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Chapter 22
It was almost a week, from her departure..and after that nightmare yesterday, he couldn’t sleep a ounce, but Maan didn’t know why his heart aching badly just getting flashes of the nightmare, he spent the whole night in gym, remembering about her.
It was next morning he heard his cell ringing, not wasting a second more he answered the call, Geet??
Sam was startled hearing him calling out Geet’s name,
Maan, you didn’t find her yet??
Hearing sams voice instead of Geet, Maan was highly disappointed, what’s wrong?? He asked instead replying her question.
Aaj mera Birthday hai, as well as Geet’s..will you come?
Hearing her, Maan’s face Insta light up to get glimpses of her, Geet’s Birthday!? shewill be there for sure as it’s her birthday,
We celebrate it together, so I guess she should be there with me, too.
I wish she should come back to celebrate our birthday, as every year we do it together. Sam said with fake sadness but Maan was lost in his own happiness on finding Geet there to notice her voice.
Alright. I will be there. And he cut the call hurriedly.
He was in do good mood, as he got ready happily standing before the mirror, the reason was offcourse his wife, he thought he will finally see her after this long while unknown of the fact that she had already gone far from his reach taking his precious possession of his heart, and baby..
With Geet’s face in his mind , he baught one beautiful diamond necklace for her, and got pack one diamond bracelet for Sam, taking both girls birthday gifts he rushed his car to the destination.
Reaching to Handa Mansion, he saw lots of celebrities and expensive cars parked out.
He walked inside with his own charishma,that left crowd of girls sighs , they kept gapping at him,
Sam welcome him with a hug, she was wearing skimpy outfit, that reveals almost everything.
Oh..Maan..I am so glad you came, she pulled him on the dance floor, both swings softly on the music but he was just lost looking at the entrance waiting for her.
After a while Maan pulled back giving her gift which she got happily in her hands, beaming to get such a costly gift.
Where is Geet?? Didn’t she come?? He asked finally. His restless for her could clearly seen in his chocolate eyes and Sam fumed silently hearing him but she kept control on herself, she would come, Maan, it’s her birthday, there is no reason for her to not show at her own party. Just then both heard laughing sound and looked back to find Anna with a mocking smile on her face,
She was wearing beautiful gown and looking beautiful unlike sam, her dress was more gracious hidding her modesty.
What’s so funny to laugh, Sam scorns
Today is your birthday , but not Geet’s, she reveals shocking Maan to the core, he looked back at Sam then Anna, surely furious to know it.
How come?? Her birthday is not today??but from last few years I am attending their every birthday party.
You attend every year, MK but not Geet’s it’s only sams, Geet have her birthday week they celebrate her birthday with sam.ask her parents if you don’t believe me.
Sam was horrified now, she glared at Anna, how did she knew it.. her fist tighten in anger,
Geet never celebrate her own birthday, she became her shadow after she came to this house!! Anna blasted furiously. Days like this lived 20 years ,
A week back, it was her birthday, do you know??
Hearing Anna, Maan went into flashback of that night,
Maan, hum mar jayenge.. stay with me , sirf aaj ki raat.
Her words buzz, the way she has been wearing that beautiful yellow dress, so serene an he’s yet seductive and sexy, it was my birthday gift. Her words buzz in his mind, his heart twitched, becane restless then there was unbearable pain in it, hus hand rested on his chest, where heart resides, that day, she acted weird, he thought reminding about her anger and outburst which he had never face before that night, then she first time begged him to stay with her,
Why it is so paining here, he thought putting his palm on chest, where his heart was paining, for her!? How can it be!?
Anna walked before Sam glaring her furiously, you know what?? I hate Geet before I met her thinking she is lowest person ,
But after meeting you, I came to know, she must have done something terrible wrong in her past life to meet you in this life.
Sam was burning in rage hearing her insulting words, she has her fist tighten in rage,
You wanna take her place?? Anna said making Sam gasp,
She is not dead, has her own birthday,
You got me wrong!! Sam act innocently.
I have my eyes and mind, to see things clearly, I believe what I see, do you think me as blind dumb like MK.
Maan was dumbfounded hearing her, he started to fumed listening her words, he marched towards Anna, facing her with his pure rage, where is she?
Who? know where is she, right?
Why would I tell you..
If you don’t want to mess your career..
I have already left the entertainment industry for your kind information, Anna has every answers to shut him today, she was furious as well to faced this demon who had destroyed her angel friend.
When she met you last time, what did she said you?? She asked furiously, her voice raising taking everyone’s attention.
