His cell rang as soon as his car started . He picked it up seeing her number.
Hello ? His gaze followed her car which just at front.



Missing me already ?? Her chirpy voice buzz his ears.
Geet?? He could only sigh not knowing how to behave with her.
Why do you called me ? His gaze roam around the area as both vehicles took speed.


Told you na ? To asked you . Are you missing me shona? ? Geet asked further while her mischievous eyes saw his glimpse from front mirror.
NO  !! Saying so he cut the call , just then his phone buzz , this time it was text msg.  He opened it to saw there was one smiley with heart eyes next written was drooling you.. again same smiley.



He chuckle and close the msg. Again his phone buzz with same msg , again .



she continue to do so .finally Maan had to shut his phone for few minutes. He thought it will not be trouble.
It was turning dark and the way back to home still was long.
He looked front to find her car still racing , now it had increase the speed. He turn suspicious and he restart the phone to see her still sending him msg and he opened one to see now there was kissing emoji .



God .!! This girl.. he threw his cell aside now turning frustrated.
His phone buzz again and again and soon enough it stop as geet being tired she dozed off to sleep as always carefree for having her Bodyguard just behind.
Maan didn’t notice it. It was one traffic signal then. Her driver have already gone before signal start and Maan’s car stuck into traffic. He at once turn tense,  it got few minutes for them to release from the traffic , in between he tried to called her but he phone came as switch off. He was already suspicious,  he made few calls quickly , and told his driver to go fast . His men called him just then telling him the route of her Car. His driver followed the route.



Geet , her sleep broke after sometime and as she opened her hazel eyes , she thought she was dreaming.  There were four men inside her car looking so dirty and black non the less well built . She took in her surrounding as her eyes roam all over inside her car which was actually pack with those hippo men inside.




Now what is all this? ? She glared at her driver furiously , for she knew it’s again new trouble for her and those 3 men in between she was stuck ..damn they were seating sticking to her almost crushing her in between them.
Yuck..!! You stay away.. give me some space man..


she made yucky face and threw yet again furious glare on driver who only smirk back at her dirtily.

They paid me triple from what your mother paid me for serving you. He spoke out laughing evilly while Geet was on fire now hearing her mother’s name .You don’t need to … and she punch him hard on his face as he was just looking at her with that dirty smile of his.
Aahh. . You mad…girl.. driver scream out as his hold loosen on the steering and car hit hard on the tree trunk making him to blank out.
All men glared at her furiously when she scream out with all her might not bearing it anymore.


One man slap her hard across her face making her shut her mouth at instant .tears spilled out from her hazel eyes as she hold her cheek , her pouting lips started to bleed because of the slap non the less she continue to glared at the man who dared to slap her.
Ye , kya dekh rahi hai.. nazar neeche kar..the man warned her. While one man who was seating beside driver pushed him out and started the car .
Your dirty face .. she barked on his face and he was again going to raise his hand when she clutch his wrist tight with her long nails piercing through his skin as she was in total fury that she took out her all strength to give him pain.
Aahh. .ye..hath chod.. yeh kya kar rahi hai..other two men from behind pulled her while she just pulled out his skin like a cat angrily glaring at him.


Dare you slap The Geet Handa again. She shouted turning mad in fury.
How dare you , Hippo..?? She pushed him hard through her sandals on his stomach that he hit himself hard on the door behind.
Other two from behind jerk her tight from both sides. Her hairs were all mess up now coming on her face and she was no less than a witch to them right now.



Leave me right now .. she spoke out suddenly , like a lost ghost in intention to scared them but they were back to normal now , they didn’t feared instead they started to laugh on her mocking her.
And why so , chudail? ?
Her nostrils filled up with his comment and she elbow in his stomach hard in utter fury .he shouted in pain.
Can’t you handle one alone girl properly. There boss who driving the car spoke up irritated,  hearing them from long time.
Boss , if you would come here on back seat , you will understand. The man who was now holding his stomach spoke still in the pain of his aching tummy.
Yeah he is saying right ..wanna try hippo ?? Geet smile chirpily at the man on driver seat though her lips burn in pain .
God !! I am not gonna leave you guys for this damn slap . She mutter angrily .
Achcha. .?? All four laugh hilariously on her condition .
If you will not listen to me right now then my Bodyguard will not leave you. She warned all four of them and 2 men behind stop dead knowing about him.
She tried to looked behind through back mirror but there was all dark outside ,defeated she turn her face but knew he will come for her.
Boss,her bodyguard is very possessive for her.I have heard.if he will find out us ,he will not leave us.the men caution to there boss.she smirk proudly.  Proud on her Bodyguard. 


Precap :- will he reach in time as per her expectations . ?? 



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