Aap ki Kasam Chapter 36

It was night, Geet sat beside Maan with book in her hands. She had been dozing now and then just sitting ideal looking at his face that’s why she came up with this solution.

His fever has not been coming down worrying her further. Although she knew it will take time…but she couldn’t sleep in worry of him, what if he needs something in middle of night.

And as predicted by her, she heard him moaning in sleep as he turned restlessly on the bed.

She instantly threw the book at side in the stand before bending to him.

Maan…she called him softly caressing his forehead.

Umm…he slowly opened his eyes before again closing them, not able to bear the intensity of burning sensation he felt. His eyes getting watery again. He pressed her hand to his head, making her aware about his headache.

sar dukh raha hai…she asked softly, pressing his head only to get soft moans from his mouth. She felt miserable seeing him like this.

She could just die to see him fit and fine again, scolding and shouting on her.

He kept guiding her for few seconds and responds to her touches in his semi conscious state.

After a while he slept in peaceful slumber. She heard him snoring silently and smile. Giving soft kiss to his forehead she too decided to slip beside him.

It was somewhere midnight when her sleep was disturbed by stirring Maan. She woke up feeling him moving in the sleep.

She was so damn sleepy that again laid down before she opened her eyes in a jerk.


She looked at her side, to see him cuddling in himself. He was shivering literally.

Are you okay, Maan? She held his arm, he felt so cold….inhe achanak kya hua…fever toh utar gaya hai. She thought totally confused with sudden change in him.

But before she could think further he had grabbed her close, almost crushing her body to him making her startle. He hovered upon her, snuggle into her neck, his big arms wrapping around her petite figure like a shield.

She felt his lips moving on her neck, he was feeling so cold. 

Maan,…she moaned in confusion and pain to see him like this. What happened to you…? She cried and held him close not knowing what she would do. Are you okay? She cupped his face trying to wake him up. He just opened eyes half and closed them again, being in sub conscious state.

She felt his hands moving in her shirt seeking her warmth. In few minutes, she didn’t realized when her clothes were shed apart and she was hugging him tight, rubbing her body giving him her body warmth. It came automatically into her as per her instincts really not knowing what she was doing. But she felt it right, she would do anything… anything to make him feel better and take him back to life.

Her hands slowly removed his cloths, covering both of them with the blanket.

He snuggles in her warmth, his face buried in her neck; she breathed heavily with such close proximity with her love…her husband.

Her hands roaming freely on his back, getting drown in a moment…so was his….his arms wrapped around her back, roaming freely, he snapped opened her bra hooks…cupping her breast, she moaned loudly… throwing tiny material away from between them.

Their bodies glue to each other now, sending burning sensation in to their spine. His mouth moved down, kissing her…making his way down to her thirst, he nibble her skin before moving down to her chest.

She sighed and moaned holding him close as possible. Her fingers played with his dense hair just as his lips began playing with her hard nipples. He sucks and bites them making her writhe under him.

Oh Maan… She looked at him with droopy eyes. He was kissing her in sub conscious state. She blushed realized their condition and hissed feeling his mouth still on her another breast now.

His fingers moved down to her belly button playing with it….after a while it began roaming down on her lingerie. She shuddered, feeling panic and unknown emotion suddenly. His hands moving inside her lingerie, he began stroking her core…it was dripping wet.

She couldn’t think further than this painful pleasure he was giving her. 

Oh Maan…plz…she was pleading him not knowing what about, to leave her or move further…

He was stroking her then adjusted upon her, pinning her hands to the bed he thrust into her.

Geet felt pleasurable shock in her whole body. He was moving on her in his unconscious state, still with her lingerie on.

But it was also too much for novice her. She felt her eyes watery while she craved for more…still unknown about the last barrier that lay between them. She pulled up his face to her level, placing soft kiss to his dried lips. He turned that into passionate one still stroking her down.

After satisfied he moved apart but again was lying upon her, making out with her in their last tiny cloths on….

Both became sweaty but he didn’t stop…fondling with her body, breast…nipping her soft skin…making it bluish. She was moaning in sleep feeling unsatisfied pleasure within. Her whole body was on fire.

Finally, at wee hours both fell into sleep, cuddling into each other.


It was late morning, when he woke up, feeling refresh than never before. He tried stretching his body but felt something soft snuggling into him.

He was taken a back as his eyes moved down on the beautiful figure of his wife. He was shock out of his skin….

What the hell…!! He cursed loudly seeing her stirring in sleep, her hard nipples crushing to his chest, making his member stand in reflex. It pokes her down disturbing her sleep.

How come she is bare that on him…he wondered and saw her waking up. She lazily opens her eyes, and tried to adjust to the sudden light.

But when she did, she instantly cupped his face, How are you feeling now? You scared me yesterday. Koi aisa karta hai, it’s all because you…your negligence to your own health. She was blabbering without a break not realizing her condition or his.

He groaned with her movement on him…she was making him hard but also he couldn’t refuse to acknowledge her care for him.

