Aap ki Kasam Chapter 35

Maan somehow got ready for the office, his steps felt heavy to move away from her. He looked at her , she was as well getting ready for her college as she collected her all stuff tripping and stumbling upon things she herself scattered in the room.

Maan shook his head, in other circumstances he would have scold her badly but today wasn’t any other day.

His wife was already upset on him, on that he didn’t feel well himself to indulge in another argument with his devil wife.

Geet…he shouted seeing her tripling over dupatta and she was just going to hit the floor of not for him catching her in a moment.

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She gasped at first scare for the fall then when she felt safe in his arms, she looked at him.

His eyes watching her with such a care and intense that made her cheeks burned and she looked away shyly.

Are you okay? Dekh ke chala Karo, and why this hurry …why are you rushing so much…he blabbered nonstop in worry and anger making her stand before him, his hands holding her shoulder.

Why not, Aaj uthne mein late ho gaya, woh bhi aapki wajah se, she pointed her finger at him in cute anger.

Meri wajah se….infact I got late too because of you…

Mein…meine kya kiya…

Tumne…tumne kuch nahi kiya, leave it…he jerked her away and turned to walk away. 

Aap .. suddenly she stopped realizing something, he felt so hot…she tried to think and looked at the way he was collecting his things. His movements slow and he looked tired. His eyes were red and worn out.

Maan…she called out before he could step out of the room.

He stopped in his track with thudding heart, it felt the joy hearing her sweet voice calling out to him.

She grabbed his wrist turning him towards her, aap…aap ko…bukhar hai…!? It was more than a question because she wasn’t sure if she was right.

She frantically checked his forehead neck, cheeks , everything felt burning like lava.

My God!! Maan, you really having fever….she grabbed his hand, angrily her hand holding his biceps , pushing him inside room again.

Lets go to bed, where did you think you are going in this condition, she was damn worried and that could be seen from her meek voice.

Geet…mein bilkul thik hu…he tried to get up but she pushed him down to the bed, you are not going anywhere, and you are not fine. She pulled out his shoes and socks against his futile resistance.

You are really sick…she mumbled with face that shows about to cry expression.

She sat on her knees beside him, watching him intently, he really looked worn out, his eyes almost looking watery.

From when you are not feeling well, mujhe batao…she asked desperately, holding his one cheek,  she was so ashamed for ignoring him theses days, specially yesterday when she could have check upon him as she had felt his hand burning at night.

But lost in her own confusion and sadness she ignored his health.

Maan was at lose of words seeing her concern for him. His heart rejoiced at the feel of her near him after like ages, her soothing touch to his cheeks felt heaven.

How much he missed it…he thought holding her hand which laid on his cheek, Geet…he called out lovingly.

Kya Geet…pata nahi sakte the, you aren’t well. And you are thinking of going to office just like this. She pouted scolding him.

Just then his cell buzzed , he was about to answer the call when she snatched it from him cutting it.

Geet, what did you do? It was dad…he got up in jerk. 

She was scared for a moment but then composed herself, aap phikar mat kijiye, you need to take rest, i will tell dad.

Nahi geet, I can’t take rest now. I have to finish this project as soon as possible. He said getting up.

That you will do, I know you are genius,first you need to recover fast. She said pushing back again.

Now lay down, I need to tell Dadi ma then call the doctor for you, 


No more words, aap ko meri kasam, lay down quietly now, she put her finger on his lips making him shut instantly.

He looked at her rushing away from the room and couldn’t stop wondering, wasn’t she angry on him some hours before…she wasn’t even talking to him and now….


Once doctor exited the mansion and Rajveer was told by dadima about Maan, she turned to Geet.

Geet beta, aap college nahi ja rahe.

Dadi ma, how would I…mein Maan ke pass rahungi, she said sitting beside his sleeping form. 

After lot of persistent from both ladies and their emotional blackmailing did Maan decides to agree to their command.

And now he was sleeping peacefully with the effect of medicines. Geet had forgot everything and decided to stay beside him in case he need something. Already she felt guilty for her careless behavior and silly anger towards him.

Bete, if he need anything, we are here… servants are also there.

Phir bhi Dadi ma, you also need to take care of yourself at this age aur phir humara bhi man nahi lagega college mein , I will keep worrying for him.

So better let me stay here beside him. 

