Maan was stun with her sudden kiss, non the less he kissed her back more passionately pushing her down on the bed while he hover on her, taking care he didn’t put weight on her tummy.

Umm.. Geet moans in the kiss , feeling his hands roaming freely on her body, he caressed her soft waist,pulled out her sari in next moment .

Geet gasp with his move as he broke the kiss and looked at her shying face.

Maan…kya kare rahe ho?? She whispered feeling shy while trying to hide herself from his passionate gaze crossing her hands on her chest.


Wanna see?? He teased her making her more blush, she closed her eyes and soon felt his wet kisses on her neck line, going below he smooch hard on her cleavage making her gasp for the air.

She wriggle under his grip which was on her both wrist as he was pinning her down like true predator, kissing her madly where he got her bare skin.


Dadima was waiting for her Grandson and Granddaughter in law impenitently from the time she got to know from Maan that they are coming.

Whole mansion was decorated beautifully like a New bride to welcome the Khurana bahu and their future heir.

And soon range of cars entered inside the portico of Khurana Mansion. Maan got down and went to receive his shy wife, who was feeling so nervous watching around.

So big Mansion like there Jodhpur Palace. It looks more elegant and charming though ,unlike that palace which was haunted.

Geet comes out of her thoughts, hearing her side door opening , she saw Maan standing there offering his hand to her.

She smiled back forgetting other things and gave him her hand,


both walked towards the entrance where Dadima was waiting auspiciously with the puja thali in her hand.

Maan smirk once coming face to face with his Grandma, seeing her teasing look.


Geet stood there like a doll, feeling nervous, bit scared reminding there last encounter, how Dadima had found about her being married, what will she thought about her now?? Her eyes filled up when she heard her soft voice.


Geet control herself and looked up to see her smiling warmly at her, while doing both of their aarti, she put Tika in both of there foreheads , then put her palm on her one cheek, bahot pyari lag rahi ho!!

Geet was surprised for while but soon blush covered her whole face, she downcast her lashes making Dadima broke into laughter seeing her blushing so much just with her comment.

Maan too smiled seeing both ladies, he looked at Geet who pouted cutely and Looks confused at dadi seeing her laughing like that on her.

Subpost 1 - - drashtidhami - abhinavshukla - AditiDevSharma - nandini - Mauli - Rajdee (3)

AAP sach main bahot pyari ho… Dadi added making Geet smiled now like a child. She felt his hot gaze on her and looked up to see him eyeing her passionately,like ready to eat her alive, she gulp and downcast her face again feeling really shy.

Humara baby kaisa hai?? She asked her eyeing her tummy which was wrap inside her saree.

Geet was so red now, she wanted to hide herself somewhere from this both duo who was hell bent on teasing her.

GHSP 111 HD_1937

While Dadima only smirk naughtily seeing her condition, Maan watched her and shakes his head knowing his devil Dadima.

Both were about to walk inside, when Dadima bring the pot fill with rice for Geet to entered like a New bride.

Geet chocked with emotions, she felt overwhelmed with her gesture .

Pushed it and come inside, hearing dadi Geet did the same looking at Maan who smile at her softly holding her hand in his.

Aise nahi,bete!!

GHSP 111 HD_8977

Both looked confused at her when they took first step together inside , take our bahu in your arms and walked inside.

Geet’s eyes widen hearing her, then she blushed seeing every servants gaze on them, how that is possible with everyone around, she knotted her pallu thinking and lost in her own world.

Servants just giggled knowing there naughty Dadima.

When Geet was lost in her own world, she felt herself flaunting in the air suddenly , she gasp holding his nape and looked at his face to see him giving her naughty smirk.

Maan.. she hit on his chest hiding her face in the crook of his neck dying with shyness as she heard laughing sound around her.

Soon Geet heard dadima’s voice, Maan where are you taking my Bahu??

That’s when she pulled her head off from his chest only to see him walking upstairs carrying her in his arms.


Maan..Hume chodiye!! She bangs her fist on his chest pouting angrily and looked behind to see Dadi giving her wink ..oh…!! She blushed crimson red realizing what must Dadi is thinking about them.

Don’t trouble my Bahu!! Dadi yelled behind making Geet more nervous with shyness.

Hume chodiye!! She repeated again as both entered inside the decorated room of his and their eyes widen in shock to see the room.


Maan made her sat on the decorated bed, jasmine garlands were adoring the bed from all around, Geet quiver with the feeling, she felt so mushy that hugged him tight crushing both of them together.

tumblr_mvw1vhb43U1rk5tb2o2_250 (1)

Maan reciprocate her hug with the same passion, he sniff her scent in the crook of her neck kissing he there.. Maan. . she whispered laying down on the bed pulling him on her body.


Soon there lips mingle together kissing each other in urgency, pulling out he again kissed her hard after a short breath, Geet had her eyes closed feeling lost when she felt him pulling back, he pecks her forehead dearly, take rest,


he caressed her cheek looking at her lovingly, par hume dadima se milna hai. she argue pouting her lips, Maan quickly stolen the kiss leaving her shock and blushing, he smirk.

you can meet her later on, rest for now, he told her wrapping her inside the blanket, got up and moved to washroom, coming out he saw her roaming inside the room adoring each corner of his room, he smiled and went ahead behind her caging her in his arms.


Geet startle but then lose herself in his arms, I am going to office, Geet turns around in his arms hearing him, when he continued,You rest for a while then you can meet Dadima, she will show you around the mansion,  she nodded silently hugging him, she was actually nervous, as it’s her first day here as his wife, she was still unsure about Dadi .

Don’t worry about anything, it’s your house now, you can do whatever you want, no one one will say you anything , not even Dadima. 


He whisper in her ear kissing her there, Geet was again surprised how he guess her restlessness as she looked at him smiling to see his concern for her. she tiptoe and kissed his cheeks dearly one by one thanking him silently.


I want here as well, Maan who was surprised with her kisses, get to know her silent gesture and pointed towards his lips showing her, Geet without thinking much kissed his lips passionately, that little , she can do for him, to show him her love.

Precap :- New Beginning…. or…?? 

Hell busy.. Hell tired.. hope it had came out well.. do like and comment..

12 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 83

  1. Woww wowww wooww wwooww amazing update dear in love with this part….their cute romance in flight the way geet was treated as khuranas bahu..daadi was so lovely ❤️❤️ geet was completely overwhelmed with the love she is getting from two lovely souls of her life 😘😘😘 she was awed by the look of mansion waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Superb update dearie:):):) You made my wish come true finally:):) Geet is where she rightfully belongs:):):) Entering KM as the rightful Khurana bahu with all the rites and rituals:):):) Dadima is so naughty and adorable:):):) I am very sure that now Geet will be her child rather than a bahu:):):) Can’t wait to see their bonding & relationship. But why is Maan going to office na? He should stay home with Geet & Dadima na? But then now Geet is safe and sound with Dadima and their loyal staff:):):) Super happy dearie:):):)

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  3. Finally 😊
    Geet and Maan reach the Khurana Mansion and welcomed by Daadi with love. It was so new experience for Geet. As before,her MIL has only berated her in all possible way. Nor the man she was married welcomed her in his life.That’s why Geet is now overwhelmed with the affection she is being showered with.
    On the other hand, she is a little afraid too as she is new in this place and doesn’t know much about anyone in here.
    The cute MAANEET moments were so adorable.
    May they be able to enjoy their newly found marital bliss and the affection of a real family.

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  4. Beautiful update maan n geet reach the km n welcomed by dadima with love n it is a new experience for geet n geet is overwhelmed with the love she is getting from two lovely soul n thnxx for pm me n update nxt soon

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