Geet…Geet…” he shook her stopping her, mein thik hu…mujhe kya hua hai.

Yeah, nothing happen to you; yesterday night…it was me who was shivering badly. She pouted turning her face away, pata hai meri toh Jaan nikal gayi thi, tumhe yu tadpata dekh ke…she said with chock voice.

He realised the state of her mind and cupped her face, I am fine now, meri wajah se tumhe bahot taqleef Hui…i am so…

Before he could utter those words she put her fingers on his lips, don’t say anything. I am not angry on you, infact I am sorry for my nonsense behavior…

This time he put his hand on her mouth making her shut, don’t say that…

And then both broke into giggle… Geet tried to move away but felt suddenly nude, that’s when she realized her folly. She isn’t covered and talking the him lying upon him.

Her cheeks flush; she was highly embarrassed that tried to pull the covers to hide herself.

Maan watched her intently, her innocent struggle to cover herself, he suddenly smirked as his mind turned mischievous.

He tugged at other corner giving her smirk, she pouted, chodo…

Meine kaha tumhe pakda hai, wifey.

Mujhe nahi…ise chodo, she tried to snatch it, when her gaze caught him eyeing her intently. Her movements frozen, she gulped hard seeing him lost in her, his eyes turning dark in passion.

Plz…she was so red, her eyelashes became heavy in shyness.

Maan couldn’t stop adoring her, the way she reacts to his smallest touch or just one gaze. He had never seen any woman before this shy…they would be shamelessly hovering around him with just bikini on.

But here his sweet devil wifey was even shy to meet his gaze. He left her and covered her with the sheet making her smile.

He pecked her head lovingly, tum aaram karo, meine tumhe raat bhar jagaye rakha hoga na…his question made her more blush. She turned her face away, falling on the bed; she buried her face in the pillow.

Maan broke into laugh, ruffling her hair, pagli…” He said before rushing to washroom.

Because he knew if he stops one more moment there, he might won’t leave her.


Geet walked out dressed in floral one piece, only to noticed him sitting with the files and laptop.

She fumed marching to him, aap yeh kya kar rahe ho…you are not yet fully recovered.

He sighed giving her one look, he was again engrossed in his files.

She made an o shape of her mouth in anger, i am asking you something, she poke his shoulder, he was irritated, if you can’t see with your own eyes then let me tell you, these are new project files which dad had handed me aur yeh laptop hai…and the bottom line is i am working offcourse.

Wahi toh mein keh rahi hu, keep that aside, you don’t need to be stress, ek din bas aur aaram kar lo, she tried to pull that aside.

Geert…he glared her shutting down her attempts. She pouted, she can’t even complaint to dadi ma for she wasn’t here, she had went out to see her one of close friends.

She left him and stormed towards dressing table, getting ready angrily…giving him nonstop glares.

Maan watched her with stealing gazes and chuckled inwardly but it died soon seeing her marching to him again.

Dekho, agar aapne meri baat nahi suni na, toh…mein phir se gussa ho jaungi. She pointed finger at him, he was unaffected, so she added with a pout.

I will stop talking to you again….she threatened and that really worked as she saw him putting everything at side desk furiously.

He grabbed her wrist pulling her in one jerk on his lap, kya kaha tumne? He warned her to repeat , silently with his eyes.

I will stop talking to you…she replied with a pout and next second found his mouth covering her, he kissed her with madness nibbling her lips, sucking them furiously. She gasped with sudden move and taking the opportunity he insert his tongue in her mouth devouring her sweetness furiously.

Geet tried to struggle at first but he didn’t let her go instead pulled her more closer if that was possible.

She finally gives up, snaking her arms around his neck. Both continued to kiss after short breaks, smooching each other madly.

If you say like this again, i will kiss you non-stop shutting your blabbering. He warned her in his husky sensuously voice, stroking her waist.

She blushed and turned restless feeling something poking down, she struggle to get up, aap aise kuch nahi karenge…she warned.

Try me, he challenged her…jerking her closer.

Chaddo…she pushed into his shoulder, getting up and saw him taking his laptop back.

She pouted and turned around to leave.

Geet, ruko…where are you going? 

Kahi bhi, aap se dur…kyon ki aap meri bat sunte nahi ho nahi mein aapko dekh ke bore hona chahti hu. She taunted before storming out.

He fumed hearing her words and thought to take his revenge back later from her, first let me complete this file. He thought evilly about the things he was going to do with her.

Precap :- Maan’s revenge…


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9 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 36

  1. Superb. Maan in his subconscious state made love with geet not fully. Thank God he not blamed her in the morning. He is happy and feeling after geets closeness. Happy to see them together again

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely update so maaneet had taken their relationship ahead but still their confessions is pending meanwhile maan is concentrating on projects and i loved the way geet did take care of him…maaneet nok jok are cute waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maan did not even realize what he was doing, so it was good they didn’t go all the way. Would not be fair to her.


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