Captive Romance – Chapter 1

It was one of evening, she was standing in the middle of her boyfriend, Sameer’s room. She slowly unbutton her blouse as she talk to her friend Tina through the speakerphone. Right before her was a large gift box that came up to her waist. 

How did you get the key?” Tia asked. 
“I just made up a story to tell the apartment manager.” she unbutton the last button on her blouse and cold air brushes against her skin.

She takeoff her blouse and place on the backrest of the sofa. 

“I didn’t know you’d do right away.” Tia teased her. 

You are the one suggested this crazy idea. ” Nandini frowned as she pulled down her pantyhose beneath her skirt and glance at the phone on the table and cut the call biding her quick bye. There’s a reason why she was stripping naked in an empty house. 

Two hours ago, 

She met up with her best friend, Tia, who was also her client. 

What? You guys haven’t had sex for the past 6 months? Tia almost shouted.

shut up! chup rah… Nandini silence her with a glare. let’s not make a big deal out of this.” She rolled her eyes. 

Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re okay with that.” Tia snapped.

I…I don’t mind! Nandini shrugged then added, as second thought, well to tell you the truth I feel like I am better off joining a convent. I’ve had enough of his excuse of being busy!” She sighed in frustration.

It’s not like he’s the only lawyer in the City. Sudden rage starts to boil in her and she vent to Tia.

Wow. You do have a problem. Tia look at her with worry in her eyes as she asks Nandini, Why don’t you have a fling or something?” 

Are you telling me to cheat on my boyfriend? She was flustered. Do I look like that kind of person to you?

I don’t said that nandu…but I feel pity for you, darling. He have no time for you…

Nandini felt miserable listening her and hang her head down. Does he not love me anymore? 

Tia tried her best to console her friend. She suddenly said, why don’t you surprise him with a “special event?” 

“Special event?” Nandini asked.

“You did mention your anniversary was coming up. Think of it as an early gift for the both of you.” She suggested. Sneak into his house before he gets off work and wait for him bare naked.

You should wear a ribbon so he knew you’re his gift. That would be so cute , she ended making nandini yelp in shock, what!? It shock her for a while but she soon start thinking it over.

Do you really think this will help? She asked still unsure with the idea.

Of course, it will! Not only Sameer but it will probably be a huge turn on for you too!

At that moment, Tia’s words rang true.

She slip out of her skirt, which was the last item she was wearing, and doing it into the sofa.

Being naked in her boyfriends house fills her with an unfamiliar yet exciting sensation. Her lower abdomen start to feel tight. 

She looked at the garter belt she propped up next to the box. Is she is going to do this. She was going to do it right. She thought and put on the garter belt with fishnet pantyhose and stood infront on the mirror. Humiliation started to set in.

I should take this off…she thought hesitating, then took off her lingerie top that came as a set with the garterbelt.

She then pull out a ribbon from her bag and wrap it around her neck. 

Just then…

She heard the sound of keys turning in the door.

Sameer must be hear! She needs to go! Nandini was flustered… suddenly whole idea seems foolish to her. 

She quickly jumped into the gift box though after making her mind. Then pull the lid over her head to close it.

Inside the dark box she focus on the noise outside. She could hear the sound of keys being dropped onto the table and the steps of someone approaching the living room.

The louder the footsteps get, the more she felt like her heart is going to explode.

A little more, she took deep breath, I hope he doesn’t laugh at me.

Right about the time she thought the footsteps were close enough.

What’s this? 

She heard the voice and…

This is it! Now!! She suck in a big breath and yelled as she jump up.


When she finally jump out and face him, she freezes.

Whoa!! The person stood before her was not Sameer. A stranger man was standing there.

Well, I am certainly surprise, Burglar! The man smirked with his arms crossed against his chest.

Burglar! She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Who are you calling a burglar?

The corner of his lips curls as if he was amused by her words. 

Even though her loud voice must have ecoed down the corridor, not a single neighbour seems to notice or care.

She carefully look over the man’s face once more.

Who are you? 

Kunal Malhotra! He replied with attitude ouzing out his personality as well as the words he spoke.

Kunal what?..” she was dumbfounded, seeing her reaction, he smiles slightly.

His face was divine, like a statue that came to life and walked out of the museum.

Wow! He’s so good looking. Is he a model she thought… forgetting for a moment she was standing naked before the handsome stranger.

He scans her body up and down with the prying eyes.

She just then realized her state, and tried to cover her body with her hands.

What are you doing here?” She snapped suddenly getting her senses back, how did you get in?

I think that i should I ask you. His eyes gleamed like a playful child, waiting for the right moment to tease her. He slowly started to walking towards her….

To be continued….

Authors note- as I started the fiction, i need to complete it, so I am updating again. Do give your reviews readers, how do you like it…if get the proper response will continue soon…

PS – Chapter 1 has been re edited….


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