Maan stood silent, reminding her words from that night, while ana continue, she told me, she woke up from her dream,
Guess what we talk that night??? We talk that night about, Funeral..her funeral..
Maan Singh Khurana, does your heart ach?? She poke her finger on his chest, where heart resides, Maan just watched her clueless, slowly her words sipping down in his head.
What do you mean ?? He knew something terrible to come up and as she spoke, his whole shaken up, he took a step back.
It means, Geet is dying, MK. She has stomach cancer.
He felt his hands shaking , heart clinch in great pain just hearing her words. He was in great shock right now, stood rooted to the spot.
You know, Geet can’t have spicy food, but because of her do called sister, she had it for more than twenty years.
For those months, she waited for you every night, to come back from work, to have dinner with you..
But you purposely made her wait and then she had to ate it in midnight.
Tell me, Mk, is that the right time to eat?? Anna blasted, what do you think, how did she get stomach cancer, ?
Maan was shock beyond his wits, cancer?? How didn’t he knew??
Maan rembered the night, Handas and Sam were pestering her to eat spicy food, Sam even said it’s her fav but it’s not..
What was her fault in all this,
you even have sex with her every night, you didn’t got how much lose her weight, just lost in satisfying your sexual desires, she was just sex tool for you, isn’t it MK, Anna shouted out of rage as all her friends sufferings and she has to go through alone, came to her mind.
MK, I had asked once to Geet, if she had regreted it??
You know what she said, Anna looked at Maan, her eyes filling up while maan looked on desperately waiting for her to continue..
She told, for those four months, people were speaking bad on her back, talking Ill about her, b****, s*** what not she heard.
Maan closed his eyes in pain, for he knew he also had used the same words for her.
She knew how horrible those words were, and do their insulting talks, but all she care about being with you, to love you selfless.
She said me, she had no time to care about this all, the only thing she did was to loved a man named Maan..
Maan Singh Khurana, the woman who loves you the most in the world is about to die..Anna spoke nonchalantly walking back, she got herself glass full of wine, from now on you can live your life alone she scoff turning back to face him, jaisa tum chahte the, ho achieve it, aren’t you?? She gritted her teeth.
Maan just looked at her, gulping the knot down his throat, he couldn’t bear the pain cursing through his heart hearing her words,
There will be no woman named Geet who loves you insanely..
So celebrate your lose…MK..
And she started to walked out but before that she stop again reaching near Maan, she turned to face him and muttered angrily, you deserve it!! And just rushed out from there giving him realisation of many things.
Maan looked at her retreating figure, stood daze for a while, gossiping was going around all the while, he then turned back to Sam, his anger was coming back, he looked at her for a while, is she same sweet girl from his childhood memories .. but then what was that what Anna said just now.. thinking so he asked,who’s birthday is it today?? He asked directly with his red burning eyes that Sam couldn’t lie to him anymore, it’s mine, but Geet and I have only few days gap, so mom dad thought to celebrate it together,
Geet, don’t eat spicy food, you know that? He again spited at her, today he couldn’t be in peace.
My family eat spicy food , me and Geet have every meal together since we were young. How couldn’t I notice it before, Sam again fake innocent.
Maan was burning like a volcano from inside, as he could easily make out, she  is faking innocence, but he kept his calm knowing he can’t do anything now, when he was also responsible for Geet’s current state.
He just rushed outside without giving her second look, sams parents tried to stop him but he was already gone.
He was feeling damn angry on Handas right now, what parents she have, don’t even care about their daughter, what happened to her and completely neglected her.
He thought about Geet, how much she has suffered, must be in pain all alone, his eyes moisten, he have no right to say anything to anyone, when his own behaviour was so despicable towards her, how he acted with her, all his cruelty and events started to flash before him, making him drown in guilt, he put his head down feeling shamefull, then this heart-wrenching pain, he was so stupid and blind by his hatred for her that didn’t even realise, he has unconsiously fallen for her..his wife.
Geet.. he murmured, I am sorry.. words left from his mouth, but there was no she to listen to him, he was alone in the silent night.
Precap :- 
So all this year’s..I have been wrong about the whole thing?? 
I told you guys..there is a suspense in the story..smiley2 here it’s gonna reveal in next chapter..wait..and do like and lots of comments.smiley42
Don’t know how it had come out.. ignore errors..updated from phone.
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27 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 22

