1.First Meeting
maya stand before the huge range of security persons for daily inquiry. no one can satisfied her to extent with there only body showing or high persona. but it has to be needed to atleast scared the front person, to let him know of our strength that he will thought before coming closed to us.
  she was busy in her inquiry,that one young man entered in the huge premises of mansion. his steps was large, muscles  becoming prominent as he takes steps further wearing goggle on his eyes hiding that from the beholder, with black suite on his body fitting to it  perfect.he reach in the hall where Maya was standing.
good morning mam, MAAN SINGH KHURANA HERE. the young man gritted her from back of security range.
Maya tilted her neck to see the young man through security range.
its BODYGUARD, you have called for your daughter’s security. he added seeing her quizzing her eyes in confusion.
Maya come forward to examine him as all security guards make there way outside for there work leaving one dreadful glares on him seeing his persona.
so,  where are you came from, she asked from him the first question knowing herself  the answer.
its govnt. security intelligence, mam .he reply as quick as possible,taking off his goggles.
you don’t need to do that before me, follow your training, she asked him looking straight in his eyes.
yes mam,but it will be outside only. he reply as fast as before.
your reason of coming here, she ask as fast as he reply her.
its your daughter, to protect her, be her bodyguard all time till you tell .
you have to be with her till she will be outside, till she reach her home safely. she is your responsibility from now on wards,   you get it. her voice get more high.
yes mam. he reply staring straight .
she has to be safe all the time she take her step out of this mansion gate.
its all clear.
yes mam.
she called one of the servants to take him to outhouse for his residence.
be here after 10 minutes, my daughter is going out, you have to be with her.she order further to him.
he nodded before going out behind servant.
maya took a breath of relief, finally finding someone fitted for her daughter’s safety .
she stared at herself in the mirror close to it combing her curls. its always gets messy not letting her do any work, she finally bind them up with clutch, though few curls make there way on her cheeks. she pouted.
chaddo, ye hairs kabhi nahi manenge. she take steps to go downstairs  and ran further on the stairs in hurry , she is so late today in her weird hairs, its always like this, in her thoughts  she bump into something hard and..ouch….she felt herself going to fall now on stairs. gasp loud in big fear  but.
his hands hold her protectively in his arms tight as his fingers clasp on her soft skin of her bare waist.
she looked at his chocolate brown orbs, that was mysterious.
 her hazels lock in his eyes, she felt herself flying in an air.her curls flu out going out of boundry of her clutch. his face that was closed to her looking so handsome, she has never seen before any men or boy this much beautiful, yes beautiful that what word come into her mind seeing him. him. but who is he. her thinking process stop and she looked at him blank before screaming her lungs out.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. mamma….Mamma. she scream further as he let go of her banging her on the floor hearing her loud scream.
maya come out at last hearing her daughter’s scream. she fumed seeing her on the floor rubbing her back where as her new bodyguard was standing there closing his eyes, off course reasoning her daughter’s madness.
how many times i have to tell you not scream, Geet. she asked her angrily as she made her stand up.
and what is happening here.she asked further seeing her pouting her lips ready to cry now.
first tell me ,who is he. Geet asked controlling her frustration.her mamma just scold her before some outsider, she glared at Maan , ready to kill him.
he is your bodyguard , from now onward going to follow you where ever you go.
Geet’s eyes widen in big shock  hearing her mother. she looked at him wearing black suite, piercing her through his brown eyes.