Thik hai beta, I can’t win over your stubbornness, god bless my children, she peck her head, giving one glance to Maan walked out. She was really happy for having Geet in their Life. Having her in her maans life. She not need to worry now for Maan, because she knew today she has found the perfect better half for him. 

Geet might be childish and innocent but at times she never fail to show her maturity. 

Geet changed into casuals and went back to bed, she checked his head, felt her heart welling in pain seeing him like this.

She remembers doctors words, and felt guilty again, he didn’t had anything from last 24 hours which added to his illness.

why did you torture yourself. Why did it affect you if i am upset with you. Kya pharak padta hai aapko aur kyon…

I am nothing to you, then? She felt her eyes moistened. 

Kuch bhi ho, I won’t let you suffer anymore because of my own feelings. She mumbled pecking his head.


Whole day, Geet stay at his side, taking care of his needs. At afternoon he had woken up to lovely sight of his wife dozing at his sight.  

His soft touch on her cheeks had woken her up with startle.

Maan, you need anything? She asked restlessly holding his hand.

Tum college nahi gayi…he asked pressing her hand.

Leave that… first you get up and freshn up, you didn’t had anything from last 24 hours, doctor has told us. He stolen his gaze.

Nazre mat churaiye, you didn’t drink milk yesterday night. She looked at his face.

He sighed, i didn’t, i didn’t felt like or ab bhi mujhe kuch nahi chahiye…

Don’t talk like this, Come on get up, I will bring something for you, you must be hungry.

I am not.

I am not listening anything…she said ignoring him completely as she walked out of the room.

Then before he even get up from the bed she was rushing in back, how are you feeling now, i forgo…she made face making him chuckle.

She simply pouted and help him to walk to washroom. I am fine, I am not kid that you are holding me, he tried to take off his hand but she was more stubborn.

Janti hu but you are weak .

I am not…he snapped jerking off her hand he simply walked in slamming the door on her face.

What the….she fumed walking away straight downstairs to the kitchen.

Khud kya samjhte, itni akad…he is sick…still showing me attitude…she was irritated and snapped at cooks who were making soup for Maan. She just observe the recipe how they are cooking so next time she will try herself. Once done she took the tray walking back to their room.

She put the tray down on the table seeing him resting to head post, sitting in half lying position.

Aap bilkul bhi theek nahi hai, she pouted, look at your face, he didn’t wipe it even but has his eyes close.

She slowly took the napkin and wiped his face tenderly then his arms and hands. It still burning giving ach to her heart.

I have brought soup for you, have it, you will feel better. She said taking the tray in her hand, she settled in from of him.

He kept admiring her then when she put the bowl before him, he instantly rejected, i .not feeling like having anything…ise le jao. And he turned his face away.

She looked up sadly at his face, then though for while and took the spoon full of soup before dragging that to his mouth.

He looked at her, she pleaded silently making face. He nodded and turned his face away, 

Plz Maan…


Plz… She hold his face with one hand with other tried to feed him , he automatically opened his mouth to her force not before giving her dreadful glare.

You can’t change, beemar Ho phir bhi aankhe dikha rahe ho ..

You either can’t change, i am not feeling well, but can’t leave your stubbornness, he snapped.

She tried to calm down herself thinking about his health.

Okay, i am sorry. She whispered softly before offering him another spoon, he willingly obliged this time, tumne lunch Kiya.

Nahi, I will have it with Dadi ma.

Then you must go, i will have it myself, he tried to object but she stopped him.

No. First you have to finish it before my eyes then only I will go. She ordered feeding him, and he finished it in no time no even realizing , all the while lost in his beautiful wife.

Geet then gave him medicines before storming out of the room, she stopped on the door, take rest, no work at home, if i see you holding phone , laptop or your files then mujhse bura koi nahi hoga, samjhe…she warned dangerously he had to just nod his head gulping his saliva.

He laid back on the bed thinking about her, how easily she forgive him.yes she didn’t said that but her each gestures told him her story. When words were required in their relation to know their feelings. They used words to fight with each other, he chuckled with the thought if their arguments. She never stop bickering he either never stop, lost in her. 

He realized he is just getting flow in the relationship with his wife. He didn’t know when this happened or how far he came nor he knew where this marriage will take both of them.

But for now, he didn’t want to think anything but her, his devil angel. He chuckled with the thought.

Yes she is devil innocent one..and angel, beautiful one…


To be continued…


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