  1. Awesome update Mugdha, finally some part of truth is revealed to Maan. Anna nailed it. Was waiting for the update since morning, hehe. Thanks

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  2. Wonderful update finally maan came to know half of the truth…Anna told each and every point clearly….which made maan overthink about his behavior…and he is regretting his deeds and agreed that he is already fallen for his geet….now what will happen when he come to know about his baby.. curious to know dear… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  3. Interesting.

    Wow! What a update, marvelous.

    Loved anna.

    She did right by revealing the truth to maan.

    It was an eye opener for him.

    Such a dhamaakedaar revelation.

    He was shocked by the revelations.

    Maan realized Sam n her parents are at fault.

    He is now realizing his own mistakes.

    He has realised he was wrong in torturing her, he has given her so much pain. He is guilty. He has realised that he has fallen for her, finally.

    Now I guess is the time for his pain n struggle to win geet’s love.

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  4. Happy anniversary of GHSP TO u too dear coming to updates finally finally someone made maan realize his mistake and a superb slap to Sam wonderful update and emotional too waiting to see wat maan ll do for geet now m in love with Anna superb

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  5. Its time for the truth to come out!!!
    Maan is missing geet and he believes that she will go to her birthday party. Sam has laid a good plan but i guess its time for someone to mess with her plan.
    Anna is my favourite!! She came and told some facts to maan. All this time she saw her friend suffer in the hands of the man who is her life. Geet is ill and she doesn’t have much time. Maan is broken with the truth and wants to know where geet is. Anna has told everything that geet couldn’t say all this years. But she never said where is geet and she did right. Maan is equally responsible with sam and the others for geets condition. He now needs to hurt like she did. Geet needs her peace and time with her baby and friend. Its her time and she must enjoy.

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  6. Superb update…
    Atlast he came to know about her disease and handas fakeness,Anna is just bang on,she give them befitting reply,he is shattered to know the truth,the guilt is coming,he knows he doesn’t have the voice to tell anyone anything as he did that type of things to her,The hurt he gave her is huge, excited to read wt is in store for next,missed geet in this update..

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  7. Thanks for an amazing and terrific update. .u r an awsum writer..i am so happy by reading this update.the way maan is suffering i would love to see him on roads with this restlessness.plzzzz make maan suffer more and more…
    Maan has started getting feeling the pain of possessiveness,bonding,relationship and above all love .he came to know about her disease and handas fakeness,Anna she is very nice to geet n she is only one in this world who lovs geet. it is time for maan to feel some pain but still geet is in more miserable condition plz bring her out of this situation

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  8. Fabulous update n Sam invite maan for birthday party saying it’s her n geet birthday party n maan thought to meet geet their but geet didn’t came so he ask Sam about geet n Anna came there n told today is not geet birthday n told him some truth of Sam n her family n how blindly maan believe them n how he behaves with geet n also told him about geet having cancer n maan regretting his deeds n thnxx for pm me

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