Part 2

Geet stared at her new Bodyguard from head to toe standing there straight without any expressions on his face staring in oblivion. She poke his shoulders.
Are you turn  into  some statue ? She asked leaving both of them bewilder.
Maan jerk himself at her weird question he looked at her glaring her with furious eyes.this girl going on his nerves now.
Geet.Behave! Maya caution her .
And what are you wearing ? Just go to your room and  changed the cloths now. She order her seeing her cloths.
Oh mamma. You know it is shorts.and it is fashion of this era.and if you forget then let me remind you to i am pursuing my fashion designing so have to remain in my own style didn’t it mum.she clarify swinging crazily on her place.holding her shorts.
Maan turn his face to other side looking at her revealing body.
Maya catch that and started to fumed looking at Geets behaviour. Seeing her cloths that was revealing her legs even her stomach.
Don’t check my patience girl.just go to your room now and don’t come out with ought wearing something decent that will be hide your all body. Maya husk last lines only to be heard by her crazy daughter.
Mum.you just forget my name.i am your daughter. Geet burst on her mother getting frustrated tears in her eyes.it was her insult she had done in front some stranger where as he is going to work under them only.she storm towards her room angrily. She cant even wear  her choice of cloths.she fumed as she empty all cupboard on her bed but couldnt find one decent cloth of her mum in that stupid cupboard of hers.
Here i am getting late already.and that bodyguard. Mum just insulted me infront that hippo! Arrhhh! I am not going to leave him in peace use Bhaga ke rakhungi that he will not come again behind me.she murmur frustratingly throwing all the cloths on the floor .
Finally she came down making a face as she have to wear this old skirt and top.still the top in revealing her some waist but her skirt was long to hide her legs. where she has wear her silver waist chain with diamonds glistening and chain doing cham cham sound as she was descending the stairs.she has tied her hairs with scarf leaving some curls on her red angry  cheeks.
Maan stop as dead as before showing nothing on his face. She pouted at her mother for her scolding.
I am going.its already late for me saying so she rushed outside angrily without letting her speak any words.
You can go with her.said her it’s my order.if she make any fuss.Maya asked him to go behind her angry daughter. As he left she too left for her office leaving a breath of sigh .
Geet try to run to reach her car. It’s not her day today. She huff this stupid long skirt is not helping her to take fast steps.
Geet stumble upon it trying to walk fast.
OMG!! She was going to fall again .she closed her eyes but two strong hands hold her again from her bare waist clutching her chain in his rough hands.its making sweet sound like her, he smirks.
Geet gasp as she open her eyes to meet his chocolate one again.she felt she is going to drown in them again like before.  But she turn her eyes from his face jerking herself from him.
Don’t you dare to touch me again ok? She busted her all frustration on him.
Ok mam.he hummed with her.
Did I look like some old mother to you.
He just nodded negative. Then don’t called me mam.
She turn furiously and started to walk again with her fast steps but again she stuck in her skirt and going to fall but he hold her again despite her warning.her fuse burst again.leaving her senseless.
Didn’t I told you. don’t touch me she scream on his face making him to let her fall on the hard floor .
Aah..you stupid hippo.you just make me fall in this dirt. You…
She try to stand but her ankle was hurting badly.
Ouch!! She wince in pain as she try to stand up.oh mamma. .she crying out softly not able to bear this pain.
Let me help you mam. .he offered his hand .she turn furious hearing him.she glared at him with her moisten eyes. The pain is unbearable though.
Without waiting for her reply he just pick her up in his strong arms like a feather.
Geet turn shock at first.later she started to bang on his chest…
You hippo.just let me down..how dare you to pick me .you..
Chup..he finally shouted on her .he voice is so loud.she herself is all around is loud.
Geet looked at him blank hearing his shout she scared for a second.but again started her screaming getting it’s her bodyguard who scream on her. The Geet Handa. How dare he.
She glared at him.
Ahhh. How dare you to scream on me.  You bodybuilder.just let me down.how dare you to touch me .
She shouted holding his shirt from shoulders trying to shake him but he was not moving instead she was shaking.
Ok mam. I will.then don’t blame me if your foot got hurt again. He caution her again with straight face .his eyes staring her trying to go through her soul.she shiver as turn her gaze other side. Where as he try to leave her down.
No . What are you doing Geet gasp in pain of her foot ,hanging on his neck tightly. 
Both of there faces was close to feel the breaths of others.her lips parted in reflex. As both of them stop suddenly getting lost in each other.
He jerk her up holding her properly again in his arms secure.
I think you should go back inside mansion, your foot is injured. he cautious her.
Geet at once got back to her senses.
No.i have to reach there fast now. OMG!! it’s too much late now.she glance at her wrist watch in fear.her friends will eat her now for sure.she pouted.
How are you going to make to your desire place with injured foot of yours.
He asked again seeing her stubbornness as he make her seat inside the car.
That none of your business. Ok. she come again in her real avatar getting inside the car.
Driver take the car to pvc. Restaurant. She order him .make it fast.she asked further closing all doors of car leaving Maan outside only.she smirk at him from inside as he stand there statue for a moment trying to open the car door but it’s not opening but car just rushed far from his reach.
Damn…he stamp his foot hard on the floor. She make him fool. Brushed his hair back in great frustration.



  1. Amazing story so far. From prologue to part 5. Geet is a rich spoiled girl whose mom is some big shot and because of the rivals have to secure geet’s security and appoint bodyguard for her but geet doesn’t let anyone stay for long because of her childish behavior and to get her mom’s attention because she is too busy to give time to geet. Here comes the entry of geet’s possessive bodyguard Maan Singh Khurana. Who is amazed with this beauty and her antics and also very careful for her security and is always ready to deal with any danger near geet. He doesn’t like geet’s two male friends but doesn’t show it whereas geet wants to get rid of her new bodyguard as soon as possible. But she doesn’t realize one thing that whenever she is in pain or danger maan is the first one to be present for her. First he cured her leg injury, then saved her from a boy in the pub and then also saved from drowning in the swimming pool. Eagerly waiting to see how their journey goes and when and how maan becomes her true bodyguard in the right sense. Thanks for the pm and password dear. Will leave comments for next 5 parts also here only after reading. My india forums id is ns.1

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WONDERFUL!! I just love to imagine MAAN as the bodyguard of bubbly and adorable GEET!The story is taking such an interesting turn. Would love to see how GEET realises the importance of MAAN beside her and how MAAN is attracted to the innocent and charming beauty of GEET.so excited for the next 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi.. just started reading this story… must say both the chapters are well written… baby geet is irritatingly sweet..let me see how maan handles her

    Liked by 1 person

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