Walking the next route was very difficult. Both of them were stumbling with each steps. Suddenly Geet slip in a pit. Maan was startle as well but he immediately hold her hand stopping her,his hold was tight and he pulled her out , he saved her again from falling deep in the valley.

But in all this one problem raised. Her dress was torn falling on the lower side of the shoulders.her inner cloths came in the view.

Geet looked so startle and embarrassed.she stood with her head now down , keeping her hands on her shoulders hiding herself.she was shocked.


Without thinking Maan took out his shirt and wrap on her front hiding her modesty.


Geet kept looking at him lost.Then she started walking after him without saying anything.

Maan looked at her and said ,don’t hesitate,Geet. I know how  you feel.but I have full faith in myself.i assure you that i will not touch your any part of body wrongly.

Geet was dumbstruck hearing him . She was clueless suddenly.she remember one event in college.

Sameer … please leave my hand.


Oh , I’m not so comfortable with this things like holding hands or ..


What!! I don’t understand this thing of you girls .how will love grow when our bodies will not touches,

Plz Sameer, don’t… For love , connection of hearts is needed.

Whatever.. Saying so he went away. And today what Maan said to her, how sensible is my friend. My beloved! Geet became startle with this thought, without thinking much she started walking behind Maan. It was Maan’s shirt on wrap around her body and she felt bliss, warmth and pleasure with that.


He protected my modesty, she was smiling to herself. Suddenly lost in her own thoughts and lack of attention she bang on his back.

What happened?

Look ahead. There is python in front.

Py….th…..she was not able to speak… Numb with horror.

Stop… don’t utter a word. I guess he is sleeping right now. We would go with slow steps without creating much sound. We need to cross him, don’t be afraid, hold my hand and trust me.

At that time Geet hold Maan’s hand tightly. Holding one breath they took slow steps, going near the python, Maan ensure that he was asleep. But he realized that python was not asleep but it had become dull. Dizzy… as soon as Maan got closer, he left a vacuum.

Geet suddenly screamed, Maan hurriedly came back quickly hold her mouth. Her eyes were welling up out of fear.


Shu… if you shout, he will feel we are trying to harm him, then he will not leave us.

He pulled his hand down, now both of them were silent. Python was now awake and with his tongue was guessing his surroundings. Now they both became silent. They had taken a position behind rock to hide. But they were afraid, python could get the sign of both of them by sensing with his tongue. Both of them were hungry. So there was no alternative to hiding in one place.

Maan was immersed in thought. It was needed to do something.

We can run, jump over that python and run ahead.

Geet began to cry listening him.

Geet, we have no choice, they sit like this for two or three days, but they are very lazy. If we ran away, he would chase us for a sometime and then leave us. In fact he would not even wake up from the spot. Trust me.

Both stood up and Maan saw Geet once. She looked at him and maan shook his head. They stood for a while before they run for their life. geet was running like crazy and maan was running with her. maan was aware of his wound on leg that’s why he was running behind her.

After a while both stop. The place where python was very far behind. Maan left a sigh of breath.

Geet was just lost in maan looking at him.

You saved my life again, don’t you?

Geet just rushed into his arms hugging him tight.


Maan could not speak anything. He separated her from himself softly.


Even though he was not feeling to part her away from him. Silent spread for a while. Both of them could not speak anything. After much time. Geet spoke,

Maan.. Sorry.. I mean. I.. I.. You… means something like this..

Let it go.. it happens, the time is lie this, we can’t do anything.

To make the atmosphere lighter, maan let out a small chuckle and then became silent. On the other hand geet was taking Sameer name in her mind, but she did not know why she did not get the satisfaction with that name.

Both of them had eaten a little sandwiches now. After that, maan said,

Geet.. Let’s go. I think, if we keep on walking straight, the hills on the left will start and then we can move on slowly. Once we found the road, we can go home anyway, but remember what I have told you, do not tell anything to Sameer. We would make a story to tell him. Okay??

Maan looked at Geet

But what does it matter to tell Sameer? What is he going to say? He knows how best friends we are. in fact he will be happy to find me back safe . Won’t he ?

Hmm.. let’s see it later.. You are so tired.. I will just go and find us something to eat and drink. Will come soon.

GHSP 169_4923


Come back soon, I feel scared.

Yes.. But you do not go anywhere, sit here, saying so Maan left from there.

And Geet was again drown in her thoughts, really Sameer will not like it? But what does matter. How sensible Maan is. How much he cared for me. Even in college how much he used to help me and Sameer. Now I will go home and mom dad will be happy seeing me back safe. My engagement will happen with Sameer. Then I will also be happy. But will I be happy? Geet was lost in her thoughts. Sameer weds Geet.. .. or Maan weds …. Let it go.. I should not think like that. Mine and Sameer’s love were popular in all college. And then how such a thoughts come to mind. But Sameer weds Geet does not fit in any format. Sameer is my boyfriend and Maan is my friend. Sameer is my life partner and Maan gave me a new life. Then if I fell in love with Maan ? Geet became restless. She did not know what to do.

Hey babaji.. plz answer my questions. Geet thought something bite her , she wince in pain and looked down.

to be continue..


9 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY BELOVED PART 5

  1. superb update dear… maan care for her. He save her modesty.
    I m also think that sameer weds geet its not sounging good.
    But maan weds geets its sounding best.
    Oh ! my God !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah..go to Home Page..or on top of page only you can see the tab of menu..klik on that..or if you open it on can see there stories on top of page only on MANEET pic.


  2. Fabulous and so Awesome Chapter

    Maan does everything to protect Geet he ensure her dignity is safe and even tells her she need
    not worry as he will not touch her any part of her body wrongly and this is respect while Geet thinks
    how Sameer once had gotten angry because she felt uncomfortable in holding his hands
    if Sameer truly loves Geet then he would first respect her views and not get angry
    the adventures that Geet is experiencing though extremely dangerous but she can see that Maan
    ensure her well being , her safety first
    now that he has left her to seek food she thinks about both Maan and Sameer and now I do wonder if
    Geet herself truly loves Sameer or it was just the excitement of been with him
    is she now bitten by a snake , that could be very dangerous and harmful to her

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG what a action packed update dearie:):):) Poor Maan & Geet what all they have to go overcome…Geet has started seeing the difference in Maan & Sameer. What a stark contrast dearie. The more things that are being revealed about Sameer I am beginning to hate him. Look at what a gem and gentleman of a human being Maan is…His thoughts, principles and beliefs are same as that of Geet. Unlike that pervert Sameer…Geet ahs started feeling or realising her feelings for Maan…But she is trying to quash the feelings away. But I really hope that Geet accepts her love for Maan and confesses to Maan before they reach home. By the looks of it and from whatever is shown of Sameer I don’t think that he will be waiting for Geet…He may have called the engagement off totally…And I will be happy if he does that because that will only prove what kind of a jerk he is…LOLOLOL:):):) Super excited to read what is going to happen between Maaneet:):):)


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