He pulled her harshly in his arms , just one lip lock and he pushed her away getting his work done.


The girl called surprised, embarrassed non the less she loved it. She thought herself to be lucky to have his one kiss.

Sir , it is done ??

There was knock on the door, and he asked the person to comes in. He was getting out of the bed, just then the girl snuggle closed holding his arm.

Sir, I want it again ,

He glared at her furiously, seeing the audicity of the girl.

Get out!! He repeated gridding his teeth together turning furious.

Why do you suddenly asking me to leave?? The girl dared and he lost his cool .

I don’t want to say it twice.

He pushed her harshly that she falls hard on the floor.

Get out now !! He shouted furiously in a fit of his anger and he got out of the room.

The girl looks horrified with his anger , she quickly got up and went out only to see the same man who was knocking before coming her way.

It’s all this annoying man’s fault or else I would have been in  his woman tonight.

She thought glaring at his back angrily as the man passed from her adjusting his glasses.

There are so many girls who wants to get into MSK’S bed and God knows how many there were before.


The man on the window jump down outside with the camera in his hands smiling crazily with the jackpot he just got to his hands.

Now their secret is in my hands!! He thought as he had just took the pics of MSK kissing that Girl.


Here in the Khurana Outhouse Office

Adi with his other one person were waiting for their boss in his office.when the door got opened,and he comes out.

Maan Singh Khurana,the heir of Khuranas, also the CEO of Khurana Group.In the shortest time he made it to the top and now he is expanding internationally.

Did the paparazzi get the photo?

Maan asked straight as soon as he come face to face with both.

He did and I believe the news will be all over the place soon.

The answer comes from MSK’S body double.

Perfect!! You may leave now !! He orders and the person soon was out of the room leaving both MSK and his right hand man Aditya alone.

This is the information you had asked for, Aditya gave him file as soon he took his seat .

Maan took it and read, his eyebrows raise in surprised, winning smirk appears on his lips.

Hmm. .. Geet , as I expected.

He said looking at the pic of Girl on her profile, his fingers trail down on her beauriful face.

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18 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE

  1. Captivating prologue!!

    hmm why did Maan use a body double?

    eager to know what is the file?

    how does Maan know Geet?

    looking forward to the story!

    please post character sketch!

    can we get an update tomorrow?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wowwwwwwwww:):):) Congratulations on the new story my dearie:):):)

    The prologue was simply superb & I am so so so excited & raring to read it dearie:):):) Now my head is now buzzing with loads & loads of questions…in mini little clouds circling around my head:):):) This plan executed by Maan with his body double looks like one hatched to find Geet…Judging by the title of the story…Geet is his bride and has probably gone missing for some strong reason…And MSK is trying to make her come out in the open somehow…I am so excited to read the story fully dearie:):):) All the best for this story and I am sure it will be a hit one too just like the rest of your stories:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fascinating and Intriguing Prologue

    MSK has a body double , this does mean its his twin or just someone
    that plays this playboy image
    but the person is also very harsh on the girl
    while Maan seem to be interested in Geet

    Liked by 1 person

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