The Conclusion

Morning was bright like never before ,as she stirred in her sleep slowly opening her brown eyes. The first sight met her just lights her face with smile.

She snuggle closed in his warmth just watching face contiously without a blink.

Her finger tips trail down on his face grazing his beard which she loved the most.

Maan woke up with her sweet touch , he opened his eyes to see her gazing him back deeply with her brown Hazels.

Geet shied and pulled back her hand but he clutch it back and placed on his cheek.

Geet bend down and kiss his beard cheeks one by one making him sigh deeply engulfing into her sweet aroma.

As he deep his face in her cleavage, making her moan, in a swift move she was down on the bed and he hover on her.

She giggled soon feeling his beard tickling on her soft skin as he nuzzled his face on her soft curves.

Both were lost soon in the morning romance.


Geet sat on the slab in the kitchen while Maan fried the egsefor both. She was just blabbering about her lifestyle, home and friends and he was just listening to her smiling to see her cute antics .

As she told her name , he stop for a while gazing her face lovingly , she blushed kissing his cheeks sweetly , making him smile.

Both went out and sat on the sofa , behind them was huge window .

Geet sat on his lap , in the middle of his legs, she lay lazily on his lap while he fed her lovingly.

Aapke family main kaun kaun hai.

She asked after both were done, Maan washed his hands and comes back taking her on his lap again.

My Dadima and sister Annie..

Yeah I seen.. she answered chirpily refering to their last night and that brought last night memories.

Geet turns red with his gaze, while his hands went inside her shirt which his only she was wearing.

Do you regret.. ?? He asked to confirm fondling with her soft curves.

Umm..not at all.. she placed her head back on his chest kissing on his beard.

Because.. she mutter closing her eyes taking deep breaths as his fingers started to open her shirt.

Because..?? He asked

Because… She was breathing heavily with his assualt as he started to smooch her bare skin hungrily making her insane.

Because what..?? He turned restless turning her furiously in his arms making her face him

Because I want to marry you …ummm??

She hold cup his beard cheeks while raise her eyebrows asking him about his name .

Maan..Maan Singh Khurana..

He smirks seeing her eyes widening in surprised and her o shape mouth turning big.

But first of all he was shock with her sweet proposal. He jerk her closer bringing her out of her shock.

OMG.. I can’t believe..I was just hearing about you all this while..

He got is she didn’t knew about him not seen him before unlike other girls.

 I thought this MSK guy is so egoistic ..rude.. dusht Danav..

She blabbers not knowing his reaction lost in her cursing session she forgit to see his angry face turning red.

What?? He gritted his teeth pressing her soft waist while he gives her hard bite on on her bulge.

Ouch.. that’s when she realized ,and broke into laughter making him surprised again and he couldn’t be more angry on her.

But one thing was true about rumours that you are more handsome that what I had heard..

She winks pulling his back of hairs naughtily making him broke into smile now.

He just took her sweet lips in a soul searing kiss. Pushing off her shirt he makes her bare, she snuggle in his arms feeling cold and bare in daylight.

Rain was patting heavily on the window panes making the atmosphere more romantic.

He pulled out his own pants and entered inside her for another round of love making.

Oh maann..

He took her curves in his mouth one by one to cherished it.. listening his name from her mouth first time ever , it makes him happy.

I want to make you Mrs.MSK.

He mutter huskily going deep inside her, making her alive again.

Geet, her eyes filled up with his love, she holds him closed showering wet kisses on his neck and abs..

I am all yours Jaan..

She whispered back taking his lips for a furious kiss, both kissed each other hungrily, not ready to leave each other.

I love you..he whispered still making love to her..

I love you loads..she bite his lips naughtily pushing her tounge into his mouth that he pulled her for a soul searing kiss.


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  1. Last Part

    Terrific update! amazingly written!

    superb moments!

    liked Geet teasing Maan! great that they got to know each other’s names!

    wow Geet proposed!

    finally they confessed!

    wonderful end!

    please post epilogue!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for 😊
      Story ends epilogue..
      As I was not able to type last part also that’s why it comes out short.
      Sorry di.. anyways I am always starting new stories on mg ☺️


  2. A beautiful & passionate story:):):) And an awesome ending:):):) I loved the way they confessed. What was so cute was Geet proposed marriage to him without knowing his name and her adorable reaction to his name:):):) Super funny. But am so happy when they finally confessed their love for one another:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sweet and Beautiful Chapter

    Both had no idea about each others names but the moment
    Maan tell Geet his name she is surprised
    and she so cutely proposed him for marriage while
    he too tells her he loves her and wants to make her Mrs MSK

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It was awesome update and I like this short story of Maaneet very much which have fellings,love, passion, teasing ,are you writing epilogue of this story then it will be wonderful .I hope you write many short story like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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