down his fingers on the lines, feeling the fragrance of her love, then there was those blood marks, he frowned , when did she wrote it and why this dried blood..
But as he saw the date above, he stood shock, reminding the day, it was the same day when he hurted her cruelly when she had put those roses in his cabin, he was really angry then..
[He turned angry seeing her clumsiness, he walked up to her, jerking her hand, ouch… thorns pricked her hand, while she tried to collect all bunch, he put his palm on her, pressing her hand on thorns below, ‘I hated them before as well and now also, even more..’ he stated angrily, grinding his teeth.Geet sobbed silently, turning to walked out as he left her hand, only to let the blood drops drip out from her delicate hand]
Now he was just drowning in his guilt more and more, shedding blood tears for his sin, she even came to bandage his wound afterwards despite her own hurt.
Shit.. he furiously bang his hand on the wall beside, bruising it badly but there was no pain, but only hatred cursing through his veins for himself.
He turned to first page, and there he was sweetly surprised to see his photograph pasted there. As he turned one more, he was shocked beyond wits to see his all pics pasted in collage..few pages were filled with it, from his childhood then, collage..some were cutting from newspapers about his success.
He turned another page, to see little poem with his pic pasted above,
Kaise kahoon ke dil ko teri justajoo nahin
Yeh aur baat hai ke meri qismat mein tu nahin
How can I say that my heart does not desire you?
It’s another thing to say that you are not in my fate
He blink his eyes to stop those unshed tears knowing her emotional turmoil she must have gone through all alone.
He flipped some pages, and realised she has not written anything about their first meeting, how’s that possible.. he thought, and check back again when suddenly he something stuck him as he eyed those few pages stick together, he tried to pulled them apart and he was successful enough without tearing them but he wonder who did it. And suddenly only one name came to his mind, Sam..!??
He frowned , and as his eyes wander on the lines, his doubts were confirm about the b**** , so she deliberately did it, so that I can’t come to know the truth, she dared to play this dirty game, surely he won’t leave her just like that.
He went back to the reading, there was written their first meeting, how they met at the time of his parents funeral.
Hume nahi pata kaise, par unki Aawaz Abhi bhi humare kan main goonj Rahi hai.. that authorative voice , with which he scold me that day..
Babaji why did you make him suffered by parents loss, I wasn’t able to see him crying that time also, even now I can’t see him in any pain, that’s why I kept mum about my feelings..I know he loves my sis not me, so I am not going to come between duo..
My feelings will keep hidden in this treasure of mine!!
Her tears had well up, dropping on the pages, smearing the ink there.
Maan read to each of her sufferings from childhood till date, his heart burden with unbearable pain for not being there with her when she needed him the most, her only childhood friend whom she had given support at the time of his need but he wasn’t there, on that, he became the reason of her sufferings..
He continued flipping pages, reading her every pain ..
God, I am very happy today, you give back my family to me, with sister..she chuckled writting so.
another date..
Babaji, hum aapse bahot naaraz hai, pahle toh aapne humare maa papa Ko humse China, aur ab Maan Ko bhi..
Why?? Humne toh aapko humara dost mana..
He don’t loved me but my sis, she cried penning down the heart-wrenching truth, how I am to live with this truth whole life, bababji..
He didn’t even recognise me.. that was more painful..
Maan remember those days, both used to meet, play and do naughty things, without much words, it’s only their happiness speaking.geer knew him by now with his name but Maan was unaware yet, he didn’t find the urgency to know her name.
the day before he went , he desire to meet his Jaan but that time Sam came to meet him, he was 14 then , she was 9
Both were of same age…and it was after a month of their first meeting, he didn’t really signified the little different in her, as he wasn’t aware of anything about her .
Coming back after 10 years, he met this time both sis, Sam wasn’t changed , looking happy and glowing with that never leaving smile on her face, that he didn’t again doubt on her..but in all this he ignore his only love and life, Geet.
She wasn’t the same like he met her first time, there was standing completely different girl, with blank face without any emotions, as if her life was sucked out of her body.
But as both came face to face, he saw the glint of happiness in her eyes, lips curve in a beautiful smile and she was about to hug him,
But sams words stop both of them, easy sis, he is my fiance so stay away..
Will you , sis..she sweetly clings to Maan giving him some uneasy feeling but Geet’s heart broke into million of pieces, he face became gloomy she steps back without any word, head out down and she realised she had fallen in love with the person whom her sis loved, he belongs to her sis not her.. she was blank, devoid of any emotions, as the truth slowly instill into her, she took steps back slowly..
and then ran out of mansion.
Maan was shocked seeing her reaction, he turned angry seeing her running out like that on his face, it hit his ego..
to be continued..
Can’t write more, further things will come up in next chappy..and I am not gonna give lots of past, it will be only small glimpses that too I will try to finish in next chappy because story needs to move forward , also agar muze past Dena bhi hota toh I have written the story from beginning only, there was no need for me to give past
Do like and comment, I notice that likes are so less on blog.. only 11- 15..that’s not fair guys, as I gives long updates, not just 1000 words, it crossed 2200or I want 20 likes approx on blog..

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    1. Thank you 🤗
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